Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kate Moss Looks 'Black and White' with Stuart Weitzman Shoes

According to Weitzman, shoes fashion trend for 2013 will be dominated by black and white. Casual sandals that cover or expose the legs and boots will also remain popular. Stuart Weitzman shoes is famous for his work since the '60 's.

And to popularize his shoes, Weitzman several times already using the services of the world's top advertising model, one of which is Kate Moss. The supermodel is for the first time become a model shoe brand Stuart Weitzman ad after replacing the previous model, Natalia Vodianova. This time Kate Moss look sexy with Stuart Weitzman shoe collection in black and white photography.

The job he got after his friend, senior photographer, Mario Testino offers direct his name to the designer Stuart Weitzman. Designer immediately agreed with reason never saw Moss looks ugly in another ad.

According to Weitzman, Kate Moss is very professional in his work. Only seven times snap a photo, the photographer has to get the best picture. As if the visuals? let's see.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Limited Edition Shoe to Support Obama

In the U.S. presidential election some time ago Obama has defeated his rival Mitt Romney, and the result is a establish he returned to lead the U.S. back four years.

His stunning victory, many say congratulations given to him. There is a tattoo as did Madonna, and daily accessories with unisex style as practiced by Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z who always wore a shirt with the words 'Vote Obama' or earrings to characterize support Obama.

But did anyone know that long before the election, Obama received a unique gift from U.S. citizens in the surrounding White House?

Yes, the multi-colored sneakers that said Obama, given an Obama supporter, not its owners are reluctant to wait for a long time and ask Mr. President to affix his signature on the limited edition shoes. Obama see him, and did not hesitate to give his signature on the shoes with brand name Obama.

And finally, Obama won the U.S. elections and will lead the U.S. for the second time.

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Right of Shoes Lady Gaga Auctioned $ 6,478

Lady Gaga ever throw a shoe at one concert. Now the remaining shoes will be auctioned and expected to sell for $ 6,478.

That the platform shoes will be auctioned on the auction house 'Drouot Richelie', Paris, February 11. That metallic shoes are made of leather, height 12 cm and has a cutout detail.

Gaga was last seen wearing a shoe that looks like it's made of glass during a concert in Paris, France, December 19, 2010. That Born This Way singer threw a shoe at the audience in a series of concerts that had the theme Monster's Ball Tour.

Now the shoe will be auctioned in the town where he was last seen barefoot. Richelie Drouot auction experts predict, although only the right shoe, can be sold for U.S. $ 6,478.

These shoes are very valuable because these shoes are made from the brand Emporio Armani which is a second line of Giorgio Armani. And Gaga is also known as a fan of the Italian designer. For Born This Way tour this year he used the Armani design clothing.

In an interview with WWD, Armani admitted very pleased to collaborate with Gaga. "I admire how she uses fashion as an element of beauty and to build character. He's an artist with many talents and skills," said the 78 year old designer.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Award Recipient Footwear News 26th

In the evening, singer Beyonce reveals one of his favorite shoe brand. These shoes are the work of Stuart Weitzman has been charged by Beyonce for thousands of kilometers.

"I've been dancing as far as 1,000 miles with wonderful work of her shoes. From the red carpet, on stage and on a typical day," Beyonce said while admiring the work of Stuart Weitzman.

The statement above is said when the event Annual Achievement Awards organized by Footwear News. In the event that the 26's, Stuart Weitzman who received the award.

"I've always admired his work and comfort her high heels. He not only provides comfort and style for me, but for all women in the world," Beyonce said again.

Stuart A. Weitzman is a designer of 70 years who have started designing shoes since the age of 20. He's getting to be designer shoes business shoes for his father in the early 60's.

Besides Weitzman, who also took home an award from Footwear News are designer Charlotte Olympia. The woman who designed the shoes and a favorite of many celebrities are awarded Designer of the Year. There are also designer Rebecca Minkoff was selected as Marketer of the Year.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

It Is Easy To Fold Shoes He Put In a Suitcase

Bring sandals or shoes when you're on vacation? or you want to take them all? But to take them sometimes requires a lot of space or purse so you may have to sacrifice other peripherals.

Do not worry, Timberland Men’s Radler Trail Camp is a shoe that can be folded into 2 parts for shoes do not need a big bag to carry it.

With the existing zipper system, we can fold it when not in use and when unzipped will be used. This Folding Shoes is suitable for all purposes and looks trendy, the materials used are also waterproof, so for adventure still can. Timberland Men's Radler Trail Camp sold for U.S. $ 65. Let's take a look at the gallery below.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

New shoes Nike Green Speed worn by Neymar

Nike released their latest shoe named Nike GS aka Green Speed in July. Currently these shoes worn some world famous players for the 2012-2013 season, one of which is the world's top players from Brazil, Neymar.

Nike claims this shoe as the lightest football boots, weighing only 160 grams. And like other Nike products, these shoes are also environmentally friendly because it is made from recycled waste peanut shells. But ... still not friendly on the wallet because the price is 300 USD.

Let's look at the gallery below..

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Choice of Footwear for Cycling

One of the tools that should be used in cycling is footwear. Lots of options that we can use, but the most commonly used is a mountain sandals, sports shoes and shoe cleats. Not without reason this equipment must be used, other than foot comfort when riding a bicycle, safety is also a key point in cycling.

bike-cycle-sandalsMount Sandals : simple shapes and low prices. With an open design that makes the foot and toes seem pins. Feet guaranteed to be free from feeling stuffy because the very maximum airflow. But in terms of security valued less. With the open design of the contact between the foot with external objects is possible. Gravel or loose slippers that could cause injury. And in the case of incidents fall, feet can directly contact with the road. When cycling on a scorching day, the foot will be very hot so reducing cycling comfort.



Sneakers shoes / Sport shoes : Many sports shoes or sneakers with a variety of options outstanding. With the closed design of the fingertips to the heel of the foot makes more maximum security compared with mountain sandals. But for those who are familiar with the use of sandals will feel less comfortable using the shoe, enclosed design in the sole of the foot may be frustrating because of the lack of air flow inside the shoe. When using the shoe is recommended to use socks, in addition to preventing the possibility of blisters or irritation of the skin, it also protects the feet from the sweat that made shoes are not durable.


Cleat Shoes : Shoes of this type is equivalent to sneakers. The difference is there is a cleat on the shoe to lock the pedals so the shoes together with the pedal bike. The advantage of using these shoes is a consistent swing leg will be on the pedal so that the energy can be channeled more efficiently while pedaling. For those who are unfamiliar with the use of this shoe is very painful because we have to really focus on when and where we need to remove the shoe from the pedal lock. Do not forget how to unlock it so that when the bike stopped our feet are locked to the pedals that can cause us to fall.

The final choice is up to the user, there is no harm in using one of the above options. Use as needed. Do not let your comfort become more important than security, and vice versa. But both should be equally a priority.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The reason why Victoria Beckham likes to wear High Heel

This one designer known for his hobby of wearing high heels. Actually what ya reason Victoria Beckham liked to wear these shoes?. Perhaps this is one reason. Intimacy between Victoria and her children eventually prove unique facts. Apparently, the wife of David Beckham is not higher than that of his first son, Brooklyn.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Victoria as a walk in Los Angeles with her four children on Sunday (4/11). Unusually, this time he tried to wear low-heeled shoes.

On that occasion, David Beckham did not appear. But it still looks familiarity family though headless household. Hmm .. This new body height Brooklyn who follow Victoria. Soon, Romeo and Cruz will follow their mother's height.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Messi wear Adidas adiZero F50 "Thiago"

On Friday (2/11/2012) ago, Lionel Messi are the happiest man in the world after the birth of his first son, named Thiago. Boys of the relationship with Antonella Roccuzzo was born in good health at the USP Dexeus Hospital.

Interestingly, within 24 hours after the birth of her first child, Messi returned to the football field. He must played for Barcelona against Celta Vigo on Saturday (03/11/2012). And in the match at the Camp Nou Stadium, Barcelona won with a score of 3-1,

What is interesting in appearance Messi in the game is there something new in Messi shoes used at the time. That is is, on the side of the shoes he was wearing Adidas adiZero F50 there is a word that says "Thiago". The word was a tribute to her first baby was born.

Another interesting thing is, in the game for the first time Messi failed to make goals in his last four games. Whereas, it was reported he had been preparing for his goal celebration that will be dedicated to Thiago.

Like what Adidas adiZero F50 shoes worn by Messi? please see the gallery below..

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tips on choosing the ideal sports shoes

Now many different brands and types of sports shoes. Such as Nike, Adidas, Specs, Speed, Lotto, Diadora etc

Do not assume that the shoes you normally wear everyday will also be suitable for the sport. It could, perhaps your feet get injured and have to go to the hospital.

Here are some tips that can be used as a reference in choosing sport shoes:

  • Do not think you are going to multifunctional sport shoes.

  • Shoes for everyday harder or solid, for sports shoes (running) is more flexible, with extra padding to absorb vibration. For both activities, the purchase of each pair must be different.

  • Measure your feet regularly.

The ideal plan to have sports shoes:

The needs and budget of every person to buy sports shoes certainly vary. The prices were more expensive than sports shoes, of course, the quality is also good.

Consider when to replace. Ideally, sports shoes should be replaced after use as far as 500-600 miles, depending on the quality of the shoes. If the sole of the shoe begins to thin and uncomfortable for use, it's time to shop for sport shoes again.

Tips buy sport shoes:

  • Foot size can evolve depending on the activity. Try to buy shoes when your feet are the largest in size. It usually occurs in the afternoon or after your activity.

  • Wear the socks. Because wearing socks can improve the comfort in wearing sport shoes.

  • Do not immediately feel comfortable. Do not immediately fall in love with the shoes you want to buy time to try it in front of the mirror. Try using walking or running for a while.

  • Customize the layout of your toes inside your shoes. Consider the ideal distance toes, instep, and heel of the foot. If it's too loose will slip, but too tight can cause blisters.

  • Adjust your budget.


Monday, October 29, 2012

Select The Type of Shoe Laces, According To Your Character

Tying shoelaces with a square knot, and the butterfly is easy. Tying shoelaces in the usual way will make your appearance become mundane and boring. If you want to see different looks, one of which is having to tie your shoelaces in a unique and creative.

For those of you who are creative and want to display your shoelaces are unique, there are many ways in which the appearance of shoes look so interesting. However, not many people know how or technique.

Want to know the techniques and unique type of shoe laces? These will be shown how to tie shoelaces unique and creative. This I gathered from various sites on the internet, please see the gallery below:

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

You a Fan of Madonna? Let Us Look at His Work Boots

Madonna. Who is not familiar with this Diva? Energetic, talented, and also a mother of Lourdes Leon. We would be proud to see the figure of Madonna, because the achievements that have been recognized and his stage act that is always spectacular to impress me. He was not young anymore, you know, the 50's, Oh God! many women in their 50's have no cool body and spirit like Madonna. Madonna is arguably the queen of pop music world. Of talents in singing, dancing, acting, Sense of Fashion Madonna also poured on the design of fashion items, shoes. Pride in fashion can bring it to design a collection of shoes that is named "TRUTH OR DARE".

In an exclusive shoe collection launch held at the Gallery Madonna Selfridges London in last year by holding the famous brand High Street shoes, ALDO. In my view TRUTH OR DARE shoe designs represent the lifestyle and dress style women's elegant, intelligent, and has a high confidence.

Heels, Boots, Stilettos, Brogues Madonna-style design is dominated by a powerful, bold, edgy, and iconic, although it still looks feminine side. More than 30 pairs of shoes type presented to Fashionista. The character of a diva revealed clearly in the shoe collection "TRUTH OR DARE".

To design the "TRUTH OR DARE", Madonna certainly not alone, she is assisted by her personal stylist Arianne Phillips. Screamin ' Out ! Come on Madonna Fans, let's hunt this shoe and have a little Material Girl's look!

The black color with a touch similar to Chanel Quilted coated sutures, these pumps shoes look solid and high fashion. The prices are not as expensive branded shoes like YSL, Christian Louboutin, etc. Price estimates of TRUTH OR DARE shoes range from $ 89 to $ 349.

Bold and Iconic, the type of shoes like this you do not need to wear flashy clothes, because these shoes have made a prominent appearance!. Wonderful impression with hand strap in the middle of making shoes seemingly feminine and sexy. Studded as suggested Edgy studded nails, suitable for you who want to be daring and like to be different. Gold Digger! The party is wearing gold heels, gold shoes will definitely steal the attention. Silhouette heel firmly and Towering heels can emphasize the appearance, perfect in use with the dress / mini dress.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Like What The World's Oldest Shoe?

The researchers busy digging in a cave in Armenia a few months ago. And they finally found something. What is it? apparently it was an old shoe, its estimated 5500 years old. Lace-up shoes are made of cow leather, old shoe was found at the bottom of sheep dung, the New York Times.

Tanned with vegetable oil, leather shoes suitable when applied in the right leg is reportedly older than stonehenge or the pyramids of Egypt. "Maybe at the time, these shoes have a high price, because it is made of leather, and high quality," said Gregory Areshian as the project leader of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, University of California. These shoes are thought to have 'existed' in the Bronze Age between 3653-3627 BC. And one shoe were found seems fitting to be worn by women because of its small size, the number 7.

The researchers also noted that when found, the shoe surface overgrown with grass and yellow clay layer, it all makes its shape intact. Could it be that early humans may have inadvertently left it for us? Hemm ...

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Real Madrid Unlucky Because They Lost Three Players Shoes?

Real Madrid got a big surprise ahead of the first session of the Champions League semi-final against Bayern Munich early this morning, Wednesday (18/4), when the three star players their shoes is stolen.

Just a few hours before kickoff, when the Spanish club is preparing for the match at the Allianz Arena, someone stole six pairs of shoes and some socks from Real locker room at the stadium.

Site Spanish sports daily Marca reported that three pairs of shoes were stolen Cristiano Ronaldo shoe, while the other 2 pairs of shoes owned by Karim Benzema and Mesut Ozil.

Real Parties have reported this incident to the organization of European football, UEFA.

Is this incident directly affects children's mental game Jose Mourinho or not? the game ended 2-1 to win the host Bayern Munich.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Unique Shoes, Made of 1,050 Pieces of Human Teeth

Shoes with unique design is now more and more are created by the designer shoes. The most recent was the work of two British designers. These shoes are made by those with decorated 1050 'human teeth'.

Mariana Fantich and Dominici Young, are the names of two designers who made these shoes with dentures. Except as decoration, these dentures are also used to replace rubber soles, usually located at the bottom of the shoe.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, the entire bottom of the shoe black leather is look adorned with many teeth. Teeth are used not just white, there are several gold color teeth.

These unique shoes are directly inviting comments some people. "In art, this is very interesting but if I recall there teeth under my feet, so that makes me want to vomit..  Although dentures." Wrote one commentator.

Fantich and Young describe these shoes as 'are predators with no predators'. This shoe is actually a modified version of the shoe from Barker that has stood since 1880.

In 2010, the two designers also made a similar work called The Apex Predators, are shoes decorated with hair, eyes and teeth.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10 Unique Shoes in Fashion Show for Spring 2013 Collection

Event Fashion week in New York, London, Milan and Paris has revealed the latest trends, especially for shoes. Spring 2013 collection was dominated by designs shoes out of the box. As quoted from thefashionspot, Here are reviews of some of the shoes out of the box or unique shoes.

  • Toe shoes

Celine is famous for its stylish minimalist design, modern and far from funny. However, the presence of foot-shaped shoe provides a perspective that is more 'relaxed' for fashion house fronted by Pheobe Philo's. However, this shoe has received racist comments because shoes come only in white color only.

  • Fur Shoes 'Elmo'

Not only creating a shoe-shaped feet or shoe like feet, Celine also launched a shoe that uses fur material on the entire surface of the shoe, the heel is no exception. The red color is selected in this shoe like the color as 'Elmo', a character in a children's show, Sesame Street.

  • Fur Shoes 'Big Bird'

After 'Elmo', Celine also presents the characters 'Big Bird' furry boots that are also used in children show Sesame Street. Not like 'Elmo' heels on the shoes 'Big Bird' comes with a wooden stiletto models without wrapped with feathers.

  • Feathers Sandal 'Cookie Monster'

Not satisfied with making pointy shoes made of fur, Celine also issued sandals at the top coated with a purplish blue faux fur. This color is also called similar to other characters from Sesame Street, The Cookie Monster.

  • The combination of Shoes and Sandals

Are you not able to determine to wear shoes or sandals that fit the style of your dress? So shoes from Prada can be a solution to this 'combination of shoes and sandals' . You will not be confused anymore.

  • Socks Shoes

Miuccia Prada seems so worried about practicality for users shoes. He also made a sock-like shoes. So you do not have to bother to wear socks.

  • Pink Socks Shoes

Prada not only design slipper socks on a hot thick platform. But it also presents shoes pink socks on the ankle strap and a high contrast monochrome palette.

  • Punk Boots Shoes

Vivienne Westwood is known as the 'mother of punk'. No wonder if he created the platform boots adorned with large print and full. To give the impression of punk, the shoe comes with five gold buckle.

  • Shoes with a Small Heel on Foot

Alexander McQueen launched a shoe that seems difficult to make walking. Shoes that intersect at the ankle comes with black mesh on the front of the shoe and a small heel of the foot

  • Shoes with Many Material

Givenchy shoes are not exactly known as footwear but more suitable to be regarded as works of art. Givenchy design uses a lot of materials ranging from leather, plastic wood, with metal.

That variety of unique shoes that appear in the collection of Spring Fashion Week 2013 some time ago. Which one do you think the most unique shoes?

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nike CTR360 Maestri III, Iniesta Shoes

Will increasingly be superb Andres Iniesta (Barcelona). This is because after the Nike upgrade his product CTR 360 Maestri III. These shoes are made specifically for the midfielder. And Andres Iniesta are his ambassadors, along with Jack Wilshere (Arsenal) and Ganso (Brazil).

By wearing Nike CTR 360 Maestri III, a midfielder will be able to improve ball control making it easier to control the time of the game.

Using the latest generation of synthetic Kanga-Life that ensure durability and a comfortable touch when used. Also featuring new technologies ACC (All Condition Control), which means it has the same capability in wet or dry conditions. Mmmm seems increasingly difficult to cope with this Euro 2012 best player.

Currently, these shoes are available in all Nike outlets starting in August 2012 with an estimated price of around $ 179.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Metallica Back Design New Shoes Vans

It seems that the legendary heavy metal band from the U.S., Metallica, are enjoying a great job as a designer top brand shoes, Vans. They again will present the latest shoe designs special edition Metallica.

Last July, Metallica and Vans announced their partnership plans to design two pairs of Keds shoes. And now, they are planning to launch a third design, and new shoes from Vans will be named Vans X Metalica.

As reported by Rolling Stone, Metalica edition shoe will be released to the market in 2013 in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of Metallica's debut album, Kill 'Em All (1983).
New shoes are designed with a tag that contains the lyrics of the song "Motorbreath" on the side of the shoe. "Those who tell you not to take chances," the lyrics of the song are engraved on these shoes. While the two previous designs featuring motifs hand and a hammer like the picture on the cover of the album Mettalica.

Through a press release, bassist Robert Trujillo expressed enthusiasm. "I have been wearing Vans on stage in my career, and even long before that," he said. Are you also a fan of the rock band Metallica?

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Prada shoes, Beautiful Design Inspired by Classic Car

For those of you who claim to "Fashionista" is not complete if you do not have a collection of Prada shoes for sandals output. This Italian brand has just introduced a collection of spring 2012, inspired by a classic car design in the 1950's in the United States.

From several collections, Prada uses a lot of design elements such as car spoilers, chrome accents to the brake lights (lights break) attached to the heel. The colors chosen also illustrates victory "muscle cars". Although different, but instead create a new look, a fresh, especially in the fashion world.

Prada has not announced the price of any collection of shoes and sandals. Because of the reputation and prestige, we can be sure his prices are definitely high. And also because it is produced by hand, high quality and there are only a few pairs worldwide or limited collection.

Want to know the shape of sandals and shoes have a classic car design, see the pictures below!

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shoes 'Nude' Kate Middleton Sold Every 2 Minutes

Kate Middleton really become heir to Lady Diana style. Every action and her style of dress is now a role model for the world trend. No wonder some famous brand using Kate, as the appeal of their brand.

As performed by the world brand Marks and Spencer (M&S), who issued a limited edition of shoes women called The Caramel Court Shoes, which is really similar to the color of shoes are usually worn by the Queen of England candidate. And, this is a classic heel shoes turned out to be one of the best-selling in the UK at this time.

And the shoes "Nude" Kate Middleton is sold every 2 minutes, due to the increasing demand for these shoes in limited release.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Predator LZ TRX FG Cleats, New Soccer Shoes from Adidas

Adidas is proud to launch its newest product, PREDATOR LZ TRX FG CLEATS. PREDATOR LZ TRX FG CLEATS which is the latest series of football boots was launched last July.

Adidas PREDATOR LZ TRX FG CLEATS claimed to have a lighter weight. And this newest soccer shoes from Adidas equipped with five zones to control the game.

Five zones contained in the Adidas PREDATOR LZ TRX FG CLEATS including Dribble-Zone to dribble at high speed, First-Touch-zone for a perfect first touch when getting the ball, Sweet-Spot-Zone to generate speed when attacking a target, Driver-Zone for opened the game with a pass the ball long distances, Pass-Zone for the accuracy of passing the ball.

PREDATOR LZ TRX FG CLEATS uses sprint frame construction outside his soles as shown on the adiZero F50, thus offering the perfect balance of stability and its weight is only 225 grams.

Adidas PREDATOR LZ TRX FG CLEATS currently used by famous soccer players like Robin Van Persie (Arsenal), Xavi Hernandez (Barcelona), Sami Nasri (Manchester City), Luis Nani (Manchester United), and Angel Di Maria (Real Madrid).

New soccer shoes PREDATOR LZ TRX FG CLEATS are now available in retail stores and multibrand monobrand Adidas worldwide. PREDATOR LZ TRX FG CLEATS comes in a bright blue, infared, collegiate navy dan white. That makes proud of shoe PREDATOR LZ TRX FG CLEATS priced at $ 220.00.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

ClimaCool Seduction, Most Popular Sports Shoes from Adidas

Some time ago, Adidas has launched its newest product, Seduction ClimaCool. With the launch of this new product, offers the experience of running with Adidas features 360 ° ventilation ducts that enhance performance and provide the greatest experience ever.

With the use of a new ventilation around the outer sole of the shoe and using ClimaCool material at the top, many uses that will be perceived by the end user's shoes. Coupled with using technology that provides ventilation ducts on all sides, it will help to dry the sweat and keep the temperature inside the shoe to keep it low.

In addition, the presence of coatings COOLEVER, clover-shaped yarn special, keep your feet stay dry and comfortable when walking. Maximum performance is driven by a 360 ° ventilation ducts that reduce thermal stress and discomfort during exercise, and may also improve performance while running.

The technology known AdidasTorsion SYSTEM intended for adaptation to the soil surface the better, outer soles are durable adiWEAR for increased traction and durability, as well as the sole center of a more subtle and flexible providing ultimate comfort complete these shoes.

The Seduction ClimaCool is the latest product to be part of the campaign ONE BRAND from Adidas, which Katy Perry, David Beckham, Lionel Messi and Derrick Rose, the star of his advertisements in various media. Adidas ClimaCool Seduction is available at Adidas's online store and in stores Adidas Sport Performance, as well as other retail stores around the world, with prices $ 159.00.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Trends: Celebrities Are Now Like a Shoe With a Short Heel

So far the high heel is still a favorite in the fashion world. The higher the more even cool. However, recent trends show pump shoes with shorter heels now preferred.

Pump shoes with a short heel is usually called 'Tiny Pump'. Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, Chloe, Chanel and Jimmy Choo are some famous fashion houses that offer pumps shoes that come with size 1 inch or 2.45 cm.

'Petite pump' increasingly worn by fans of fashion today. This is seen when the show at London Fashion Week some time ago. This shoe style inspired dress with such style in the 60's that look polite, sweet but still chic.

Not only dominate in the fashion scene and became the target of the fashionista, celebrities also love these shoes 'Tiny Pump'. For example, Star '500 Days of Summer 'is Zooey Deschanel spotted wearing low heel shoes from Jimmy Choo.

In addition, Kate Bosworth and Alexa Chung were also seen wearing shoes size 2.45 cm. She combines it with channel-cut black balloons and sunglasses. While the presenter and fashion icon, Alexa Chung style combine with casual clothing such as a long cardigan, shirt and pants hotpants.

Shoes 'Tiny Pump' is perfect for those who do not want to look too casual. Especially for shoes 'Tiny Pumps' with gold color heels. Some brands are releasing 'Tiny Pump' is a Jimmy Choo pump Walde at a price $ 204.00, Kurt Geiger Solare 8 pump for $ 168.00 and Zara Heel Studded Ballerina worth $ 48.00.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Velvet Fox Loafer is Currently a Celebrity Favorite Shoe

After some time ago shoes with cat face image by Charlotte Olympia become a celebrity favorite. Now turn the loafer with fox picture works of Tory Burch become the preferred by the celebrities present.

Flat shoes are given the name 'Velvet Fox Loafer' takes inspiration from shoes to casual home-style classic. 'Velvet Fox Loafer' made of black cotton velvet.

At the top of the shoe is given an embroidered design that shaped the face of a fox. Fox face decorated with black ribbons and Tory Burch logo made of metal and colored gold.

According to the official website of Tory Burch, these shoes are very comfortable so it is recommended for daily use. Some celebrities like Brooklyn Decker and Carey Mulligan was seen wearing a 'Velvet Fox Loafer' for their daily activities.

Model and actress Brooklyn Decker is wearing shoes fox while on vacation in London in July. Stars of 'Just Go with It' it combines with the oversized blazer, a red mini skirt and sling bag by Alexander Wang.

Unlike Carey Mulligan who has a quirky style of dress. Players movie 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' is combine Tory Burch shoes with a jacket and navy blue colored baggy pants. He will wear it while traveling by plane.

In addition, there is also Jordana Brewster also seen wearing the latest shoes from Tory Burch is when traveling.

For those of you who are looking for a comfortable flat shoes but still stylish, maybe 'Velvet Fox Loafer' is the right choice. On the official website of Tory Burch shoes, fox is sold for U.S. $ 250. Interested?

Source image:

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nine West has Unleashes Shoes with Classical Touch Feminism

Shoes are one item that can enhance the appearance of the wearer, especially for women. Beautiful footwear also helps boost your confidence. Labels shoes Nine West recently released her latest shoe collection dedicated to the Fall-Winter 2012. Various shoe comes with a classic touch of femininity. Let's look at some of his latest collection.

  • Mary Jane Style

Shoes that are designed with model Mary Jane Shoes comes with three color options, namely the dominance of black, gray, and red. Model of the footwear styles of the 1920s was to create a feminine retro style for the wearer.

  • Ankle Strap Detail

American shoe label's collection also presents high heels with ankle strap detail. The combination of silver and red color makes these shoes looks glamorous. Inspired by the edgy British style, these shoes can make you look stunning.

  • Edgy Style

Classic touches seen in the collection of Nine West on this one. Designed in a color palette of maroon, thus giving the impression to those who wear them edgy. Combine with trousers and blouses to create a more attractive appearance.

  • Boots

Starting from pump shoes, flat shoes and high heels, Nine West also released a collection of shoes that are not less interesting. Retro style of the 1970's can show by wearing the shoes this one. These boots are made of leather with an elegant touch.

  • Pump Shoes

Shoes that have a pump detail is very precise when applied to a party in the evening. With black palette accented with beads to make it look glamorous. Combine with a bodycon dress with the same palette is the perfect match.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Newest Shoes Steve Madden Comes with Sexy Design

Steve Madden footwear brand has released a string of his latest collection for the season Fall / Winter 2012. This time footwear is designed with a touch more sexy. Some of these high heels, flat shoes, wedges and etc. Various shoes equipped with a bright palette and unique style. As usual, the shoes are still made with leather. Let's see the collection of this series.

  • Pump Shoes

Shoes that one is equipped with a pump detail. Dominated with bright pink, making this shoe looks girly and feminine can give the wearer the impression feminine. You can wear it to the party at the time of day or night.

  • Ankle Strap Shoes

Footwear this one can make you look more prominent. Equipped with a palette of blood red, so the shoes look sexy. Combine with a bodycon dress the same color, to create a more sexy.

  • Loafers Shoes

This American shoe label also released stylish men's shoes. Interestingly, it comes with aztec print shoes. Although this model is quite classic, but still has a touch of fun and modern.

  • Wedges Shoes

Look edgy with a feminine touch and sexy can be seen when you wear these shoes wedges type. Dominated by aztec print design, making it a distinct footwear than usual. Interestingly, the shoe can be worn for a visit to a formal event, or when they want to walk to the mall.

  • Flats Shoes

Shoes are a flat type is equipped with a silver crystal detail. Combine it with a mini dress that had black-color palette to create a feminine and glamorous style. But if you want to look more casual, mix-it with a pair of shorts and a loose blouse.

  • Peep Toe Shoes

Type of peep toe shoes are also designed with accent stones. The combination of black, pink and blue make these shoes can be paired with a dress that is dominated by three colors.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ankle Strap is Most Suitable for Long Legs

Heeled shoes with ropes that are wrapped around the ankle is sweet and perfect to lift your appearance. Whatever the shape of your foot, thick, thin, or even a wedge, can still be stylish.

These types of shoes to give effect to the foot of a ladder and look sexy. This makes the ankle strap is always exist in every season. In each of the fashion show every year, these shoes look comes accompanied with attractive clothing.

Initially, the design resembles a wrist strap laces which was created to help keep shoes on the feet remain static, so the wearer more comfortable. Usually in the ankle strap can be adjusted using a buckle to provide allowances flexibility.

Unfortunately, not all forms of leg can try this shoe has become a fashion icon in 1950. If the wrong choice, you can look strange appearance. Ankle strap is best suited to the owners of the long leg, because the rope is wrapped around the horizontal at the ankle can balance posture.

You are free to choose the type of chunky shoes, kitten, wedge, or a flat to attend a casual event. And a small heel for a party invitation. Simply take clutch with matching color to complement it.

This strappy shoes will work best for showing off your legs when you wear a mini dress or midi. For sparkling gown, just choose shoes made of suede, but if you want to further highlight the legs, choose a material that have the effect of glitter, metallic, or bright colors more eye catching.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Metamorphosis of Flatform Shoes

Forget the short stiletto or platform wedges. You will fall in love with a unique shoe design with the flat soles. Instead of wedges, but Flatform.

Flat form is the flat shoes that have high platform without extra rights in the heel. So, when you walk as if walking in flat shoes. Although, the soles has a thickness of more than 3 cm.

This trend is an attractive route of the metamorphosis of platform shoes, given the trend in recent years the use of sky-high platform heels as a hobby in itself. Fortunately, the metamorphosis is arguably more secure than the use of platform shoes that usually has the heels over 10 cm.

This shoe combines comfort and height to platform. Some designers also begin on the runway fashion show. One who developed the design of the form flatform is British designer, Vivienne Westwood.

But, unlike platform heels that can give effect to the long legs and sexy, flatform will make your legs look shorter. However, this will be the main attraction for the flatform shoes can make the overall appearance to be more unique.

In addition, with bright colors, your appearance will look more pleasing. For those of you who have legs, you're in luck because you can experiment in the appearance of using this type of shoe. Flatform and mini dress perfect for you.

For those of you who have big feet and short, you can still use these shoes. Make sure you do not choose a flatform with ankle strap because it will only make your legs look shorter. Flatform match you with hot mini skirt or pant.

Although the shape is unique and memorable casual, you can still use it for the office. Simply select a design plain flatform and color 'safe' as black or nude. You'll look higher and feet will feel comfortable.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Danger Often Wear Gladiator Sandals

Type of Gladiator Sandals are very fitting use for a leisurely stroll. Especially if you want to show off the delicate skin of your feet. However, do not wear sandals of this type too often.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Lorraine Jones from Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists in the UK, said the Gladiator Sandal that has a flat shape can cause problems on your feet.

Too often wear Gladiator Sandals can make the tendons at the back of the heel stretch, including the calf muscles. The use of this type sandals can also trigger pain. Usually after two weeks of usage.

These sandals are usually made of leather and flat soles. Shock movement on foot to be reduced in this sandal, this can increase the risk of interference with the heel called plantar fasciitis.

This disorder can lead to pain that typically occurs when you wake up, when he first put foot on the floor in the morning. Therefore, do not be too often wear these sandals.

Although there are bad effects, strap on gladiator sandals can make your legs do not move so you do not easily slip.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Eternal Diamond Stilettos, Shoes By Price £ 100,000

Shoe fans of the jet set now busy ordering the most expensive shoes in the world, worth 100 thousand pounds, this shoe is called "Eternal Diamond Stiletto" is made of pure gold and studded with genuine diamonds. Expensive shoes are made by the Board Borgezie.

Why are prices high?. Because these shoes are made of gold and diamonds. One shoe spend 2200 30-carat diamond grains. Skilled hands designing luxury shoes is Christopher Michael Shellis, a jewelry designer from England.

Shoe buyers certainly not ordinary people, given the price is very expensive. According to the gossip, famous names such as Victoria Beckham and Paris Hilton have signed up for order this exclusive shoe.

Shellis, the creator said that this shoe is not just footwear, but in the jewelry category of "Jewelry is an exclusive and perpetual diamond, like a diamond." No kidding, the warranty is really awesome. Ie during 1000 (one thousand) years! These shoes can be inherited by our grandchildren as befits a royal crown or family jewelry.

Via : Dailymail

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Selecting Flip-flops In Functions

Flip-flops favored by men and women. Flip-flops are the most comfortable slippers for use. Has a flat shape so it does not make your feet tired. Although comfortable in the foot, but the flip-flops should not be worn at all times. Flip-flops are used only at certain times such as along the beach, while at home, in the shower, relax and hang out with friends or family.

But how to choose the right flip-flops and comfortable in the foot?. There are several types of flip-flops that you can choose according to function, let us consider one by one:

  • Flip-flops for Beach

Is the most comfortable flip-flops to wear on the beach. Materials to be selected are rubber and plastic semi, so it is not too heavy when walking in the sand. You can still walk comfortably while walking in the sand and small waves. In addition these sandals are also easy to clean.


  • Flip-flops for House

Must distinguish between slippers, bedroom slippers and flip-flops for the shower. House slippers are lightweight and do not slip during use, and of course the material should be made of rubber. And in this case you can create by selecting the motif or add a cute doll or accessories on your sandals.


  • Flip-flops for Room

If you just are in the area of your room can be free to choose materials flip-flops. Necessarily select the most comfortable on the feet.  And can be made from cloth and semi rubber. To a slippery floor, shole must made of rubber, but for stepping sandal can be chosen from synthetic fabrics or yarns that are usually used for the doll. In addition these flip-flops can make your feet nice and warm.


  • Flip-flops for Bathroom

In the bathroom of course very slippery. For that always wear flip-flops are made of synthetic rubber during the move in the bathroom. You will be able to more easily move and balance the body even though the floor slippery and wet.


  • Flip-flops for Casual

These sandals fit to accompany your casual events outside the home. Have a leisurely stroll in the mall, or just enjoy a coffee with friends and just chat. The material is certainly not entirely synthetic rubber, you can choose materials that are more attractive, more relaxed and fashionable. Paired skin can be an attractive option. Moreover, today many flip-flops that offer lots of fashion styles.



Shown with Extreme Style by Wearing Shoes Spike Shadow

Shoes that look very odd is called cut-out platform. Lady Gaga is one of the artists who make the shoes of this type is known by so many women and is now a fashion trend for fans of unique appearance. Its form is unusual, heel in front, not behind as usual. They often wear these shoes also do not say that the model cut-out platform shoes are comfortable to wear.

But for a unique appearance, the fans do not mind with inconvenience it. Such as shoes with metal spikes below. Almost the entire surface of the shoe planted with thorns, so it was scary.

But the cut-out platform shoes also look beautiful when paired with the right mix of fashion. Malignant but also has a sensual impression. This name this unique shoes is Spiked Shadow. Designed by Jeffrey Campbell is often made cut-out platform. But be careful when walking with these shoes because the heel is reached 14 cm.

Are you interested in having this Shadow Spiked shoes? Its price is $ 264. Ordering can be done online via the site

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dr Scholls Shoes and Flip, Comfortable and Healthy

Dr scholl shoe manufacturer has not run out of ways to successfully target the market. in addition to designing a more attractive appearance, they also offer the advanced technology in the shoes of their products.

Dr scholles shoes are introduced eight advanced technology, like massage technology, gentle step, memory pillow, contoured footbed, orthopedic, toebar & metatarsal, the arts and support backguard. Christin then explain each one of these technologies. According to him, massage technology can be seen from the ridge-shaped spots or waves on the surface of the shoe base. His shoes are also equipped with specially designed cushions to prevent fatigue in the legs.

While the soft step technology made with two layers of layers that can provide comfort in every step, also let the pads can breathe. Another with cushion technology. According to Christine, the shoe is given bearings are made in accordance with the texture of the soles of the feet. "Pads made thick but soft to provide optimal comfort, so to run all day no problem," he said again, contoured footbed technology created to support each of the muscles in the legs.

And for orthopedic technology, the shoes have characteristics that clearly is in the form of spots like thorns. It is said that these shoes can help improve blood circulation for those with neurological problems. "Toebar & metatarsal technology has special technology that stands out and is made in between the back foot with toes that serve to train the muscles of the calf. This shoe is antislip, which can grip when used for walking, "he explained.

For the next two technologies, arch support and bacguard, Christine said, each has distinct advantages. Arch support is made by the contour corresponding to the texture of the anatomy of the foot, so the body's center of gravity is in the correct position. Finally, on the backguard has a buffer to protect the vulnerability of the foot at the heel when wearing high heels.
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Top Five Players Football Contract with Brand Shoes

In addition to value transfer, which is not less astonishing than the income of a football player is the value of the contract with the sponsor. For example, a contract with a brand of shoes. But not all football players have a contract with a brand of shoes. Only for those who have a high sales value of products to promote. They are great players at this time.

So, who the football players who have contracts with the highest current brand of shoes? Here are five football players who have the highest contract value with a brand of shoes today. They are:

  • Sergio Aguero - Puma - 1.25 million pounds per season

Sergio Aguero name escalated when present in the Premier League. Football player from Argentina was once shocking the public when he first set foot in England wore Puma shoes. This is because earlier he was always loyal to Nike and adidas last summer. It turned out that Aguero was just having a contract with Puma v1.11 for four seasons.

  • Lionel Messi - Adidas - 2 million pounds per season

The best player in the world currently ranks fourth. This is fortunate for Adidas. Why? Due to contracts with Messi to do before winning Balon D'or twice this is to be superstar. That means that Adidas pays relatively little for Messi's services to promote their best selling shoes, F50 adiZero. Of course its value will increase if the contract be extended later.

  • Cesc Fabregas - Puma - 3.2 million pounds per season

After parting from Nike, Cesc Fabregas decided to get more profits by Puma. Last spring, this Barcelona midfielder signed a new contract as an ambassador of Puma shoes, is Puma PowerCat 1.12. The result, Cesc Fabregas was third for the highest contact with a shoe brand.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo - Nike - 5 million pounds per season

When they managed to bring Cristiano Ronaldo in 2010 to become a star in their shoes CR Mercurial, Nike really get the full package. Ie a player who has the power, good skills, a distinctive style of free kick and looks handsome as a model.

  • David Beckham - Adidas - 7 million pounds per season

Who is able to stop David Beckham? During one generation, the former England captain managed to sell the ideas that were taken from the Adidas Predator boots. Beckham was able to convince fans to wear Predator football boots and willing to do the Beckham style free kick.

Contract with Adidas is the result of negotiations by a team of Beckham. Of each pair of shoes or clothing that was heavily promoted, Beckham get one percent of the price of the product. No wonder if David Beckham wins in the list of football players who have the highest contract value with a brand of shoes in the history of world football.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tips Safety and Comfortable Wearing High Heels

In general, women use a lot of shoes to support the appearance and confidence. Types of women's shoes is currently dominated by models of high heels. However, the model is better known by the name of this stiletto often makes women suffer because of her heels are too high.

Even a high heel can cause injury to the leg or sprain. But for those who are sick but want to use these types of women's shoes, there are some tips safety and comfortable wearing high heels, such as:

  1. Limit the duration of use. Avoid high heels for too long, or more than 4 hours continuously.

  2. Try to get the ideal weight for a lighter load on the foot.

  3. In order to remain flexible feet, try to do strecthing every morning. This step can make no tension on the muscle and smooth blood circulation.

  4. Perform calf massage for 3-4 minutes each day and also did a stretch in the calf and ankle.

  5. Choose a size suitable shoes or sandals. Tips for buy shoes is in the afternoon, when your feet are blooming.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Unique Women's Shoes, Change Color when Exposed to The Sun

Researchers from Taiwan, Footwear & Recreation Technology Research Institute some time ago announced that they succeeded in making leather shoes that can be used for women's shoes and can change color when exposed to sunlight.

The purpose of this is made of women's shoes make shoes can change the colors for the women in order to have shoes that are more fun and make the user's attention to ultraviolet light.

The basic color is actually colorless puth shoes but within 30 seconds after exposure to sunlight will change shades from pink, orange and purple. This color change can last for 60 hours. Strange indeed, but I think this is a spray that can change the skin color of shoes for women, but still it is a good news.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cap Toe shoes Increasingly Popular in 2012

This season was popularized by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, shoes with a "cap" or some sort of cover in front, now popping up everywhere. The celebrities started wearing a lot of looks, both on the red carpet or for everyday appearance.

Cap Toe Shoes are available with this type of high heels and flat shoes, but still a cap toe pumps of this type of high-heeled shoes are most popular. Retro style is more prevalent in these shoes can provide an accent color to all your clothes, because his cap usually has a color that contrasts with the shoes. While the cap shoes with colors like gold and silver will be able to make you look more glamorous.

Let's look at the appearance of celebrities who look great with this type of shoe cap toe pumps. Heidi Klum and her long legs with Christian Louboutin shoes and Kristen Stewart looks sexy and grown in the dark print dress and cap toe shoe cream-colored Louis Vuitton, and Gwyneth Paltrow also featuring androgynous style with Louis Vuitton from head to toe and Sarah Jessica Parker look chic as usual in a black cap-toe shoes gold.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

O1M One Moment, Shoes for The Lovers of Living Environment

Judging from the design may still be less interested in this type of shoe but if you care about the living environment, you might be interested in these shoes even though you could say you have no sense. O1M One Moment is the world's first shoe made of 100% biodegradable plastic, which means that if thrown away, this eco-friendly shoes will be ruined quickly and can blend with the soil when you plant it.

O1M One Moment design regardless of the plain, this shoe is quite comfortable, versatile, and because the material is made of plastic so it is quite elastic and waterproof. And make it more comfortable to wear, made with 2mm soles slippery so as not useful when used.

O1M One Moment also focus on its packaging is also environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and made very small so that the cost of postage and packaging cost manufacturing becomes more efficient.

There are currently Earth shoe brand that has become known by many people. But after I saw these shoes just focus on the user's health issues more precisely at the foot of the user is not on global environmental issues. Therefore, the earth shoes comfortable shoes may be more appropriate to O1M One Moment, because a greater role in living environment. Or maybe Earth shoes must implement environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials in their shoes.

If you care about the environment and interested in this shoe O1M One Moment that are environmentally friendly and biodegradable you can buy these O1M One Moment shoes at a price of U.S. $ 13 in O1M One Moment at the official site.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stash Sandals Types from Reef, Sandals with Storage

When traveling, vigilance against crimes should still do. losing money, hotel keys, deposit box, or a credit card is a disaster for us, especially if traveling abroad. Try wearing sandals. This is not ordinary sandals, but Stash flip flops types from Reef.

This Reef flip flops for women is unique in the soles. A part that can be called "compartments" that can be drawn and has space for your essential items. The shape is cute, small but valuable. Reef flip flops for women comes with a color - bright colors are attractive, you can still enjoy on the tourist attractions and shopping without the worry of being stolen. Unless you also lose the slippers.

You are interested in these Reef flip flops for women? please visit the Reef.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dr Martens, One Brand Shoes That Changed the World

If you live in the era of the 90s, certainly no stranger to shoes from Dr. Martens. Its popularity makes this shoe into the list of '50 shoe that changed the world'. A book about the Design Museum, titled 'Fifty Shoes That Changed the World', reveals some of the shoes have assessed the effect of the world, either from the display mode or in general. One of them, was Dr Martens boots.

Dr Martens or also known as Doctor Martens, Doc Martens, Docs or DMs is the classic British shoe brand. Dr. Martens shoes are so identical with young children United Kingdom since the late 1960s, and has become one of the iconic shoes in the world.

Dr. Martens shoes are also a fashion item that must be owned by members of the Skinheads and punks community (sub-culture that originated from London, England in late 1960). Dr Martens boots are used as 'tools' to show defiance by workers or the working class who are in difficult times.

Dr Martens boots design came from two to 20 holes of shoes or a so-called 'eyelet'. Number of 'eyelet' and shoelace color can become an obsession for some people to have it.

Dr Marten boots came from Klaus Martens (German army doctor during World War II) who suffered an injury to his ankle while skiing in the Bavarian Alps, Germany. Martens shoes feel very uncomfortable, especially when her legs hurt.

While the recovery of his feet, Martens redesign the rear of his boots, with a softer leather and the soles of shoes to use material from car tires so it is quite tender. Unfortunately, sales of footwear by Martens did not get a successful response.

Until he meets his old friend during college, Dr. Herbert Funck in Munich in 1947. Funck's interested in Martens shoe design, and together create new designs as well as replace some of the materials to make it more comfortable and durable.

Did not take long, Dr Martens boots instantly became a favorite, especially by women and housewives. During the first 10 years, 80% of Dr Martens footwear sales are dominated by women aged over 40 years. Until now, Dr Martens boots continue to evolve. Starting from Dr Martens sandals, Dr Martens floral boot are also available.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

5 Tips When Buying Shoes

Activity of many women shopping, buying shoes is the most enjoyable activities. But if done carelessly, you might just be wearing your new shoes 2-3 times and then end up dusty on the shelves of shoes.

In order not to wrong choice of shoes, Consider the following five tips when buying shoes:

  • Shop in the afternoon

After a day of activities, the feet will usually be slightly swollen. This is a good time to buy and try on shoes, because that time your feet are largest in size and you will not suffer because of buying shoes that are narrow.

  • Notice of material

Adjust with trends okay. But for the health of the feet, choose a material that allows your feet to "breathe". The best option is a leather or a soft synthetic material. Avoid plastic or leather material is rigid, inflexible, and does not provide a place for your feet for "breathe".

  • Try first

Shoe size is never the same in every country, even in every brand. This is why it is not advisable to buy shoes online that depend on the number of shoes. In order not to end up with shoes that are too small, too big, or not comfortable to wear, always try on a pair of shoes. If you buy shoes that will be worn with socks, also wear socks when you try it.

  • Walking a few steps

It's important to know whether the shoes are comfortable on your feet when used for walking. Do not expect shoes the longer it will become increasingly more comfortable. When first tried, the shoes may still be stiff. But if it is not comfortable to walk, will remain so even if you have been using them for months.

  • Fitting in foot

Shoes that fit the foot is a shoe that holds the heel so well that when you walk in heel position is not shifted shoe. Also make sure your toes are not too close together in a shoe. Shoes must leave a space between the big toe and the longest toe.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Carey Mulligan Boot Worn When Married

Actress Carey Mulligan did not wear shoes that are commonly used by women at married, such as high heels, stilettos, or other beautiful shoes. Carey Mulligan prefer wearing boots when she married with rock singer Marcus Mumford in suburban England, Saturday.

Carey and Marcus got married on a farm in Somerset and he chose a cream-colored dress made by Prada for use to walk in the yard.

As reported by, shoe wear by Carey at the time it was pink boot from Wellington. He prefers to wear boots because at the time of her wedding ceremony at the start, it started raining.

But unfortunately Carey Mulligan wedding photos have not released, but I may be able to describe the boot used by Carey when married as shown below.  And how do you think about this Carey Mulligan style wedding shoes ?

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Derrick Rose Contracted by Adidas for $ 250 Million

Derrick Rose get a contract from Adidas worth $ 250 million. The coffers of private property Derrick Rose continues to grow. According to ESPN, Adidas shoe company will provide a superstar 'point guard' of the Chicago Bulls with high contract.

With that contract, of course Derrick Rose will always appear wearing Adidas shoes, and for that Adidas also has designed a special shoe that is named with the last name Rose, and the latest adiZero Rose is adiZero Rose 2.5 shoes.

One source insisted that the contract Rose reached nine digit, which ranged in the $ 250 million - or $ 25 million per year for 10 years. How can the winner  MVP of the 2010-2011 season was able to get much money from Adidas?

Rose is rumored to be the only one who could ward off Kobe Bryant and Nike in China. According to other sources, Rose has successfully surpass sales of LeBron James merchandise in China.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Best Rated Running Shoes With Special Cushioning

Maybe we already have sports shoes or running shoes in the home, but according to this creator ON shoes, the current running shoes are not optimal when used to run. Therefore, they created the ON shoes . Is a running shoe with special cushioning design at the bottom to reduce the beat of the feet when running. ON running shoe is for running shoes that have some bearing on the bottom.

According to them, running shoes are currently only able to reduce the beat of feet vertically while the ON has a bearing that can withstand beat of feet either vertically or horizontally. So that make ON running shoes to  best rated running shoes.

ON running shoe suitable for use in all types of surfaces ranging from running in the sand (beach) or in the road and so on. These running shoes will provide comfort to you while wearing running and you will feel the "landing" is subtle when stomped. And On running shoe on sale in the range of U.S. $ 150.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

AdiZero Crazy Light 2, The Lightest Basketball Shoes

You're a basketball player? if yes of course and is no stranger to shoes adiZero Crazy Light which is a shoe that is claimed to be the lightest basketball shoes in the world. And about shoes adiZero Crazy Light first series has been my previous review the here. And because of the many who are interested in adiZero Crazy Light shoe first series, Adidas has launched a series 2 of series adiZero Crazy Light.

With the launch of shoes adiZero Crazy Light 2, means now is the lightest basketball shoe is adiZero Crazy Light 2.

The design of the shoe b much improved from the first. Style better, lighter, and that I like is they give you two insoles that can make better ankle support and a lot more powerful.

You can really feel how light they are when you wear them. To cut back on weight, they got rid of support behind the heel, so when you try to put the sneaker on, that part sort of buckles underneath your foot making them difficult to get on. If you're using them for basketball, it's not a problem as you can take all the time you need to get them on. However, if you just want to wear them casually, it might be annoying when you're trying to get them on quickly.

Today, the shoe adiZero Crazy Light 2 is available with several choice of colors, for more details, please visit or see the image below.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Paper Shoes by Filippo Perin

Who does not know the famous brand shoes NIKE? Nike has long been in the shoe, this time its toughest competitor is Adidas. In the competition they will continue to provide innovation in its products.

Some time ago a graphic designer named Filippo Perin who likes to make the paper has introduced the character of his work is very interesting, some cool designs that one of them is a model of shoe. Because she always makes the design of the paper, then these shoes are also made of paper.

Do not know why Filippo Perin gave a name to a series of his shoes with the Nike, such us Nike Air Yeezy and etc. Are you interested in having the shoes of this paper? let's look at the picture below.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Euro 2012 is Over, Fernando Torres Getting the Golden Boot

Spain national team striker, Fernando Torres has crowned as the top scorer at Euro 2012 after the final match against Italy, he scored one goal is to create a collection to three goals at Euro 2012.

There are five other players who have the same number of goals that are owned by Torres in 2012 euros, One of them is German striker Mario Gomez, who also has a record equal to Torres, the three goals and one assist, but because of the success of the Spanish team to win euro 2012 is a plus for Torres to get the Golden Boot.

Spain win Euro 2012 after beating the Italian national team by a score of 4-0. La Furia Roja's first goal scored by David Silva in the 14th minute, then Jordi Alba in the 41st minute, Fernando Torres in the 84th minute and Juan Mata in the 88th minute.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Shoes from Christian Louboutin Will Make You Like a Princess

After waiting for months, Christian Louboutin has finally launched a shoe that is inspired by fairy tale Cinderella. A pair of these shoes can be your choice to make it look trendy like a princess.

French shoe designer that will revive the dream or the imagination of everyone who has ever read a fairy tale Walt Disney would this glass shoe. Louboutin makes this Cinderella glass shoe at the request of Walt Disney as the celebration was the release of Cinderella movies in the concept of Blue-Ray.

This exclusive pair of shoes covered or coated with embroidered lace embellished with colorful swarovski crystals. Retro-style shoes in the 1950s is also decorated with butterfly ornament on the front and back of the shoe so as to make look more pretty.

As reported by Pure Trend, Designer famous for red soled shoes was desperately in search of creative inspiration to create this shoe, "Cinderella is a beauty icon, an icon of elegance and also an icon of love, but also symbolizes the world of shoes," says Christian Louboutin.

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Matching the Right to be More Stylish Flat Shoes

High heels can make you look trendy. But that does not mean you have to stick with the type of shoes wherever you go. Flat shoes can also be relied upon for relaxed style. You only need to set the perfect match for this shoe to shoe look more prominent. Follow interesting tricks to incorporate the following flat shoes.

Skinny Jeans

Pants with a slim shape is the most perfect pair when paired with flat shoes. For a different style, try to tuck the bottom of the pants to the shoes. Choose a simple shoe with a contrasting color.

Bubble Skirts

It's also a smart way, the balloon skirt with a bubble in the hip will be very interesting when juxtaposed with flat shoes. In order not to look like a little girl, you can use a shoe with no flashy colors. Speaking of color, one of the key play of color is the color coordinated shoes with other accessories, like handbags. Suitability of the colors will make you more chic without seriously impressed.

Little Black Dress

Using flat shoes when performing with style 'little black dress', it is not impossible. This black dress not only has a value of 100 when combined with flat shoes. Try to look more pop with color flat shoes with metallic or light blue.

Sun Dress

This summer is a good time to issue your back flat shoe collection. And sun dress is the most appropriate partner for this shoe. You still can add some accessories to jazz up your style.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Shoe Collection Fall / Winter 2012-2013 from Louboutin

Some time ago the Christian Louboutin has launched a collection of Fall / Winter 2012-2013 entitled 'Monumentum'. Inspiration comes from anywhere, including a computer and the Scottish Tartan pattern.

For this winter, Louboutin will feature many kinds of shoes and accessories for formal events. a touch of glamor, as defined in the detail design such as studded (spikes) and crystals everywhere. For example, such as platform shoes named 'Decora' and 'Highness Pot' which sells for $ 5000.

And Louboutin also gives customers the freedom to be creative with the shoes he made. Designers from Paris it has provided a collection of 'customade' which allows customers to choose and mix and match colors for crystal shoes she wants.

Some Christian Louboutin shoe collection that includes 'Lady Peep Strass', reaching 'Strass Gozul Flat' which requires a four-month process.

In addition to the crystal and studded detail, Louboutin also offers shoes with tartan motif that is identical to the state of Scotland. Not only for women's shoes, men's collection is also present in the tartan is available in a palette of blue and red.

The designer known as the red soles are also taking computer as inspiration. So do not be surprised if he gave the name of the shoes with the 'extras', Geek. For example, 'Daffodille Geek' and 'Boot Daffodille Geek'. Shoes are adorned with colorful embroidery to describe the texture of a computer chip.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tricks to Choosing the Right Boots

Through the winter, in addition to jackets, scarves, or clothing made from knit, do not forget to prepare the boots. Shoes with a closed model which can be protective of the most perfect feet.

These shoes are better known in Europe or other cold countries, but along with the progress of the world of fashion, boots should be your collection. Before deciding to buy, consider several factors to get the accuracy and convenience in selecting boots.

Here are some tricks to choosing the right boot:

  • Recognize the Shape of Your Feet

It became the most important thing. The first is the familiar shape of your foot to get the look cool while wearing boots. Do you match with knee high boots, calf, or just short. For your petite proportions, avoid high boots that will bring your body, if not, select shoes ankle more sweet.

  • Choose a Premium Brand

Because these shoes can only be used in a particular season, you do not need to buy a collection of top designers. Choose the high street footwear brands that are still able to provide comfort when you have to walk far.

  • Convenient Material

Avoid shoes made of plastic material and pleathers. The best material for boots, leather because it is more flexible to adjust the shape of the foot. This material is also more durable than other materials.

  • Choose the Right Time

Buying boots is not as easy as when buying other types of shoes. You will not get the right model if its hunting during the lunch hour or just use a short time. Better to spend a special time, since a lot to consider to get the right shoes. For example, whether the boot color can be paired with all of your clothing collection, whether quite acceptable form of footwear for any events.

  • Notice the Inner Lining of the Boot

Boot shape is displayed is often seen flirting. However, you should also consider the quality of the inside of the shoe. Especially the coating material, make sure no parts are torn, wrinkled, folded, or interfere with the threads of the foot.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

TOMS Shoe Collection Designed by Lenny Kravitz

Skills in music no doubt. His acting skills can you see it when she was cast as Cinna, a fashion stylist Karniess Everdeen in the movie The Hunger Games. This is not surprising, because during the Lenny Kravitz is known for its unique fashion sense. In fact, it is now believed to devise TOMS shoes for Spring / Summer 2012.

"What most people do not know about Lenny is that he has an impressive personal taste in fashion and style. He also designed the wallpaper and furniture, and he could see the opportunities in the future," said TOMS founder, Blake Mycoskie.

Kravitz's collection of shoes made in several different styles, among other print motif is a classic design of TOMS, and then boots using the lyrics of the song Let Love Rule as design ideas. He wants his designs look comfortable, creative, and seductive.

To design shoes, Kravitz often do so by watching the people on the street. He likes to watch what they do and how they express themselves. "Seeing what they do and how they use it to make themselves unique, very inspiring," he said.

Kravitz said that his shoes using a suitable material combined with his own fashion collection because its design is not too crowded. He even kept a clean pair of shoes for the guests who visited his home. It's nothing, because it set the rules "do not wear street shoes" to wear at home.

"They should not wear shoes in my house, because I like to lie on the floor, and I have a good floor covering I do not want to bring 'something' from the outside in my house"

Kravitz involved with TOMS because of the encouragement his daughter, Zoe, who has long been a fan of the brand that's known for its charitable program. He will be joined by Mycoskie to run the program "shoe drops" in Brazil or the Bahamas, on the sidelines of his tour dates in Europe and Africa. In this program, for every shoe sold will be donated to children in need.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Messi's Shoes in Final of Copa Del Rey 2012

There were different from Lionel Messi in the final of the Copa del Rey yesterday. Barcelona's Argentine star was played yesterday by wearing special shoes from Adidas are issued only for the match at that time.

Messi played yesterday by wearing special shoes Adidas F50 latest series. This shoe is designed with a composition of four-color lemon yellow, black background, blue and white and privileged are the two logos, the logo of the Copa Del Rey and the flag of the country of origin Messi, Argentina. Meanwhile, on the left side of the shoe lettering "Messi 10". Messi in the match contributed one goal for Barca victory over Athletic Bilbao with a score of 3-0, so Barca entitled to the Copa Del Rey titles.

Before Messi, Barca star from Brazil who is now playing at Flamengo also had special shoes made by Nike is made of kangaroo leather and is called 'Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho'. These shoes are also made by Nike in various series.

Like what special shoes Adidas F50 last series that is in use by Messi in the final of the Copa del Rey yesterday? let's look at the following galleries.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to Appropriately Combine Wedge Shoes

This thick-heeled shoes are very comfortable when worn. In addition to support the body correctly, this type of shoe is also no less cool with a stiletto or the other. You can still stand or walk without feeling fatigued in the legs. No wonder so many women who love this type of shoe.

But to use it, you must be smart to match the right clothes to look more attractive. Here are some rules when using these fashionable shoes.

When wearing a dress

These shoes can be combined with a long dress or short dress though. Select the model of shoe that fits your personality, classic, vintage, or contemporary design with striking colors.

When wearing a skirt

Skirts that make up the body feels more graceful, but do not like it when you combine a wedge shoes. Form shoes that have thick soles must be balanced with a skirt that more volume.

When wearing jeans

Prefer to wear casual jeans are the best reference for a relaxing time, so this wedge shoe. Choose jeans with a shape that narrows at the bottom or skinny to show off these stylish shoes. Jeans that have a wide pipe or flared shape will actually drown this wedge shoe.

In the summer

Shoes or sandals are also called espadrilles can also be used as matching shorts to accompany you in the summer. Choose open-toe shoes,so that your feet will not feel hot or wet with sweat.

In the rainy season

You can stay in style without fear of dirty feet or exposed to rain. Wear shoes with wedge models are not too high. Fit to dress neatly, or casual such as tight pants and tops made from knitting.

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