Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ankle Strap is Most Suitable for Long Legs

Heeled shoes with ropes that are wrapped around the ankle is sweet and perfect to lift your appearance. Whatever the shape of your foot, thick, thin, or even a wedge, can still be stylish.

These types of shoes to give effect to the foot of a ladder and look sexy. This makes the ankle strap is always exist in every season. In each of the fashion show every year, these shoes look comes accompanied with attractive clothing.

Initially, the design resembles a wrist strap laces which was created to help keep shoes on the feet remain static, so the wearer more comfortable. Usually in the ankle strap can be adjusted using a buckle to provide allowances flexibility.

Unfortunately, not all forms of leg can try this shoe has become a fashion icon in 1950. If the wrong choice, you can look strange appearance. Ankle strap is best suited to the owners of the long leg, because the rope is wrapped around the horizontal at the ankle can balance posture.

You are free to choose the type of chunky shoes, kitten, wedge, or a flat to attend a casual event. And a small heel for a party invitation. Simply take clutch with matching color to complement it.

This strappy shoes will work best for showing off your legs when you wear a mini dress or midi. For sparkling gown, just choose shoes made of suede, but if you want to further highlight the legs, choose a material that have the effect of glitter, metallic, or bright colors more eye catching.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Metamorphosis of Flatform Shoes

Forget the short stiletto or platform wedges. You will fall in love with a unique shoe design with the flat soles. Instead of wedges, but Flatform.

Flat form is the flat shoes that have high platform without extra rights in the heel. So, when you walk as if walking in flat shoes. Although, the soles has a thickness of more than 3 cm.

This trend is an attractive route of the metamorphosis of platform shoes, given the trend in recent years the use of sky-high platform heels as a hobby in itself. Fortunately, the metamorphosis is arguably more secure than the use of platform shoes that usually has the heels over 10 cm.

This shoe combines comfort and height to platform. Some designers also begin on the runway fashion show. One who developed the design of the form flatform is British designer, Vivienne Westwood.

But, unlike platform heels that can give effect to the long legs and sexy, flatform will make your legs look shorter. However, this will be the main attraction for the flatform shoes can make the overall appearance to be more unique.

In addition, with bright colors, your appearance will look more pleasing. For those of you who have legs, you're in luck because you can experiment in the appearance of using this type of shoe. Flatform and mini dress perfect for you.

For those of you who have big feet and short, you can still use these shoes. Make sure you do not choose a flatform with ankle strap because it will only make your legs look shorter. Flatform match you with hot mini skirt or pant.

Although the shape is unique and memorable casual, you can still use it for the office. Simply select a design plain flatform and color 'safe' as black or nude. You'll look higher and feet will feel comfortable.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Danger Often Wear Gladiator Sandals

Type of Gladiator Sandals are very fitting use for a leisurely stroll. Especially if you want to show off the delicate skin of your feet. However, do not wear sandals of this type too often.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Lorraine Jones from Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists in the UK, said the Gladiator Sandal that has a flat shape can cause problems on your feet.

Too often wear Gladiator Sandals can make the tendons at the back of the heel stretch, including the calf muscles. The use of this type sandals can also trigger pain. Usually after two weeks of usage.

These sandals are usually made of leather and flat soles. Shock movement on foot to be reduced in this sandal, this can increase the risk of interference with the heel called plantar fasciitis.

This disorder can lead to pain that typically occurs when you wake up, when he first put foot on the floor in the morning. Therefore, do not be too often wear these sandals.

Although there are bad effects, strap on gladiator sandals can make your legs do not move so you do not easily slip.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Eternal Diamond Stilettos, Shoes By Price £ 100,000

Shoe fans of the jet set now busy ordering the most expensive shoes in the world, worth 100 thousand pounds, this shoe is called "Eternal Diamond Stiletto" is made of pure gold and studded with genuine diamonds. Expensive shoes are made by the Board Borgezie.

Why are prices high?. Because these shoes are made of gold and diamonds. One shoe spend 2200 30-carat diamond grains. Skilled hands designing luxury shoes is Christopher Michael Shellis, a jewelry designer from England.

Shoe buyers certainly not ordinary people, given the price is very expensive. According to the gossip, famous names such as Victoria Beckham and Paris Hilton have signed up for order this exclusive shoe.

Shellis, the creator said that this shoe is not just footwear, but in the jewelry category of "Jewelry is an exclusive and perpetual diamond, like a diamond." No kidding, the warranty is really awesome. Ie during 1000 (one thousand) years! These shoes can be inherited by our grandchildren as befits a royal crown or family jewelry.

Via : Dailymail

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Selecting Flip-flops In Functions

Flip-flops favored by men and women. Flip-flops are the most comfortable slippers for use. Has a flat shape so it does not make your feet tired. Although comfortable in the foot, but the flip-flops should not be worn at all times. Flip-flops are used only at certain times such as along the beach, while at home, in the shower, relax and hang out with friends or family.

But how to choose the right flip-flops and comfortable in the foot?. There are several types of flip-flops that you can choose according to function, let us consider one by one:

  • Flip-flops for Beach

Is the most comfortable flip-flops to wear on the beach. Materials to be selected are rubber and plastic semi, so it is not too heavy when walking in the sand. You can still walk comfortably while walking in the sand and small waves. In addition these sandals are also easy to clean.


  • Flip-flops for House

Must distinguish between slippers, bedroom slippers and flip-flops for the shower. House slippers are lightweight and do not slip during use, and of course the material should be made of rubber. And in this case you can create by selecting the motif or add a cute doll or accessories on your sandals.


  • Flip-flops for Room

If you just are in the area of your room can be free to choose materials flip-flops. Necessarily select the most comfortable on the feet.  And can be made from cloth and semi rubber. To a slippery floor, shole must made of rubber, but for stepping sandal can be chosen from synthetic fabrics or yarns that are usually used for the doll. In addition these flip-flops can make your feet nice and warm.


  • Flip-flops for Bathroom

In the bathroom of course very slippery. For that always wear flip-flops are made of synthetic rubber during the move in the bathroom. You will be able to more easily move and balance the body even though the floor slippery and wet.


  • Flip-flops for Casual

These sandals fit to accompany your casual events outside the home. Have a leisurely stroll in the mall, or just enjoy a coffee with friends and just chat. The material is certainly not entirely synthetic rubber, you can choose materials that are more attractive, more relaxed and fashionable. Paired skin can be an attractive option. Moreover, today many flip-flops that offer lots of fashion styles.



Shown with Extreme Style by Wearing Shoes Spike Shadow

Shoes that look very odd is called cut-out platform. Lady Gaga is one of the artists who make the shoes of this type is known by so many women and is now a fashion trend for fans of unique appearance. Its form is unusual, heel in front, not behind as usual. They often wear these shoes also do not say that the model cut-out platform shoes are comfortable to wear.

But for a unique appearance, the fans do not mind with inconvenience it. Such as shoes with metal spikes below. Almost the entire surface of the shoe planted with thorns, so it was scary.

But the cut-out platform shoes also look beautiful when paired with the right mix of fashion. Malignant but also has a sensual impression. This name this unique shoes is Spiked Shadow. Designed by Jeffrey Campbell is often made cut-out platform. But be careful when walking with these shoes because the heel is reached 14 cm.

Are you interested in having this Shadow Spiked shoes? Its price is $ 264. Ordering can be done online via the site

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dr Scholls Shoes and Flip, Comfortable and Healthy

Dr scholl shoe manufacturer has not run out of ways to successfully target the market. in addition to designing a more attractive appearance, they also offer the advanced technology in the shoes of their products.

Dr scholles shoes are introduced eight advanced technology, like massage technology, gentle step, memory pillow, contoured footbed, orthopedic, toebar & metatarsal, the arts and support backguard. Christin then explain each one of these technologies. According to him, massage technology can be seen from the ridge-shaped spots or waves on the surface of the shoe base. His shoes are also equipped with specially designed cushions to prevent fatigue in the legs.

While the soft step technology made with two layers of layers that can provide comfort in every step, also let the pads can breathe. Another with cushion technology. According to Christine, the shoe is given bearings are made in accordance with the texture of the soles of the feet. "Pads made thick but soft to provide optimal comfort, so to run all day no problem," he said again, contoured footbed technology created to support each of the muscles in the legs.

And for orthopedic technology, the shoes have characteristics that clearly is in the form of spots like thorns. It is said that these shoes can help improve blood circulation for those with neurological problems. "Toebar & metatarsal technology has special technology that stands out and is made in between the back foot with toes that serve to train the muscles of the calf. This shoe is antislip, which can grip when used for walking, "he explained.

For the next two technologies, arch support and bacguard, Christine said, each has distinct advantages. Arch support is made by the contour corresponding to the texture of the anatomy of the foot, so the body's center of gravity is in the correct position. Finally, on the backguard has a buffer to protect the vulnerability of the foot at the heel when wearing high heels.
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Top Five Players Football Contract with Brand Shoes

In addition to value transfer, which is not less astonishing than the income of a football player is the value of the contract with the sponsor. For example, a contract with a brand of shoes. But not all football players have a contract with a brand of shoes. Only for those who have a high sales value of products to promote. They are great players at this time.

So, who the football players who have contracts with the highest current brand of shoes? Here are five football players who have the highest contract value with a brand of shoes today. They are:

  • Sergio Aguero - Puma - 1.25 million pounds per season

Sergio Aguero name escalated when present in the Premier League. Football player from Argentina was once shocking the public when he first set foot in England wore Puma shoes. This is because earlier he was always loyal to Nike and adidas last summer. It turned out that Aguero was just having a contract with Puma v1.11 for four seasons.

  • Lionel Messi - Adidas - 2 million pounds per season

The best player in the world currently ranks fourth. This is fortunate for Adidas. Why? Due to contracts with Messi to do before winning Balon D'or twice this is to be superstar. That means that Adidas pays relatively little for Messi's services to promote their best selling shoes, F50 adiZero. Of course its value will increase if the contract be extended later.

  • Cesc Fabregas - Puma - 3.2 million pounds per season

After parting from Nike, Cesc Fabregas decided to get more profits by Puma. Last spring, this Barcelona midfielder signed a new contract as an ambassador of Puma shoes, is Puma PowerCat 1.12. The result, Cesc Fabregas was third for the highest contact with a shoe brand.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo - Nike - 5 million pounds per season

When they managed to bring Cristiano Ronaldo in 2010 to become a star in their shoes CR Mercurial, Nike really get the full package. Ie a player who has the power, good skills, a distinctive style of free kick and looks handsome as a model.

  • David Beckham - Adidas - 7 million pounds per season

Who is able to stop David Beckham? During one generation, the former England captain managed to sell the ideas that were taken from the Adidas Predator boots. Beckham was able to convince fans to wear Predator football boots and willing to do the Beckham style free kick.

Contract with Adidas is the result of negotiations by a team of Beckham. Of each pair of shoes or clothing that was heavily promoted, Beckham get one percent of the price of the product. No wonder if David Beckham wins in the list of football players who have the highest contract value with a brand of shoes in the history of world football.

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