Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tips Caring for leather shoes

Shoes originally created for the comfort and security of our feet. But now not only that, the shoe is now also a fashion item that is very important as well.

Therefore we also need to pay attention to this one. Both in the use and care, so our favorite shoes can be more durable or not short-lived than it should, because it is caused because it is not treated. Or treated but in the wrong way.

Each item will require a different treatment depending on the shape of goods and materials, not except for shoes. It is even asking the right care. And here I will give you tips for caring for shoes made ??of leather, namely:

  1. If shoes / sandals made of genuine leather, keep it in a dry and not humid.

  2. Avoid drying sandals / leather in direct sunlight. Sufficiently aerated so as not to damp and moldy.

  3. Do not rub leather shoes by using water, use a soft material such as cloth, etc..

  4. For suede shoes (skin type as well, with a surface like velvet), almost the same as shoe leather, but this material must be cleaned by brushing with a soft brush or spray cleaner specifically for suede material, such as artificial cololite specifically for cleansing leather.

  5. After cleaning aerated enough alone and let the shoes within a few minutes to completely dry and then stored in a shoe box that has been given silica gel.

  6. Especially for white shoes, can be cleaned using white toothpaste until evenly on the shoe leather to avoid chapped and more durable.

  7. Use a wedge in the shoe to keep the shape, if you do not have / lost, can also us e a piece of paper that you form in accordance with the shape of shoes.

  8. To prevent the shoe does not smell, do not wear shoes with foot conditions that are wet, this can cause bacteria to grow and eventually your shoes become smelly.

  9. For those of you who have foot problems are always sweating, you need to clean and dry your feet before wearing shoes.

  10. For double defense, use of special drugs or foot spray deodorant spray on the inside of the shoe, after that do not directly in use, Self aerated. There is also a protective material such as artificial DESCO protector as well as others, these materials while protecting the waterproof shoes in order.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wedges Shoes: Shoes favorite of women

This type of shoe is perfect for relaxing because it has its own comfort without sacrificing design, so it can be used for style and casual at the same time. Design that allows the weight is distributed more evenly across the surface of the shoe. But unfortunately not everyone can wear them. These shoes are also suitable for formal events or spring. Eg for semi-formal you stay fit with a blazer or cardigan dress shorts. Formal date, this shoe is perfect paired with a dress that does not cover the ankle.

One type of shoe wedges favorite shoes for women, why? because the shoes have a design that is very diverse, so it can meet the tastes of women.And if you are a woman I am sure that you already have one of a kind collection of these shoes, and please add to your collection again. hee..  :)


Sunday, January 22, 2012

The new trend: Vibram Five Fingers shoe, sport shoes a functional unisex

Vibram Five Fingers shoe is a functional unisex sports shoe. These shoes are very flexible and comfortable to use for various activities. This is an American product into current trends in Europe and America. So that now has spread to other states.

These shoes are very comfortable on the foot, Suitable for casual and sports activities. Unique form with a style that is trendy and suitable for use by all groups, young and old.

Vibram shoes are very light to wear for sports, so users feel as if you do not wear shoes. This shoe is suitable for various sports activities such as fitness, yoga, cycling, light hiking / cross country, jogging / running, etc.

Vibram also suitable for various activities or to relax or go to the mall. Currently available models BIKILA, TRACKSPORT, and SPRINT CLASSIC.

Difference is in its sol type: BIKILA and his soles TRACKSPORT more rugged making it suitable for any terrain, while SPRINT CLASSIC and flat soles, perfect for the road - the road.

You include people who are very active? there is no harm in wearing these shoes for your support in her daily activities..

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Want the shot to be famous like "The Last Shot" jordan's? wear the Air Jordan XIV

Air Jordan XIV basketball shoe was released in 1998-99 NBA season, but the famous shoes Jordan had worn before he retired for the second time on 13 January 1999.

Although Jordan had returned to the NBA playing for the Wizards team after retiring for the second time, but the appearance of Jordan in 1998 [1997-1998 season] regarded the people as the appearance of 'final' in the NBA. Fans prefer to forget about a career in the Wizards Jordan [does not exist].

In the NBA finals in 1998, Jordan played unbelievable by contributing 45 points. Jordan last shot victory to bring the Bulls beat the Utah Jazz with a score of 87-86 in the sixth game, and become champions for the sixth time. Jordan shot are named with the term "The Last Shot".

Air Jordan XIV basketball shoe worn on the game and even then was named by the term of Air Jordan basketball shoes Last Shot XIV. Air Jordan XIV basketball shoe designed by Tinker Hatfield with the inspiration of Jordan's Ferrari 550m.

Basketball shoes Air Jordan XIV Retro was released in 2005. Basketball shoes Air Jordan XIV original was released in 8 color variations. If you want to buy it, prepare a cash amounting to $ 1.155 (5 shoes MIDS @ $ 150 3 shoe lows @ $ 135).

Basketball shoes retro Air Jordan XIV released at least 10 pairs at a price of $ 150 per one pair of shoes. That is to prepare yourself to pay credit card bills amounting to $ 1.500 if you truly Jordan shoe collector. Air Jordan XIV basketball shoe has been released again in 2008.

Basketball shoes Air Jordan XIV Retro was released in 2005. Basketball shoes Air Jordan XIV original was released in 8 color variations. If you want to buy it, prepare a cash amounting to $ 1.155 (5 shoes MIDS @ $ 150 3 shoe lows @ $ 135).

Basketball shoes retro Air Jordan XIV released at least 10 pairs at a price of $ 150 per one pair of shoes. That is to prepare yourself to pay credit card bills amounting to $ 1.500 if you truly Jordan shoe collector. Air Jordan XIV basketball shoe has been released again in 2008.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jogging become more comfortable with the "Barefoot"

For a long time, the assumption is that good running shoes that have soft padding to reduce injuries when used for running or walking fast. However, assuming that's not entirely true because of the tendency to use barefoot jogging shoes for jogging or walking, or using a flat shoe is considered better than using a thick shoes.

The results of research conducted by Harvard University in 2010, states that running barefoot with the state, will reduce the injury by running at higher speeds. Therefore, the foot landed on a flat surface with no difference in height as when using a running shoe that uses extra padding in the heel of the foot and the shoe which adds to the burden on the feet.

Along with the results of the study, the trend began to spread the use of barefoot running shoes that are triggered by celebrities. Scarlett Johannson and Kate Hudson are two of them are often seen using this flat shoes while jogging, which is then followed by their fans. Instead, "Footwear News", an American magazine devoted about all kinds of shoes, has just announced the results of Footwear News' Readers Choice Poll which crowned that it becomes flat running shoes footwear play with the acquisition of 26 percent, while running sneakers occupy ranked third with the acquisition of 15 percent. That way, the shoe is considered a minimalist design shoes that become a trend in 2012 and is expected to be increasingly popular in the years ahead.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Want to get married to use such cool shoes worn Kate Moss?

Shoes designer Manolo Blahnik says it has redesigned the shoe up to five times. Re-design shoes for wedding shoes Kate Moss is to harmonize with the wedding dress that Kate Moss would use a dress from the designer John Galliano.

"We working up to five times to fit with what he expected. My workers are the best people. I can not like this without them, "said Blahnik told WWD.

Blahnik has made high heels for a supermodel it to blend with the gown from John Galliano to marry Jamie Hince, last month. Blahnik also said that the order came a day earlier. Blahnik workers even do it on the trip by train and also until late at night because a lot of crystal ornaments and in the shoe. Blahnik further said, "I've known him since he was a teenager it was perfect marriage .. He brings a different impression"

Supermodel is wearing a dress designed by renowned designer, John Galliano. This dress is sweetened with the addition of a small gold sequins around it. that being a hairdresser is a close friend of Kate, James Brown. applying styles wavy hair and very simple, while the makeup artist from Ibiza, Charlotte Tilbury, makeup natural daub on her pretty face. All that coupled with a very beautiful shoes from Manolo Blahnik. Thus adding to the elegance of Kate Moss. While Jamie was wearing a jacket from YSL .

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Playing Soccer is more fun to use Gravity ZHERO LOTTO 300 FG

Design series Lotto Zhero Gravity FG 300 still retains the general design of Lotto Football Shoes, which gives priority to the convenience and effectiveness of its use. With the Premium Plus, these boots are not only feels good in the leg, but will also provide maximum sensitivity at the time of controlling the ball.

Shoelace cover that are put together over the area a more free-kick to improve the accuracy and better performance. Lotto Zhero Gravity soccer shoes are still using the FG 300 Arch Reactive with dynamic Pebax sole can create more dynamic and stable when used for moving in the field.

Pul fixed conical series polyurethane at Zhero Gravity will ensure stability and traction to the wearer of these shoes on the ground firm ground.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Action RunTone Reebok, Sport shoes premiums that can make your legs become proportionally

British shoe manufacturer, Reebok issued a new footwear technology with the launch of Reebok RunTone Action for the European market. Reebok claims RunTone Action can help to get the muscles stronger and take shape while doing sports.

This shoe has six different balance point of the shoe itself that serves as a tool for air circulation. The balance point is obtained from the soles of shoes that make the muscles work more effectively. Antibacterial Interior will retain moisture under His control, and SmoothFit technology seam will also carry the very maximum comfort.

For women who want a more beautiful legs and for men who want to strengthen their muscles, RunTone Action model of male and female models are now available at Reebok stores in Europe. Reebok hopes to use RunTone Action, exercising will be more enjoyable than ever.

The RunTone Action is an innovative running shoe technology and is optimized with Moving Air Technology. Built-in balance pods serve as circulation or exchange of air from the inside out to maintain stability at any time you ran.

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This shoe features include:

  1. Balance ball on the bottom of your function is to create micro-instability with every step.

  2. Synthetic upper/mesh ensure comfort and durability.

  3. SmoothFit seamless design helps minimize irritation and blisters.

  4. DMX cushioning for added comfort and relieve pressure on.

  5. IMEVA midsole for extra cushioning, and a removable sockliner accommodates orthotics.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Adidas Y – 3 Torsion, Collection of high heel shoes from Adidas

As performed Nike, Adidas label is known for the development of production with this type of sneaker and sportwear now also been joined in to produce high-heeled shoes are included in this type of shoe fashion.

And for the Adidas shoe design collaboration with Yohji Yamamoto to design high-heeled shoes. Adidas uses morphing technology is often used for the collection of athletic shoes to high heels more comfortable.

The new collection from Adidas is featured in two options, that is stilettos and wedges, and a choice of two colors black and white and red-purple-black that makes it look more modern.

To model the wedges, you'll find three characteristics Adidas is three slashes on this high heel. For the style of edgy-sporty ankle boots high heels This fits exactly.

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Reebok Easy Tone , sports shoes can enhance the appearance of women

New from Reebok! It’s Reebok Easy Tone and specially design for woman. These shoes have the ability to train the muscles of the legs and buttocks in order to increasingly become more toned. This shoe has a special design on the bottom of the soles of shoes, which can create instability footing, so if you pake these shoes you will feel like a road in the sand.

Well, this instability that will make your calf muscles thigh (hamstring, gluteus maximus) You are more stimulated. Reebok Easy Tone sport was created for a casual stroll or jog and not necessarily for vigorous exercise such as tennis and basketball.

How the appearance of Eva Mendes on top, that's ok right? You are not interested in looking like Eva maendes? if interested please have these shoes and was exercising regularly. as did Eva Mendes

But remember, even if the exercise must be accompanied by adequate rest and also of course the intake of nutritious food.

So, if you want the muscles of your legs look good, you really have to try on shoes Reebok Easy Tone! They grab at the Reebok Concept Stores!.

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EA7, Cool shoe collaboration between Armani and Reebok

Giorgio Armani and Reebok will collaborate to create a shoe that is named EA7. Reebok shoe collection / Emporio Armani was first introduced at Milan Men Fashion Week, in which one model is quite unique Hightop shoe with a light yellow color.

then, Emporio Armani and Reebok shoes are not only involved in marketing, but also penetrated the clothing products are stylish and innovative. Reebok Products / Emporio Armani has begun to be sold globally in July 2010 in Emporio Armani boutiques and shoe shops of your choice.

For some models, has been officially released to the public. The first is the running shoes of white leather with silver-colored logo and soles typical hexagon EA7 Reebok. The second is black shoes with blue soles cushion that uses technology from Reebok DMX Mega.

When launching Giorgio Armani said: "Now the sport shoes as important as fashion. I would like to offer my customers shoes on attractive design and comfortable to wear"

Meanwhile, the President Uli Becker Reebok International Reebok also appreciate the collaboration and Armani.

"This collaboration offers a new perspective of design vision that combines fashion and elegant style of an active lifestyle that became the signature Emporio Armani and RA7 will be combined with sporty Reebok. So it becomes a product that caters to sport the style-conscious consumers in the global marketplace," he explained.

Is the result of collaboration are cool right? please select shoes that fit your needs.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Distances become much more running with adidas adiZero Aegis

Understand the needs of runners, Adidas presents the Aegis adiZero. A new product with a light weight that can facilitate the runners reach the best performance without the heavy burdened boots.

Adidas has a unique method to introduce the Aegis adiZero this to their customers, through the initiative of the program "adiZero Gram Challenge". With this program, challenging the Adidas runners to reduce the burden of their old shoes through a very simple approach, namely: Go Light, Go Fast, Go long.

On this design adidas adiZero Aegis provides more cushioning, but with a lighter weight that will support the runners reach peak performance. This will make the runners with foot type over-pronators or have a skewed shape of the foot will run in the very long distances. While the runners with a normal foot type, will be able to further improve his running mileage.

Other features on the adiZero Aegis among others "New 3D Lightweight For-Motion". This technology makes the runners to move freely and can adjust to the surface.

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Tips to choose the form and style of shoe

Just like when shopping fashion must adjust our body shape, so also when buying shoes. Wearing shoes with style does not suit your body shape will only make the body look shorter or legs look fat.

How many of us have ever really thought about the style and shape of the shoe has been in accordance with the shape of the body? Here are the main considerations that should be emphasized when selecting a shoe style. These tips are especially emphasized more for women

  1. The size and shape of the body.

  2. The size and shape of the foot.

  3. Color and high heels.

  4. The type of event that will be visited or the overall performance style as what is asked Invitor.

Determine the style of shoe is just as important as determining the style of clothing. So do you pick the wrong choice in determining the style of shoe.


In the image above, Which picture shows the style of a woman is wrong in choosing shoes?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Unique shoes by Cobi levi

Try to look at these shoes. Very unique and interesting is not it? Yes, the shoes with an unusual design is the work of designer Kobi Levi.

This designer is known for his work who like to experiment with the design of the shoe. Starting from the banana-shaped leather shoes, illustrations "chewing gum", goose, until the shoes are inspired by the style of Madonna in an event.


Levi admitted, his inspiration came from seeing the daily events. "I'm happy if I can put my ideas into the form of my shoes," Levi said as quoted from Dailymail, Monday (03/21/2011).

To resemble its original form, Levi said, "it takes great effort to produce results as expected". "It takes patience and extra care so that these shoes can be used, not only used as a display" Levi said.

But if you have unique shoes like this, if you want to wear it?

Manolo Blahnik: Tips on wearing heeled shoes

Designers famous Manolo Blahnik said that women prefer to wear heeled shoes. However, he understands the reason most women prefer to walk in flat shoes.

Famous designer stiletto boots, said he could understand why some women prefer to wear flat shoes instead of heeled shoes. he gives easy tips for women to like to wear heeled shoes.



"I want to say that I do not like women who do not wear heeled shoes. People often think I prefer women who use the heeled shoes, but that's not true. If you feel less confident, the best way to train is running in the pool or the beach. Movement is the same (as when using the heeled shoes), Manolo said, as quoted by Femalefirst.





Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trend of shoes in the first week of 2012

Year 2011 is over, and the trend series has been exhibited in the event fashion week has just passed. A not to be missed is a trend that has just changed shoes. Check the following shoe trends 2012, and make your shopping alloy!

Pastel High Heel

Continuing the trend of nude color shoes, the fashion world still choose something more colorful but still impressive 'nude'. And pastels is still the right choice but the origin can select a color that blends with natural skin tones.

Woven shoes

As the trend of the 90's, strap shoes with a pattern woven into runway trends brought about by the label D & G, by Antonio Berardi and Loewe. For summer 2012, will replace the woven espadrilles shoes to appear more assertive but still romantic.

Woven shoes


Metallic shoes

If the blunt end of the previous form which dominates the trend with "shoe pump", this year will be dominated by pointy toe shape that looks more sexy and feminine. However, for sandals and shoes would still using with rounded edges.



High heel thick sole shoes

Lady Gaga is still a very strong influence in shoe trends, so it will produce a collection of shoe thick soles, tall and revolutionary. Unusual shape but still consider the comfort of the user will become a trend in 2012.



Transparan Shoes

Shoes 'Plastics' also gets a place in fashion trends, making it easier for designers to be creative. Starting from the strap shoes, oxford shoes to boots come equipped with transparent action with a metallic Toes.



Front-Laced Heeled Shoe

For students, you may be in style with shoes "strap shoes" that were pointed tip shape and lace-strap which also will be the trend this year.