Saturday, May 26, 2012

Messi's Shoes in Final of Copa Del Rey 2012

There were different from Lionel Messi in the final of the Copa del Rey yesterday. Barcelona's Argentine star was played yesterday by wearing special shoes from Adidas are issued only for the match at that time.

Messi played yesterday by wearing special shoes Adidas F50 latest series. This shoe is designed with a composition of four-color lemon yellow, black background, blue and white and privileged are the two logos, the logo of the Copa Del Rey and the flag of the country of origin Messi, Argentina. Meanwhile, on the left side of the shoe lettering "Messi 10". Messi in the match contributed one goal for Barca victory over Athletic Bilbao with a score of 3-0, so Barca entitled to the Copa Del Rey titles.

Before Messi, Barca star from Brazil who is now playing at Flamengo also had special shoes made by Nike is made of kangaroo leather and is called 'Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho'. These shoes are also made by Nike in various series.

Like what special shoes Adidas F50 last series that is in use by Messi in the final of the Copa del Rey yesterday? let's look at the following galleries.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to Appropriately Combine Wedge Shoes

This thick-heeled shoes are very comfortable when worn. In addition to support the body correctly, this type of shoe is also no less cool with a stiletto or the other. You can still stand or walk without feeling fatigued in the legs. No wonder so many women who love this type of shoe.

But to use it, you must be smart to match the right clothes to look more attractive. Here are some rules when using these fashionable shoes.

When wearing a dress

These shoes can be combined with a long dress or short dress though. Select the model of shoe that fits your personality, classic, vintage, or contemporary design with striking colors.

When wearing a skirt

Skirts that make up the body feels more graceful, but do not like it when you combine a wedge shoes. Form shoes that have thick soles must be balanced with a skirt that more volume.

When wearing jeans

Prefer to wear casual jeans are the best reference for a relaxing time, so this wedge shoe. Choose jeans with a shape that narrows at the bottom or skinny to show off these stylish shoes. Jeans that have a wide pipe or flared shape will actually drown this wedge shoe.

In the summer

Shoes or sandals are also called espadrilles can also be used as matching shorts to accompany you in the summer. Choose open-toe shoes,so that your feet will not feel hot or wet with sweat.

In the rainy season

You can stay in style without fear of dirty feet or exposed to rain. Wear shoes with wedge models are not too high. Fit to dress neatly, or casual such as tight pants and tops made from knitting.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fear of Falling, Jessica Alba Using Tape in His Shoes

Wearing high heels a few inches is not easy. If not an expert, you can fall or slip and foot sprains. Actress Jessica Alba, has a way of 'smart' but it looks odd tip. Stars the movie 'Fantastic Four' glue pulled her legs into the bottom of the shoe using a double tape to keep from falling while wearing high heels.

Women 31 years was admitted to often slip when walking in high heels. So to avoid embarrassment when appearing in public, he used a double tape on his feet. "I glue the shoe to your foot with a double tape. Shoes off when I've walked, and made me fall .. It is often happens," she said according to Contact Music.

Double tape is a tape with adhesive on both sides. Normally used to glue the wrapping paper so it looks more neat and beautiful.

A similar trick performed by the designer Marc Jacobs. He did it on his model in order to avoid falling while walking on the catwalk, creative director of Louis Vuitton is to glue shoes on the feet with glue.

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Maliko Olukai shoes, With Hand Octopus Design on the Soles

Malikoi Olukai shoes like other sports shoes, but if you look properly, two things are innovative in their shoes. First, the front of the shoe which is divided into two separate sections devoted to the foot with the other fingers, the design is claimed will make your trip more comfortable and stable, just imagine wearing sandals, which one is better?

In addition, in the sole of the shoe has a unique design, the bottom or sole of the foot is designed similar to an Octopus Hands or octopus arms in which this function will not be easy to slip when walking on slippery wet places.

"Octopus Hands" is like a vacuum that will stick when you're walking so it is not easy to slip because of slippery roads, But of course you do not expect you to be Spiderman by buying these shoes. This Olukai Maliko shoes sold for U.S. $ 100.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

CR7 Will Look More Sweet with Typical Bavarian Shoes

Unique incidence occurred before the match Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid was held. Several hours before the fight took place, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mesut Ozil, and Karim Benzema, claiming loss of football boots in the locker room Allianz Arena. Stronghold of Madrid complained the matter to UEFA. However, one of the announcers Bayern 1, Stephen Lehmann, was not accepted when the Germans are regarded as thieves.

To that end, Lehmann asked his audience to be willing to donate shoes to replace the shoes belonging to the Madrid players, especially Ronaldo. However, the shoes will be donated instead of soccer shoes, but typical of the types of shoes Bavaria."We need a brogue shoes to size 43. Shoes for the world's most expensive player (Ronaldo)," Lehmann said. Then, Lehmann asked the contributor to write a line in the shoes. "For Cristiano Ronaldo. The Bavarian is not a shoe thief. But, we will replace your shoes are missing. We will give brogue shoes for you. With those shoes, you probably will not score many goals. But, you will look nicer," Lehmann continued.

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Le Chal, Shoes for The Blind

For people who have vision problems (blind), is certainly not easy to go to a place, other than in front of the obstacles that must be considered, also the problem of determining the location is also very difficult. Researchers from Hewlett-Packard Labs in Bangalore, India named Anirudh Sharma developed a shoe that comes with proximity sensor and vibration typically found on mobile phones.

Shoes that are called by Le Chal (meaning "Take Me There") will be able to show the way to and at the same time to warn the wearer if the 3 m in front of something is blocking (with the help of proximity). The workings of this shoe is very simple is, the vibration sensor is placed on the front and right and left and then if the users have to move forward then the vibration sensor in the front will be active, and when to turn right / left side of the sensor will be active. Le Chal certainly can not work alone, as a navigator has provided an Android application that can be synchronized with this shoe.

In our opinion, this is a good idea too, but why we are somewhat skeptical. when we walk, what we could feel the vibration in the legs, except the vibrations are very strong. What is your opinion?

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Christian Louboutin Collection Shoe Exhibited in London

Beautiful shoe collection meets Design Museum in London, England, recently. Various collection of high heel shoe designs that are luxurious and exciting show of courage from the designer, who else if not a Christian Louboutin.

French shoe designer known for the design of the red-soled shoes and shiny displays his collection of hundreds of shoes for 20 years in the fashion world. This exhibition is a celebration of two decades of its existence in the world of fashion. This exhibition displays a collection of shoes Loubotin popular and much sought after, for example, pump shoes of yellow satin ribbon decorated with a fan at the front and back of the shoe or shoes mary jane with a sprinkling of crystals.

The exhibition also shows the high imagination or creativity from Louboutin to make shoes. For example, ballet shoes with crystal decoration with super high right made for English National Ballet.

Indeed, high heels are not always comfortable to wear. However, creativity and glamor of the shoe, making shoe designs Loubotin become one of the shoe of choice for the world's top celebrities. For example, the British star, Gemma Arterton, singer and fashion designer, Victoria Beckham, and German actress Diane Kruger. They are often seen wearing Louboutin shoes to complement their appearance on the red carpet.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Converse Missoni, Converse Shoes Collection Spring 2012

Another new surprise from Converse! This time the canvas shoe brand that has been known since the 1950s, together with the famous Italian designer - Missoni, in designing the latest collection, called Converse Missoni.

Shoes Converse Missoni, recently launched this spring will be available in a choice of soft colors and more muted. However, it does not mean that these shoes do not have anything that can be highlighted. Indeed tribal pattern that can be found in the Converse shoes that became the main attraction. The unique pattern, deliberately chosen to show the identity of Missoni, who is known to play a pattern in his clothing collections.

The new spring collection of Converse shoe is available with three options and colors. That is, white, mint green, and navy blue. Converse shoes-white and mint green Missoni designed specifically for women. While the navy blue, comes to men. Three shoes are sold at a price of $ 200.00. And to get a limited collection of shoes Converse Missoni You can visit the Official Online Shop Converse Shoes.

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