Want to get married to use such cool shoes worn Kate Moss?

Shoes designer Manolo Blahnik says it has redesigned the shoe up to five times. Re-design shoes for wedding shoes Kate Moss is to harmonize with the wedding dress that Kate Moss would use a dress from the designer John Galliano.

"We working up to five times to fit with what he expected. My workers are the best people. I can not like this without them, "said Blahnik told WWD.

Blahnik has made high heels for a supermodel it to blend with the gown from John Galliano to marry Jamie Hince, last month. Blahnik also said that the order came a day earlier. Blahnik workers even do it on the trip by train and also until late at night because a lot of crystal ornaments and in the shoe. Blahnik further said, "I've known him since he was a teenager it was perfect marriage .. He brings a different impression"

Supermodel is wearing a dress designed by renowned designer, John Galliano. This dress is sweetened with the addition of a small gold sequins around it. that being a hairdresser is a close friend of Kate, James Brown. applying styles wavy hair and very simple, while the makeup artist from Ibiza, Charlotte Tilbury, makeup natural daub on her pretty face. All that coupled with a very beautiful shoes from Manolo Blahnik. Thus adding to the elegance of Kate Moss. While Jamie was wearing a jacket from YSL .

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