Friday, March 30, 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend looks sexy in a shoe ad XTI

Footballer girlfriend Cristiano Ronaldo, Irina Shayk appeared sexi by wearing clothing such as hot pants sexy clothes for advertising a brand of footwear XTI from Spain.

Iriana perform with a variety of styles and use some brand shoes XTI. shoes that are promoted only for the type of women's shoes. XTI for footwear brand available several types of shoes, such as flat shoes, wedge heel shoes, open to shoes and sandals.

You want to look sexier like Irina? Please see the photo gallery Irina as follows:

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

10 Tips for women choosing wedding shoes

Shoes are one of the important things that support your appearance when she got married. How to choose the right wedding shoes? What should be considered?

For the bride, choosing shoes is one important step that needs to be done after having a bridal gown. Choosing the ideal shoe is difficult, but if you know what to look for and needed, the search will not be too difficult.

Here are 10 tips for women to consider before choosing wedding shoes:

  1. Choose shoes after choosing wedding gowns. This move will certainly make it easier for you to find shoes that fit or able to complete the look of your wedding dress.

  2. If the color of your wedding dress is not common, you might consider creating your own color with dye technique (dye). To ensure the results you want, ask for help from a professional to do it.

  3. If the choice is quite a long wedding dress, shoes usually will not be too visible. So you can choose a more comfortable shoes, such as low-heeled shoes.

  4. But if the wedding dress of your choice is not very long, of course, the shoes will be obvious. So choose a shoe that can enhance your appearance. For example, ankle straps shoes that can make legs look taller.

  5. If you will hold in place outdorr wedding or beach, strappy sandals also could not hurt to be chosen. In choosing the right sandal, you need to be careful, sharp edges of shoes can make it easier to get into the ground or sand.

  6. Do not forget to consider when choosing a pair of high heels. The right is high enough to make you slimmer, but if it turns out it can make your partner look short, this is certainly not the ideal type of shoe.

  7. Note the floor of your wedding location before choosing a shoe. If the floor area wedding including a slick, do not wear shoes with soles that glossy because the risk of making you slip.

  8. The experts suggest the best time to pick or buy wedding shoes is during the afternoon or evening. This is because feet tend to swell at the time. This way you can prevent the shoe suddenly feel cramped at the wedding ceremony lasted until the evening.

  9. Whatever kind of shoe you choose, make sure you try it first before the wedding takes place. Wear shoes for walking and standing around the house. This can reduce the risk of blisters on your feet that happy day.

  10. You must provide more than one shoe, according to the needs of your wedding. For example, for party and dance shoes.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tip choosing shoes for your children this season

Collection of kids shoes for summer 2012 does not seem to change much. Only Tommy Hilfiger fashion house has issued a collection of shoes for kids with a variety of different collections.

Choosing children's shoes is not easy. In addition to the child should be comfortable when wearing shoes, shoes selected should also be fashionable and unique. For this requirement, Zara collection can be an alternative choice. For shoes from Zara for kids there are several options for both types of casual shoes, and sneakers. And also there are several color options that could be your child's favorite.

You can choose from Zara shoe collection with more colors look muted. Thus, trendy and unique when worn. on the one hand it makes it easy to combine with child fashion. Thus, the choice will be very much. Every child can still play freely, without leaving the impression trendy.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Elegant high heel style Kate Middleton

On Saturday, a beautiful woman with the nickname of The Duchess of Cambridge looks very graceful when St Patrick's Day celebrations and joy fully welcomed by the Ireland soldiers in Aldershot, England.

Kate Middleton is probably the most elegant woman in the world while attending the celebration. at that time 'Kate' appears with a beautiful green dress. Not only beautiful from the outside, the inner beauty Kate Middleton also reflects the softness of a simple woman.

30-year-old woman looked up with a green jacket with a shamrock design Emilia Wickstead is pinned at the collar combined with a brown hat "Betty Boop" Lock & Co designs adorn the beautiful long hair that hangs on the back.

Section of his leg, she complements her appearance by wearing high heels brown suede from Emmy shoes with diamond decoration on the bottom, so that became her charming style.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Unique collection of cars with shoe design

Having a car with an attractive design, high quality safety features, powerful engine, fuel efficient, and environmentally friendly are the most hunted at this time. Automotive and lifestyle in some countries have become inseparable. In fact, the design of the car did not escape the lifestyle trinkets.

As has been reported by Automotto, some women in the UK trying to put the idea to design a car with a display of various kinds of shoes, the aim is to promote their products.  In addition there has been some unique cars collection with design shoes that have been made. Such as Classic Red Stletto Trike Here's, Roller skates Car and etc.

This is a complete list of the unique collection of car pictures with shoe design:

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Madonna Launches Line Shoes, Be the first purchaser

Having successfully demonstrated the design of clothing, Madonna re-listed his name as a shoe designer. The plan, a collection of shoes that will be produced by "The Truth or Dare" will be released in autumn this year. Singer who had hits with "like a Virgin" has made 60 shoe design. Including flats, heels, and boots with a price range of $ 89 to $ 349.

Madonna has a variety of styles in every age, she admits that her shoe collection is aimed at a more mature market compared to the previous fashion brand. This is a collection of shoes for women aged 27-50 years.  "Madonna really enjoy every detail of the draft design of these shoes, these shoes are very representative of his character," says creative consultant The Truth or Dare, Arianne Phillips.

Madonna shoe design is inspired by the design of the shoes I've ever used Madonna in every show. As said by Arianne Phillips again, that "The first thing I did was remind him of the shoes worn for years, and we translate the inherent style of Madonna."

As we know, Madonna is often done with a different style every year. There are times when he looks sexy, stylish cowboy, or a rocker style. In fact, she often appears with a strange style. This singer does not follow trends, but he prefers to create his own fashion statement.

Even according to some resources, to support the madness in appearance, he even collected hundreds of pairs of shoes with an unusual model. Such as Chanel Gun Stilettos, Studded PVC Boots are very high, etc.

Like I said above, the design of Madonna's shoes will be sold starting this fall. So, for footwear fans to be patient.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Know the personality of a man through his favorite shoes

If some time ago I reviewed the Personality of a woman who likes to wear shoes Ballerina Flats, now I will try to learn Know the personality of a man through his favorite shoes.

like women, men are now also very considerate to one component of this fashion. Because it is indisputable that the shoe is a fashion component that is also as important as other components, such as shirts, pants and more. Such as women's shoes, to meet the fashion needs of men now also have available a variety of shoes for men, from the shape and type.

As in the case of food, music and other things, in terms of fashion (especially shoes) a man who is very concerned about the appearance should also be concerned about these shoes (favorite shoes). Not without reason they do it, but otherwise, they will also have a reason. They may love the color, or type, or even a particular brand of shoes.


  • Men who like to wear sneakers.

If a man is often seen wearing sneakers, usually he is an athlete or sportsman. These men usually prefer to play safe, do not want to attract the attention of others.



  • Men who like to wear loafers Shoes.

He is a man who works related to finance, banking, or insurance. If your boyfriend often wear shoes of this type, it means that he hoped the serious with your relationship.



  • Men who like to wear boats shoes.

He is a man who wants to always look presentable. Want to look more prominent or have a high confidence and also has a strong will. but be careful, these people usually do not have a steady job.



  • Men who like to wear oxford shoes.

He was a hard worker, humble, understanding and thirst for the attention of a woman.



  • Men who like to wear boots.

He was one of the intelligent, independent and wealthy, very good, and a faithful man. but sometimes she looks too slow or lack of workmanlike.


Review of the above is my opinion, then how do you think??

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Top five most expensive sports shoes in the world

Sport shoes is shoes made specifically to meet the needs of our sport, according to the type of exercise that we will do. Each sport shoes have different functions. As shoes for tennis, jogging, and others. To date there are different kinds of sport shoes on the market. Ranging from cheap to super expensive price. sport shoes below are precious sports shoes fantastic. And just imagine if you use one of the shoes from the most expensive sports shoes, how does it feel?

Sourced from, here's a list of sports most expensive shoes in the world today:

  • Diamond Studded Nike Boots (U.S. $ 218,000 / USD 1.962 billion)

Sport shoes from Nike is believed to be still the most expensive to date. These shoes are worn by England footballer John Terry, Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand.

He got it from an auction for a charity event for the foundation's Rio Ferdinand, "Dream Foundation".

These shoes are decorated with precious stones and diamonds 7.444. Designed by renowned designer Luisa Di Marco to give a special touch with black diamonds, white gold and sapphire stones.

Altogether a total of three pairs of these shoes is $ 623,000 - U.S.. But the most expensive which is owned by John Terry, costing $ 218,000 - U.S.



  • Silver Air Jordan Shoes (U.S. $ 60,000)

Shoes signed by Michael Jordan appears in the eBay auction. This shoe owners say that the shoes were a birthday gift for him several years ago. This shoe is offered to fans Michael Jordan worth $ 60,000.



  • Diamond Studded Sneakers (U.S. $ 50,000)

Made by Nike with the name "Air Force 1." This shoe is studded with 11 carats of diamonds around the Nike logo and decorated with gold metallic cast, Thus became one of the most luxurious sports shoes.



  • Nike Air Zoom Kobe 1 (U.S. $ 29,999.99)

This limited edition shoe made by Nike with four designs. What distinguishes these shoes is that there is a picture of the shoe. That is, the city of Los Angeles, Chicago, Texas and New York. You will receive in a carved wooden map pack one of the four cities.

These shoes are only sold as many as 25 couples and 10% will be given to charity.



  • Gold Running Shoes (U.S. $ 24,000)

These shoes are certainly not made of pure gold, but gold-plated weighing 620 gr. These shoes are sold at the Shanghai Golden Grand Prixat in 2007, and sold for $ 24 000 - U.S.


Friday, March 9, 2012

Eye-Popping-Fancy, The first work of Kanye West

Rapper Kanye West is known as The "College Dropout" has penetrated the world of fashion, especially shoes. One result of cooperation between the black rapper who is also famous with this bad boy with the famous Italian designer shoes, Giuseppe Zanotti is a shoe sexy for a Type heavy white. Sandals "eye-popping" is made from cowhide and decorated with pearls, so it really looks luxurious.

And West will not miss will also enliven the Paris Fashion Week March 7 later. "It (eye-popping) to complete the collection by Kanye Dw for Paris Fashion Week later," he said, as reported by Dailynews NY.

In this collaboration, "West" specifically come to the studio famous Italian shoe designer is to learn how to design and create luxury shoes for men and women, and the results were not in vain.

In one of the luxury boutiques in France, Collete, these shoes sell for $ 6,000.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Modern look with shoes and sandals from Rockport

Rockport continues to grow in selling fashion products, especially in the category of women's shoes. In addition to the design that does not leave a trend also does not rule out the use of convenience. And for 2012, Rockport has introduced a new women's shoe collection for spring 2012. One of the women's Rockport shoes collection for spring 2012 is Modern Artisan shoes, these shoes are designed with a minimalist pattern of holes in the form of a box that looks like wicker, making it look more modern shoes.

Modern Artisan type of shoe is targeted at fans of metropolitan fashion. Architectural detail of this shoe will be able to bring women appear fresh, energetic from morning till night without sacrificing style or comfort. Choice of color for this season is a neutral color like black, beige, and gray with a touch of blue, and shoes made ??of suede leather and exotic materials.

The main products of this season is Rockport Women's Janae Sandal Sq Perf Sandal Ankle Strap Heels, gorgeous sandal with a square hole at the top. These sandals are available in 2 colors: Black and Cream. The other major product is the Rockport Women's Zelia Sq Perf Peep, another design with a square hole as well. Available in two colors, Black and Cream.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Personality of a woman who likes to wear shoes Ballerina Flats

For women, probably familiar with the phrase "Shoes are so tempting to buy". Agree right?. And, consciously or not that even though our weight go up or down, but the size of the shoes we wear has never changed. Not believe it? please check!

Confidence will also automatically increase if we are wearing shoes that became we favorite. Now, check your shoe collection, consisting mostly what kind of shoes, or what shoes you wear most often? Indirectly it will describe your personality.

And for that this time I'll give a little review about your personality if you are a fan of the type of shoes Ballerina Flats.


If you like to wear flat shoes of this type means that you are a friendly and quick to adapt to new environments because it has a fairly high confidence. Sometimes you also become very sensitive. So, do not be surprised if you are sensitive to the feelings of others. Although happy to look feminine in everyday life, but you also have an active and energetic personality.

How? My prediction is it true?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tips on caring for foot injuries caused by shoes

Injured leg caused by new shoes is very painful. Moreover, if we experience it on the way, make awry. Such incident can indeed make us angry. But do not panic, overcome by the following steps:

  • If your feet suddenly felt sick and it hurt your feet because your shoes, you should immediately remove your shoes and let your feet for 20-30 minutes to get good air circulation. If you feel you can not continue to use your shoes, do not force continued to wear it.


  • Once you get home, let your feet in the open air for 30 minutes. Then wash with warm water (avoid rubbing the injured foot), dry with a soft textured towels. Then, treat your wounded leg with cotton that had been given an antiseptic for wounds.

  • The pain of the wounded will probably last about 2-3 days. Preferably, avoid wearing the same shoes (which causes the injured leg) when the leg is still sore.

In addition to caring for the injured foot, we can also prevent your feet hurt because it is caused by the shoe, try the following:

  1. Give lining inside the shoe which can cause the injured leg, for example at the end of the front and back of the shoe by using a lotion or baby oil, let sit overnight before use.

  2. Before wearing shoes, give a plaster on the back of your legs.


Note: These tips also apply to men and women

Friday, March 2, 2012

For masculine men please check type of this shoe

Men's shoes will not be as many models of women's shoes are up to tens of its kind. So is the matter of color, men's shoes usually have a rather limited choice of colors. special shoes for men there are several types that I can give as a reference.



This is the kind of men's shoes, tied with rope. And including sneakers. These types of shoes are usually made ??of leather and simple, and sometimes have perforated holes that serves as a vent. These types of shoes are from Scotland and Ireland and called Barmoral.

At first most of oxford shoes, black or brown. Then, these oxford shoes made ??of suede or leather is patterned so that no more like the type initially. Especially at this time there are also types of oxford shoes with more exotic colors such as purple, as well as more exotic materials like crocodile or snake skin that can be called by the name Brogue.




If oxford shoes comes with a rope, then in the 1930's, appearing casual shoes with berslip-on model. Then in the 1950's youth in the U.S. popularized this type of shoe to become a favorite shoe for the students. And as a fashion statement, they put a penny on the shoe. So that the shoe is known to "Shoes Penny" until now. These shoes are developed into formal or semi formal shoes.

Because they do not have laces easier to use and practical, so these shoes are preferred. Now the shoe has a name Weejuns Bass.




This is one kind of shoes are made more masculine, soft leather and a low-cut so that it displays more of the foot.




Still one of the types of shoes as well. These shoes are popular in the 1920's, and usually have two colors. Types of shoes are also popular among men who like style. In England, the type of shoes called 'correspondent shoes'.


Gianvito Rossi for Spring / Summer 2012, more modern and elegant

With over 60 years experience in the fashion industry, especially shoes that are sophisticated and luxurious, brand shoes Gianvoto Rossi has gained a high place.

For the collection of spring / summer 2012, Gianvoto Rossi has chosen the approach mixed with a touch of classy shoes a little modern. The result? Many shoe options that were presented to women who prefer elegant style. And these shoes are still giving preference to the spectacular performances of different styles and different occasions.

And here's a collection of Gianvito Rossi high heel for Spring / Summer 2012:

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