Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Playing Soccer is more fun to use Gravity ZHERO LOTTO 300 FG

Design series Lotto Zhero Gravity FG 300 still retains the general design of Lotto Football Shoes, which gives priority to the convenience and effectiveness of its use. With the Premium Plus, these boots are not only feels good in the leg, but will also provide maximum sensitivity at the time of controlling the ball.

Shoelace cover that are put together over the area a more free-kick to improve the accuracy and better performance. Lotto Zhero Gravity soccer shoes are still using the FG 300 Arch Reactive with dynamic Pebax sole can create more dynamic and stable when used for moving in the field.

Pul fixed conical series polyurethane at Zhero Gravity will ensure stability and traction to the wearer of these shoes on the ground firm ground.

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