Saturday, July 2, 2016

Asam urat dan pengobatannya

Asam urat dan pengobatannya | Asam urat paling identik dengan orang yang sudah lansia, namun siapa sangka, jika ternyata pernyataan tersebut bukan hanya ada pada orang yang sudah lansia, siapapun bisa terkena penyakit yang satu ini, sebab penyakit ini diakibatkan karena kelebihannya mengkonsumsi zat purin, untuk itu bagi anda, yang mempunyai pola makan kurang cukup baik, hendaknya sekarang merubah pola makan agar lebih baik lagi keseimbangan daya tahan tubuhnya, sebab penyakit asam urat, juga bisa sangat mengganggu aktivitas anda, penyakit ini memang bisa disembuhkan, namun alangkah lebih baiknya jika anda melakukan pencegahannya terlebih dahulu.
Penyakit asam urat sendiri memang banyak di temukan di kalangan orang-orang yang sudah lansia, dan penyakit ini biasanya menyerang di beberapa bagian tubuh, dan di bagian tubuh tersebut mengalami rasa nyeri yang sangat dahsyat, itulah beberapa komentar orang-orang yang menderita penyakit asam urat, persendianlah yang biasanya sering diserang, misalnya saja, di bagian kaki dan tangan, bisa juga di tumit kaki, di dengkul serta siku-siku dan bagian lainnya di bagian pergelangan tangan anda, tapi dalam hal ini, tidak juga persendian itu sendiri disebut-sebut sebagai penyakit asam urat, jika anda sedang mengalami atau mungkin sedang menderita penyakit asam urat, untuk yang baru-baru awal merasakan, tak ada salahnya jika anda membaca tips-tips di bawah ini, tentang bagaimana sebenarnya pengobatan asam urat, dan berikut adalah Asam urat dan pengobatannya
Untuk pengobatannya sendiri, mungkin benar jika konsultasi ke dokter adalah cara terbaik, tapi tak ada salahnya apabila anda melakukan pengobatan dengan cara tradisional dan cara alami, perhatikan beberapa hal di bawah ini, diantaranya.
1.      Obat tradisional. Pemakaian obat tradisional disini menggunakan beberapa bahan yang anda perlukan, diantaranya, cengkeh 5 butir saja, dan jahe yang merah sekitar 15 gr, kemudian masak air mendidih, kemudian tambahkan ubi jalar merah juga sekitar 200 gr saja, kemudian beberapa bahan ini setelah dimasak dalam air mendidih, saring saja, lalu langsung minum, untuk ubi sendiri, ini bisa anda makan biasa.
2.      Obat alami. Untuk obat alami sendiri anda bisa menggunakan sayuran pare dan menggunakan daun salam juga, caranya, masak saja sayur pare seperti kacang eseng-eseng, dan untuk daun salam sendiri, hendaknya gunakan 10 daun salam, lalu kemudian, rebus di air mendidih, kemudian minum saja saat hangat.

Apabila terjadi keluhan atau gejala yang berkelanjutan, sebaiknya periksakan segera diri anda ke dokter, sebab membaca saja tidak cukup, namun paling tidak, artikel diatas bisa membantu mengurangi masalah anda, dan itulah uraian tentang Asam urat dan pengobatannya semoga bermanfaat.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Shoes from Nike and Kevin Durant inspired peanut butter

If you like to eat would be familiar with this kind of food is peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And if you are someone who likes to eat and sport then you should look at the sports equipment products, that is sports shoes.

Why am I telling you about food and sport? because the idea of this sport shoe design turned out to be inspired by these foods, that is the peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Some time ago a famous sportswear company Nike has launched a shoe collection with the color yellow as the color of peanut butter and also combined with the  purple and black. In addition, Nike also added glitter on the shoe to make it look like a jelly texture.

The design of sports shoes such as peanut butter was initiated by the NBA star, Kevin Durant. He inspired food diet during her stay Seat Pleasant, Maryland. "During my time in kindergarten and elementary school, Aunt Pearl always make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And I eat every day, then I was inspired to make this shoe" Durant said on Youtube.

Peanut butter and jelly shoes are shoes sixth collaboration Durant's with sportswear company Nike ( Nike KD6). What do you think about this peanut butter shoes? maybe you have an idea to make a shoe like shape of your favorite food.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Addition to Attention Deficit Disorder, Chris Brown is a Sneakerhead

Chris Brown was arrested on Friday (14/3) in Malibu, California. Arrest warrant issued for breach of probationary period should he finish.

Brown reportedly being held without surety in Los Angeles and Malibu was taken into custody at 14:00 local time. Brown entered into custody by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge. The judge heard that Brown did not comply with his probation.

R & B singer is often controversial. Ex-girlfriend Rihanna has been in rehab and was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder.

But behind the controversial personality turns Brown is a sneakerhead. His sneakers collection so much and can change the style for every day. And his love for shoes is not only that. One of the totality of sneakers is Chris Brown have been distribute 1,000 shoes to children in Los Angeles. The event is in order to promote a campaign titled WE U.S. "Walk Everywhere in Unity's Shoes". Its events are the distribution of 1000 shoes by Chris Brown supported the famous shoe manufacturer Reebok and held on (08.07.2013) ago.

The famous singer's 24 year old has said that he only have a pair of shoes.

"In the past, I had to borrow my cousin's clothes to go out of the house. I just want to show the children that they have the talent and a better chance than me, they just to try to do the best" said Chris Brown.

With news of the arrest of Chris Brown, I hope Chris Brown can pass the problem with wisdom and he's so much better in the future.

Below are some pictures of the room that holds the shoe collection Chris Brown. Regards sneakers.

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img via: theshoegame.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cameron Diaz expand to lines of shoes

After the success of his first book "The Book of the body" , now 41 year old actress Cameron Diaz join venturing into the world of fashion , especially shoes designs.

Diaz , who had no previous experience in the design world and since last year he collaborated with designers from New York.

Type of high-heeled shoes and boots become the first choice collection of Diaz's. The plan of the collection will be sold through it this fall.

Cameron Diaz's shoe collection consists of a variety of colors such as brown , white , black and gray . This model is relatively simple with the open end. To provide comfort , he also added a strap at the ankle . It also gives the impression section .

Why choose the type of short boots and high heels , Diaz was inspired by her role in Charlie's Angel movie with lots of action kung fu.

" The function of the heel is very important to me . For Charlie's Angel movie part 2 we wear shoes appropriate for walking even to perform kung fu " he said with a smile as sweet as quoted dailymail , Tuesday ( 04/02/2014 ).

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Finally, Nike Shoes Magista Mystery Revealed

Mystery of the latest Nike soccer shoes finally revealed . Thursday (03/06/2014), Nike officially unveiled their new shoes for The World Cup 2014, Nike Magista.

Nike has made football fans wondering what kind of shoes Magista, whose name has been registered since October 2013, and the first video that was released last month. In the teaser video featuring a number of top players such as Andres Iniesta, Mario Goetze, Arda Turan, Thiago Silva, David Luiz, and Mamadou Sakho as an advertising model, but camouflaged shoes or blur, so it becomes a mystery.

"Like socks" Iniesta said, smiling, while Goetze version "Unbelievable".

Danish duo Christian Eriksen and Viktor Fischer laugh surprised to see that "Like a second skin"says Eriksen and Fischer, who is also an advertising model. "This is a real revolution" said Sakho.

Magista is technology 'Flyknit' of clothing companies from the United States. It is a first debut 'Flyknit' in the football sector, because the technology was previously only available on a row of running shoes, basketball shoes and sports in general.

Previously Adidas soccer shoes have also released with Flyknit technology or knitted shoes, Primeknit. Which was first planned to be used by Luis Suarez in the match Manchester United VS Manchester City. Further details please read: Knitted new Adidas shoes for Luis Suarez.

Nike Magista is where the technology to process the yarn and fabric becomes lighter. Simple it, this is a knitted shoes.

Flyknit technology also makes the shoe feels very fitting to the foot, so that the wearer as if wearing a second skin layer. He claimed to be able to adapt perfectly to every movement of the foot.

In addition, the technology Flyknit shoes certainly made with a single piece, so it is not wasteful of materials and reduces the parts that are not needed. Thus minimized the weight of the shoe.

With a lightweight shoe and fit with this leg, soccer players can certainly move more freely and quickly. "Football There Will Never Again the Same" as the tagline brought by Nike. The tagline could be true, as has been said by the world's top football stars above.

Nike said heavy 'Magista' no more than 200 grams. For comparison, running shoes 'Flyknit' Nike came up with an average weighs about 160 grams for a size 9.

'Magista' mentioned going to replace a line of shoes CTR360 has been 5 years and have three generations of remarkable.

There are five types of Nike 's Magista is released, the best version, with the addition of 'stockings' at the top of the ankle is Magista Obra, the price of € 275. Underneath is Magista Opus (€ 200), then Magista Orden (110 euros). Two cheapest is Magista Onda and Magista Ola.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Knitted new Adidas shoes for Luis Suarez

Liverpool star player, Luis Suarez was given credence by Adidas to wear new shoes they produce. Uniquely, this shoe is decorated with knitted and will be charged Suarez as Liverpool play against Manchester United on 16 March.

With these shoes, Suarez is expected to end his goal drought. As is known, Uruguay national player scored the last time for the game against Everton on January 29. After that, Suarez has never scored again in a few matches.

By Adidas, shoes is produced in limited knitting. The German company is working with several big European club football's giving price of 220 pounds for those who are interested in these knitted shoes.

Although made with knitted models, Adidas claims that these shoes have exceptional quality. Event, these shoes have a material that can resist water absorption.

It is expected that with the new shoes Suarez able to end the scoring drought. It may even win the big game, Manchester United VS Manchester Citty later. Let's see what kind of this new knitted shoes from Adidas for Suarez.

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Get Gwen Stefani's shoe collection at an affordable price

Currently, Gwen Stefani seems increasingly focused on the fashion industry. After creating a label with Harajuku style, with the name LAMB, and now Gween has collaborated with several labels and online stores. And Gwen will soon release the price of these new collections. He believes and claims that this shoe collection is very affordable price. Ex No Doubt vocalist of is now collaborating with Dazzle online shoe store, which will issue a collection of shoes and handbags.

"The biggest challenge is to make the shoe look sexy and comfortable, and I think the answer is flip. I'm trying to create the perfect shoe that can be worn every day. I wanted to make something that looks very nice and quality but at an affordable price," said mother is 44 years, reports the Daily Mail.

Collection bags and shoes belonging to Gwen comes in monochrome colors with a simple design, but got a touch to the style of Gwen, as a line of contrasting color. And among black shoes, he added pump shoes with orange and pink colors. As for the blue pumps with straps that cross. Gwen collection will release on Shoe Dazzle then sold between U.S. $ 69 and U.S. $ 110.

You a fan of Gwen Stefani or No Doubt? See the collection and immediately get new shoe collection Gwen Stefani.

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