Monday, April 30, 2012

REV'IT! Air Blend Boots, Shoes for The Biker

Not all types of shoes can be worn for riding a motorcycle. Shoes should be able to protect the riders legs from the accident but also comfortable to wear for long distance travel. The second criterion is owned by REV'IT!'S Air Blend Boots. REV'IT!'S Air Blend Boot for U.S. $ 220 is made of a combination of suede leather, Cordura nets, Pampas cowhide-coated polyurethane and oil resistant and equipped with steel-reinforced soles.

The heel, toes and ankles are protected by REV'IT!'S SP Protec panels, while the shin and the rope itself is protected by a soft layer so that the straps do not interfere when riding a motorcycle. On the edge of the shoe has holes like a net that serves as a ventilation air flow which makes the temperature inside the shoe remains stable, so the riders feet will remain comfortable.

Shoes that are actually provided for motorcyclists is very easily removed and worn, lightweight and comfortable for everyday use including walking and hiking. With an attractive design style so that it remains worthy of our use when we do not ride a motorcycle.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Christian Louboutin Daffodile, Favorite Shoe Celebrity

Christian Louboutin shoe design has always been a shoe favorite celebrities of Hollywood celebrities. One of the widely favored Louboutin designs by top artists today are Christian Louboutin Daffodile. Kim Kardashian and Beyonce is a celebrity who is often seen wearing Christian Louboutin Daffodile. They even have more than one pair of shoes. Kim often appears with shiny black Christian Louboutin Daffodile and zebra-patterned leather, while Beyonce prefers Christian Louboutin Daffodile turquoise and silver.

In addition to the two sexy stars, Lea Michele, Heidi Klum, January Jones and Victoria Beckham also love Christian Louboutin Daffodile. They even wore high-heeled shoes with about 160 mm and 65 mm Platform, to appear on the red carpet at an awards ceremony. Christian Louboutin Daffodile is a type of pump shoes with pointy at the toe detail. These shoes are available in various colors, patterns and detail. Starting from neutral colors like black, bright colors like turquoise, animal skin motif, even glamorous glitter detail.

To get the shoes Christian Louboutin Daffodile, you need to spend money of 638 pounds. These shoes are available at the official website of Christian Louboutin, Christian

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tips on Choosing Shoes for Pregnant Women

For normal women (not pregnant) high heels are not good for the wearer. Both in terms of safety and health aspects. Suck us I wrote here, there is some risk to the wearer of high heels. It applies to non-pregnant women. And how to pregnant women? I suggest to stop wearing high heels now, so it is very dangerous.

When a pregnant woman, usually his feet become swollen due to the widening of blood vessels by increasing the hormone progesterone in the body. To ensure your trip enjoyable, you should wear comfortable shoes or sandals and more loosely. Choose shoes that have soft pads,  choose the type of shoes are elastic. This shoe will make the legs move freely and without feeling intrusive. To prevent slipping or falling, you should wear strappy shoes like sneakers.  For pregnant women who are still working. Choose a flat shoe with formal models such as leather shoes or shoes with straps. Flat shoes are the best type of shoes to used for pregnant women. In addition, backless shoes or sandals can be used when relaxed.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Evangel, New Platform Shoes From Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has just released the first shoe line. Instead of a warm welcome, Jessica was accused of imitating the design shoes by Christian Louboutin. At first glance, looks no different from Jessica shoe, named the 'Evangel', with shoes from Christian Louboutin platform entitled 'Statarata'. Stiletto heeled shoe is displayed with a choice of colors and the same model.

Only, the color used on a hand strap Jessica brighter and larger. So it is with a buckle or hook-shaped rectangular shoe, Louboutin's not like an oblong. Christian Louboutin designed a 'Statarata' in 2010. However, because in US there are no rules about copyright and clothing accessories, designer shoes can not do anything.

Finally, the ad campaign was so strong by Jessica Simpson. But, as quoted by the Daily Mail, The way it could actually make the shoes from Christian Louboutin to the attention again. In addition comes in colors similar to the 'Staratata' shoes 'Evangel' is also available in a leopard pattern, with a yellow rope and a red right. There is also, strap in blue, yellow frame, green heel and black soles.

Shoes from Jessica seems can be the choice for fashion lovers with a limited budget. If you can not buy shoes 'Statarata' from Louboutin which is worth U.S. $ 995, 'Evangel' could be an option because these shoes are only sold at a price of about U.S. $ 80.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Combination of High-heeled Shoes and Sneakers From Be & D

Of course you've seen high heels with a unique variety of models. But this time there is a recent innovation patterned high-heel shoes. Last line of the United States, Be & D has just released a collection of white sneakers with a picture of a stiletto in the side.

So-called shoe heels look attractive with palette silhouette with light pink stiletto shape. If observed from a distance most people will think that this is a genuine stiletto. But when viewed up close it clear that this was the motive. Bored with sports shoes, that's it? Immediately get a sweet collection of sneakers from Be & D.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Converse All Star "Huipil" Inspired by Maya Textiles

In addition to the theme of panama hats, Converse All Star Japan also presented several series for Summer 2012, one of which is the Converse All Star Hi Huipil 2012. This shoe is designed with stripes colorful. It is said that the Converse All Star shoe design is inspired by traditional woven Maya textiles, they present two colorful versions of the sneaker in canvas.  Will let you know if and when they will be released in Vietnam.

With colorful designs, Converse All Star Hi Huipil sneakers will certainly make the youth more attractive. Let's look at the following galleries.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Design "Panama Hat" Inspired by Classic Panama Hat

Converse All Star continues to innovate. If the previous production of the classic Converse All Star is still much in demand and continue to be produced, it does not mean a new product line of Converse does not come out again.

For summer 2012, Converse All Star sneakers have released some cool designs. All Star Converse Japan has released a product called Hi "Panama Hat". At the top of the shoe comes with a woven straw. The design supposedly inspired by the classic Panama hat. This shoe is available in a form to ankle, not short as usual. Also available is a variety of colors, from black, white, until soft.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Adidas ClimaCool-Seduction Introduced by Katy Perry

The German manufacturer of sports equipment, Adidas launched a new product is "We All Run". Adidas shoe series has a new technology that is claimed to make the legs stay comfortable and cool, and free of sweat.

Yesterday Adidas unveils the new ClimaCool Seduction running shoe with 360-degree ventilation to help you stay cool and sweat nothing.

“This next generation of ClimaCool blends a dramatic new design with tons of breathability to give you a carefree ride for every run this summer,” said Mikal Peveto, director of running for Adidas America. “Seventy-five percent of the body’s energy is used to keep from overheating, so the ClimaCool Seduction is designed to keep your feet cool by providing as much ventilation as possible.”

Ventilation channels reminiscent of wind tunnels across the shoe’s outsole and midsole evaporate sweat and provide maximum ventilation from all sides. The minimal upper construction – a design inspired by nature – traces air circulation lines around the foot, resulting in organic shapes that look as if they have been created by the wind.

And then, The ClimaCool design helps reduce foot temperature and in-shoe moisture for maximum comfort during warm workouts.

Adidas introduced a new product by featuring famous singer Katy Perry, famous soccer star David Beckham and Lionel Messi one ad frame. When else can see the beautiful singer Katy Perry appeared one frame with football players like David Beckham and Lionel Messi? Well, the last ad campaign, Adidas, entitled "We All Run", Katy Perry contributed to the promo advertising the latest product Adidas, Adidas - ClimaCool Seduction is the primacy of the campaign.

Katy Perry's ad looks very sporty wearing a brightly colored sports shirt while jogging on the streets of Los Angeles. Beckham looks stunning wearing a blue Adidas running jacket and shoes while Messi casual jacket with a combination of gray running red with a blend of new Adidas shoes are red.

And this is the video-ads adidas ClimaCool-Seduction "We Run All":

And also see the following galleries:

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sneakers are now favored by celebrities

Now it's time to be a trend sneakers. as quoted by the Telegraph, some time ago a lot of celebrities wearing the shoes sneakers. Although the models wear different shoes, but it looks very attractive celebrities with sneakers.

Some celebrities are caught on camera and wearing shoes sneakers were: Alexa Chung, Miranda Kerr, Beyonce, Jourdan Dunn, Lana Del Rey, Agyness Deyn and Rihanna.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Video advertising Nike Mercurial Vapor III: Ronaldo VS Nadal

Maybe you've witnessed the action of the world's top tennis player, Rafa Nadal in the field. You may already be accustomed to see the action when he defeated his opponents. However, have you ever seen Nadal play tennis against the soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo? Try to imagine them playing.

The match between Nadal against Cristino ronaldo this is only happening on the ads launched by the sports equipment manufacturer Nike. This ad featuring Rafa Nadal who is doing exercises suddenly approached and challenged by Ronaldo to play tennis. Interestingly, Ronaldo did not use the racquet against Nadal, but Ronaldo just wearing new football boots from Nike, The Mercurial Vapor VIII.

This ad was launched by Nike as a media campaign to introduce the products of their latest soccer shoes, Mercurial Vapor VIII. Cristiano Ronaldo was asked to become iconic shoe. Rafa Nadal also was asked by Nike to be their product icon in the sport of tennis. Rafa Nadal is one athletes are close to Real Madrid troops.

Latest football boots of nike, Mercurial Vapor VIII launched on Saturday, March 24th. For more details, please watch the video advertising the latest football boots from Nike, the Mercurial Vapor VIII the below;

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mercurial Vapor VIII, The latest football boots from Nike

Latest series of soccer shoes Nike came up with the name Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII is available in two options, which is Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII-Gray and Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII-Mango. As the name suggests, the two options each come with orange and gray that looks very cute.

Review soccerbible said there was no significant change in terms of technology in this new soccer shoes, there are few revisions on the top of the shoe so that it looks becomes much simpler. And in addition it may be interesting in this series is the use of new technology in its pull or stud. and besides, the material for this new shoe using special materials. for more details, see the video of Chris Tyler from Nike UK.

And more interestingly, the latest shoe of Nike has become the choice of the famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. Of course all are familiar with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Whether you interested to buy Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII Mango / Gray? before buying please see my gallery the below.