Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Are you an animal lover? Please wear this shoe

Created by German designer Iris Schieferstein, these shoes are created from body parts of dead animals. For example, he uses a horse's hoof, snake skin and dead birds.

To create a unique style of footwear, Iris began collecting dead animal parts from his butcher. "It's not too difficult" he said. For example, he could get away from the horse butcher who sells sausages made of horse meat, which is not uncommon in Germany. So also with other animals. Not too difficult to obtain in Germany.

After Iris obtain raw materials of animal carcasses, then he separates the skin from the meat and the leg bones of animals and will take at least a week. Once it is dry and clean skin is sent to the tanner, who was then designed a model of the shoes you want. Total time to make shoes that are made out of hooves is Iris takes several months for making a ready-made shoes.

Several collections of Iris including a pair of shoes made of horse's feet without heels so that the person wearing the shoes should be smart to balance the foot. Another collection is a pair of shoes made of pigeons that stretched his wings, so you have time its use slowly, so that its wings were not easily damaged. And there are still some other shoe collections, such as snake skin shoes and leather shoes and head of rats.

Iris are very pleased with his shoe creations. "When my shoes are made from real birds dove in, I felt like I was flying," he said. How do you think? Please try it yourself.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wedges from the collection of D & G shoes summer 2012

As we know all, D & G already has its own characteristics in the design of his shoe. Especially for shoes Wedges, D & G collections for the year 2012 is not too different from last season. Overall differences in the collection of D & G shoes this summer looks more graceful, elegant and glamorous. While last season's shoe collection for D & G looks more gerly and feminine.

In addition to the design pattern on the shoe body is very dynamic, design patterns are also supported by using very bold colors. Thereby strengthening the glamorous image of these shoes.

Like the other components of fashion, shoes that have a glamorous image of this will be very suitable if used by a woman who likes to look glamorous. And to complement your appearance, please combine them with a dress that fit so as to strengthen the image of glamorous shoes from D & G collection is.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Do not often wear high heels

HIGH heel is the mirror image of the feminine and beautiful and at the same time reflect a sense of luxury and women's empowerment. Therefore, no one if high heels are always adorned the feet of women.

High heels started to be part of the fashion world since it was introduced by King Louis XIV of France and then spread throughout Europe. From the time of Louis XIV to date, high heels are present and ever-changing face and into many types.

Now that high heels have been around a lot of variants, ranging from sexy stilettos to wedges are multifunctional. Over time, the function of high heels has undergone a shift. Not only as footwear, but also a style statement. Especially after the many outstanding Movie that tells about the lifestyle of urban women, like the movie "Devil Wears Prada" and "Sex and The City" which later became the benchmark for the style of urban women.

Wearing high heels, although it can make look beautiful and be an upright posture, does not mean risk free. Survey of foot health by www.foothealth.com said, that the foot receives a heavier load pressure while wearing high heels.

Wearing high heels as high as 3 inches or 7 cm may increase the pressure on the bottom of the front foot by 76%, especially when walking. To "prop up" an additional burden, the body requires strong leg bones. Speaking of bones, must have been talking about calcium intake for this substance is an agent that can strengthen bones.

Other than that there are still some risks that can result from overuse of high-heeled shoes, such as:

  1. Ankle injury.

  2. Contraction of the calf muscles, so it becomes shorter and tense.

  3. Toes to be bent.

  4. Spinal posture change (back). Hip and back are no longer aligned.

  5. Thickening of the nerve so that the fingers become numb fingers.

  6. Inhibits blood circulation.

  7. Inhibit the urogenital system (exhaust system).

  8. Inhibit fertility and sexual desire.

It is recommended for women who like to wear high heels to notice this, it is advisable to reduce the hours of wearing high heels or high heels at an important time only. and do not forget to stretch your legs after wearing high heels.

Look beautiful is a dream for all women, but health is more important.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Tory Burch Flat Shoes, shoes favorite celebrities

Tory Burch Shoes are brand shoes, handbags, wallets which was founded in February 2004 in the United States. Brand shoes, handbags and wallets Tory Burch immediately attract the attention of the world community a year later the brand is used by well-known presenter Oprah Winfrey. Since then, we can find this fashion products in upscale shopping centers. In addition the brand has also won several fashion awards.

Special category of women's shoes products, this company makes several types of shoes such as flats and high heels that can be found in various color models and materials. But the most popular type of shoe is kind of flat, because the shoes of this type are widely used by world class artists. In addition to Oprah Winfrey, the artist who is also wearing a Tory Burch Shoes Flat is: Audrina Patridge, Paris Hilton, Hilary Duff and Lauren Conrad

As I explained above, this company is very big and famous. so for now the store has been present branches in several countries, and I believe already exist in your country of residence.

In addition, several companies have been providing discount program. for that, please check the Tory Burch store closest to you. Or for those of you who prefer online shopping, you can see Tory Burch Shoes website directly. Not just a catalog of new products they have, you can also view photos and information from one of your favorite products.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

High heels, make women look more sexy?

Reese Witherspoon has always wear high heels in every scene in his latest movie. The movie is titled "This Means War". This is done to establish the characters in the movie, which acts as Lauren. And he will always perform with high heels. This was done after he thought that a man would assume a woman would look sexier if she wore high heels.

The actress appeared with Chris Pine and Tom Hardy in the Movie. In the process of Movie production, the three men proficiency level should spend as much time to explain to Reese about the things that are considered sexy by men. One is a woman supposed to wear high heels. Reese was trying to bring it in character.

"I have learned many things, such as men do not like flat shoes," she said with a laugh. "Every time I wear flat shoes they would say 'That's not sexy', but I have about 15 pairs of flat shoes. They said 'sorry, no effect'".

"So, I always wear high heels in my scene in the Movie. Even when the scene was wearing only underwear I was wearing high heels! ..".  Said Reese further.

How do you think? Do women who wear high heels would look sexier?

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Nike Air Max + 2012, The last series of Nike Air Max

No doubt Nike Air Max has been a masterpiece in the world, and does not feel this year has entered 25 years. Made with a very dynamic design make the Nike Air Max shoes are very favored all over the world.

Currently, the latest series of Nike Air Max was named Nike Air Max + 2012. And Nike Air Max + 2012 comes with a very innovative design.

And innovation in the Nike Air Max + 2012 for men located in the inner sleeve and mesh upper of the Nike Air Max + 2012 Men's Running Shoes adds lightweight, flexible support and comfort to your favorite run indefinitely.

This version of the Nike Air Max shoe features Hyperfuse construction, a groundbreaking process that blends multiple layers of material to create a nearly seam-free one-piece upper that's breathable and durable. Because Hyperfuse construction almost completely eliminates stitching, it helps reduce irritation for comfort while you run.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Choosing basketball shoes that fit to play basketball

You have a hobby of playing basketball, but you do not know to choose the right shoes to use for your hobbies? Do not worry you may have to buy the latest Adidas basketball shoes Adidas adiZero that are named with the name Adidas adiZero Crazy Light.

Adidas basketball shoes are claiming that this is the lightest basketball shoe in the world weighing only about 277 grams or 15% lighter than competitors who also claim to be the lightest basketball shoe.

Even according to the recognition of the Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose, wearing basketball shoes Adidas adiZero Crazy Light is able to make his run more quickly.

Adidas Adidas adiZero Crazy Light is sold at a price of U.S. $ 130.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

By wearing Maison Martin Margiela, Brown perform at Grammys

After an absence from the Grammy Award for the past few years, Chris Brown wearing a jacket with a university model is equipped with a Maison Martin Margiela Metallic Sneakers ($ 680) from the Spring Collection / Summer 2012, so she looks attractive. Chris Brown wearing a dress that looks interesting is prepared to support the performance on stage.

On the night of the Grammy award that Chris Brown perform on stage with a rendition of "Turn Up the Music" which is equipped with a dance that is very attractive. And the Grammy Award-Chris Brown won his first Grammy award for Best R & B album.

How do you think of Chris Brown's appearance that night?

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Pump shoes is the favorite at Grammy Awards 2012

Prediction pump shoes are the type that will be the trend in 2012 may not be a figment. Look at the Grammy Awards to-54 yesterday. Artists such as Rihanna and Alicia Keys also wore pump shoes type.

The artists use this type of pump shoes matching combined with the clothes they wear either long or short dresses. Rihanna and Alicia Keys they choose the brand Christian Louboutin. While Adele wearing ALDO's 'Troiano' pumps.

There are several advantages of the type of pump shoes. Besides adding elegance and appearance look sexy, wear good shoes this type to make the legs stay comfortable conditions. When compared to the dean's high Hells shoes usually, curved legs and feet that would be very uncomfortable. In contrast, the type of pump shoes will make you not be too curved legs and keep your feet comfortable.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Adidas MiCoach F50 adiZero latest shoe Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi wearing new shoes again, looking at his shoes when playing in the derby yesterday elclasico, it is the latest series miCoach Adidas F50 adiZero.

If the problem is undoubtedly playing a ball game again how great Messi play. And with this miCoach adiZero shoes in addition to making appearances becoming Messi became more intense as well Make it look more cool. Due to the design and color of the latest football boots from Adidas is really cool.

In order not to be disappointed later on, before you buy soccer shoes you should first determine your favorite color, because the shoes miCoach adiZero F50 is available with a color Blue / White / Energy, for this please visit the adidas store near you or please check here.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Flat shoes, favorite shoes for women around the world

Shoes Heels almost always a favorite for every woman. So also with flat shoes or flat pack also has its own fan. Obviously both these shoes can not be compared because they both have their respective advantages. But when it comes to comfort, flat shoes are definite winners.

As beautiful actress Kristen Stewart would prefer to use flat pack than other types of killer heels Jimmy Choo's work. This occurs when the movie premiere of 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1'.

Kristen Stewart arrived at that very charming his fans and the paparazzi on the red carpet with a stunning appearance, coupled with beautiful legs wearing black peep toe heels.

But when Christian began to approach fans who waited his arrival, He changed the design peep toe heels Jimmy Coo worn with a pair of black Nike sneakers.

This proves that comfort to be one of the main factors in choosing shoes that you will use. And flat shoes are the best choice for beginners in order to better be able to explore fashion styles.

Kristen Stewart is not only fond of wearing flat shoes, girls 'it girl' Alexa Chung looks often wear flat shoes with different colors in his appearance. In addition there is Agyness Deyn, Gwen Stefani, Pixie Lott, Kelly Osbourne, and the famous rapper Nicki Minaj is also very happy and not ashamed to wear flat shoes.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Peek at Suri Cruise's shoe collection

The only daughter of the couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise has been known to have a taste to dress like a woman. Five-year-old girl reportedly also has a collection of shoes designed specifically practiced by famous designers.

As quoted from page Femalefirst, Suri collection of designer shoes are worth more than £ 100,000.

"Suri has lots of designer shoes. He is a fan of Marc Jacobs, and he also has some shoes to her own designs. If the shoe does not have the right, Katie asked her to be redesigned to Suri," said a source.

Suri will insist on only wearing high heels. Even when he went to play or take a walk on the beach. She would cry when she picked her slippers, and will require high heels instead.

The father, Tom does not seem to mind the wishes of the daughter. Movie stars 'Mission Impossible' was actually happy to see her little girl dress up girlie.

"Tom was pleased to see his little girl dressing up girlie and sweet. He said that Suri will grow up to be fashionable like her mother," the source said.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mercurial Vapor IV - Not easily tired while playing Football

This shoe is perfect for narrow foot or leg length (not widened) because the slim shape of this shoe. The type of player that is suitable for this shoe is the attacker or winger, or a player who relies on speed required for the latest Nike football boots are very lightweight. For amateur players, the more frequent contact with foreign objects thrown because the wrong bait or wrong kick, new nike football boots will greatly help improve your reputation.

Toes pointed and flat, help players crossing or feed side by accurately using the inside leg. Its surface from synthetic materials, abrasive to the ball. This condition is helpful for you to spin the ball when a free kick. Maybe this is the lightest shoe ever.

For the power shot, it's no one special of this latest Nike football boots. Personally I find it even less. I often try long shoot from outside the box 16. The result? embarrassing. Perhaps because his shoes are too small. But when necessary, use the prefix run faster. Enough momentum to increase the strength of the kick.

Do not wear the latest Nike football boots in the rain when the grass is very wet conditions. Because the risk of surface layers can be broken shoes and torn. Moreover studsnya designed for firm ground. I also always wear a plaster bandage on the heel to ankle, because the steering is very stiff carbon. Scraping the inside with leather heel in a high intensity can make make your heel blisters.

My advice, you should select the size that actually fit in the leg. I mean do not take into account factors socks, let's just do not wear socks when wearing the latest Nike football boots. Because these shoes have fit the advanced features gradually adjust to the contours of the foot after two or three times used.

Oh yes, for the treatment of this latest Nike football boots should not be washed immediately after use. Simply cleaned of residual grass and soil and let dry. And then wipe the surface with absorbent cloth or chamois.

Overall, the latest Nike football boots are amazing. I also wonder why I want to review voluntarily without expecting compensation received one pair of free shoes from Nike. Best football boots I ever have.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nike Football Shoes come with new technology

Nike is one shoe brand whose name was worldwide. Shoes that are commonly used in various sports such as basketball and is also famous for its good quality and its design is cool. Nike continues to provide advantages to each player to dominate the game of tennis with a choice of football boots are suitable for the type and style of play is different. This season, Nike offers several options for his football boots.

  • Nike T90 IV LASER

Focus on adaptation to technical needs and movement of a striker who is active, the T90 Laser IV 20% lighter than previous versions and has a curved silhouette that fits to the foot and also the sensitivity of the ball. The front of the shoe provide a protective designs are rearranged so that the main areas are divided into the flexible lines to increase the natural strength and accurate at the foot.

  • Nike Tiempo Legend IV ELITE

Tiempo Legend Elite IV is made of premium leather is strong and soft, gives a player comfort, the extra touch and control. Integrating touch and sensitivity unmatched by innovations such as carbon fiber plate, Flywire technology and configuration pool / stud birth of a legend. This is the lightest Tiempo version, 20g lighter than its predecessor. 2012 version of this display of white and red color combination of metallic.

  • Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III

Has a traction system that can adapt to provide extra grip, and the response, the seventh generation of the Mercurial series makes fast players can take advantage of every opportunity to score. Blades (blades) are directionally positioned to maximize the cutting technique and allows quick changes of direction, while secondary toe traction add strength toe-off on the initial steps are critical explosion ahead full speed. Broadly speaking, this design allows a larger speed and dexterity in all directions.

  • NIKE ELITE II CTR360 Maestri

Nike CTR360 Maestri II Elite is designed for players who want to master the techniques of control in the field. A midfield maestro, requires the ability to control time with an accurate pass, dictate the pace of the game and create opportunities. The top of the Kanga-Lite synthetic leather ensures comfort and fit on the foot. Bearing zone to receive and pass to give a great first touch and improve ball control and distribution of more precise.

Please select a new nike soccer shoes that you like and buy in www.nikestore.com.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

How to wear high heel is good and true

No doubt the shoe is one of the most important fashion factors, and one type of shoe that is often associated with women are feminimnya high heels. Now how to use the correct high heels? Let's refer to the following ..

For most women models high heels must possess. About the model, it's just a matter of taste. The most common model is a spiky stilettos, Sabrina, block, blade, and others. Want to design an open or closed, sling back, point-toe, round toe, or everything is just a matter of mere choice.

Want to wear to the office and complete a black dress to attend a party at night, the impression will remain the same, is: sexy and charming.

Why is the impression it could arise if women who wear high heels? Because these shoes will make the wearer to stand up straight so it looks more slender, and this position will create a more prominent breasts and buttocks and legs are slender. In addition posture will look slimmer and wearing high heels. So, do not be surprised if the confidence of the wearer also direct the thickening.

But beyond the advantages, there are also risks. Wearing high heels will make your heels to work harder to support body weight. Moreover, the weight will be more inclined to the front. Tingling soreness to come along if you have this heel. It can make you tired cartilage which is a supporting factor osteoarthritis disease.

A fan of high heels is certainly no stranger to the calf also a little sore after wearing it for hours. This is due to prop up the calf muscles of the body is conditioned to more intense.

In addition footstool is also the potential to cause pain. In addition, the model of high heels that tapered ends. This model will cause your toes together and each can cause the toe nail into or who are frequently called a hammertoe. Often found in swelling and thickening of the skin of the thumb on the finger (calluses).

Well, no pain no gain. To reduce the negative effects of high heels doctors advise not to wear it for 12 hours continuously.

That is, given a chance to rest your feet off the high heels for a while. If forced to add better pads on your feet.

One of the best advice if you really want to wear high heels are not to feel pity for the purchase of expensive high heels. Because these shoes are usually better quality and more comfortable when worn. Choose colors, neutral semi-classical model, and actually fit in the leg.

Note also the quality of the tap or heel protector. Because of mediocre quality will take a risk when wearing high heels. Remember, you will not use it for a while so do not be stingy to buy shoes that are very good quality.

Wear your shoes and stand in front of a mirror that can show the overall posture. Stand up from a stop about 30 seconds, then turn the body in all directions. In addition to knowing the silhouette of the body from various directions, this move will also allow you to find the most comfortable foot position.

After that try to walk a few steps to the rhythm that you normally run. Become familiar with walking on the floor and the thin and thick carpet. Keep your body to stay upright.

Legs should be straight and try not to go too wide. Foot step forward and back a few meters. Walk to first slowly and then increase the speed of the foot.

Of course, do not run because the shoe is not designed to be used to run. Become familiar and find the rhythm that is most comfortable for you. This is a very big role in shaping the self-confidence when walking in high heels.

But the exercise is not actually in front of the glass but on the road. If you do decide to wear high heels are the challenges on the road will vary. Walking on the marble floor and the sidewalk would not be the same. Practice continues and starts from the rhythm that is not too fast.

Climb the stairs can be a challenge. Never rush up the stairs while wearing high heels. Always hold onto the handle of the stairs, or if no try to get as close to the wall. Stair tread softly one by one. Move two steps at a more increase the risk of slipping. Just one step at the time.

And if high heels can be worn for clubbing? Of course. Even your appearance can actually grab the attention there. But if it's not really an expert with high heels, do not try to go down to the dance floor with music fast or jerking. Only the brave John Travolta dancing while wearing high heels (it was not too high) in the film Saturday Night Fever.

So if there is a chance to replace the shoe with a lower right before clubbing, this opportunity should not be wasted. Of course you do not want to go clubbing with friends carried grimacing in pain because of an ankle sprain is not it?

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