Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shoes 'Nude' Kate Middleton Sold Every 2 Minutes

Kate Middleton really become heir to Lady Diana style. Every action and her style of dress is now a role model for the world trend. No wonder some famous brand using Kate, as the appeal of their brand.

As performed by the world brand Marks and Spencer (M&S), who issued a limited edition of shoes women called The Caramel Court Shoes, which is really similar to the color of shoes are usually worn by the Queen of England candidate. And, this is a classic heel shoes turned out to be one of the best-selling in the UK at this time.

And the shoes "Nude" Kate Middleton is sold every 2 minutes, due to the increasing demand for these shoes in limited release.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Predator LZ TRX FG Cleats, New Soccer Shoes from Adidas

Adidas is proud to launch its newest product, PREDATOR LZ TRX FG CLEATS. PREDATOR LZ TRX FG CLEATS which is the latest series of football boots was launched last July.

Adidas PREDATOR LZ TRX FG CLEATS claimed to have a lighter weight. And this newest soccer shoes from Adidas equipped with five zones to control the game.

Five zones contained in the Adidas PREDATOR LZ TRX FG CLEATS including Dribble-Zone to dribble at high speed, First-Touch-zone for a perfect first touch when getting the ball, Sweet-Spot-Zone to generate speed when attacking a target, Driver-Zone for opened the game with a pass the ball long distances, Pass-Zone for the accuracy of passing the ball.

PREDATOR LZ TRX FG CLEATS uses sprint frame construction outside his soles as shown on the adiZero F50, thus offering the perfect balance of stability and its weight is only 225 grams.

Adidas PREDATOR LZ TRX FG CLEATS currently used by famous soccer players like Robin Van Persie (Arsenal), Xavi Hernandez (Barcelona), Sami Nasri (Manchester City), Luis Nani (Manchester United), and Angel Di Maria (Real Madrid).

New soccer shoes PREDATOR LZ TRX FG CLEATS are now available in retail stores and multibrand monobrand Adidas worldwide. PREDATOR LZ TRX FG CLEATS comes in a bright blue, infared, collegiate navy dan white. That makes proud of shoe PREDATOR LZ TRX FG CLEATS priced at $ 220.00.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

ClimaCool Seduction, Most Popular Sports Shoes from Adidas

Some time ago, Adidas has launched its newest product, Seduction ClimaCool. With the launch of this new product, offers the experience of running with Adidas features 360 ° ventilation ducts that enhance performance and provide the greatest experience ever.

With the use of a new ventilation around the outer sole of the shoe and using ClimaCool material at the top, many uses that will be perceived by the end user's shoes. Coupled with using technology that provides ventilation ducts on all sides, it will help to dry the sweat and keep the temperature inside the shoe to keep it low.

In addition, the presence of coatings COOLEVER, clover-shaped yarn special, keep your feet stay dry and comfortable when walking. Maximum performance is driven by a 360 ° ventilation ducts that reduce thermal stress and discomfort during exercise, and may also improve performance while running.

The technology known AdidasTorsion SYSTEM intended for adaptation to the soil surface the better, outer soles are durable adiWEAR for increased traction and durability, as well as the sole center of a more subtle and flexible providing ultimate comfort complete these shoes.

The Seduction ClimaCool is the latest product to be part of the campaign ONE BRAND from Adidas, which Katy Perry, David Beckham, Lionel Messi and Derrick Rose, the star of his advertisements in various media. Adidas ClimaCool Seduction is available at Adidas's online store and in stores Adidas Sport Performance, as well as other retail stores around the world, with prices $ 159.00.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Trends: Celebrities Are Now Like a Shoe With a Short Heel

So far the high heel is still a favorite in the fashion world. The higher the more even cool. However, recent trends show pump shoes with shorter heels now preferred.

Pump shoes with a short heel is usually called 'Tiny Pump'. Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, Chloe, Chanel and Jimmy Choo are some famous fashion houses that offer pumps shoes that come with size 1 inch or 2.45 cm.

'Petite pump' increasingly worn by fans of fashion today. This is seen when the show at London Fashion Week some time ago. This shoe style inspired dress with such style in the 60's that look polite, sweet but still chic.

Not only dominate in the fashion scene and became the target of the fashionista, celebrities also love these shoes 'Tiny Pump'. For example, Star '500 Days of Summer 'is Zooey Deschanel spotted wearing low heel shoes from Jimmy Choo.

In addition, Kate Bosworth and Alexa Chung were also seen wearing shoes size 2.45 cm. She combines it with channel-cut black balloons and sunglasses. While the presenter and fashion icon, Alexa Chung style combine with casual clothing such as a long cardigan, shirt and pants hotpants.

Shoes 'Tiny Pump' is perfect for those who do not want to look too casual. Especially for shoes 'Tiny Pumps' with gold color heels. Some brands are releasing 'Tiny Pump' is a Jimmy Choo pump Walde at a price $ 204.00, Kurt Geiger Solare 8 pump for $ 168.00 and Zara Heel Studded Ballerina worth $ 48.00.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Velvet Fox Loafer is Currently a Celebrity Favorite Shoe

After some time ago shoes with cat face image by Charlotte Olympia become a celebrity favorite. Now turn the loafer with fox picture works of Tory Burch become the preferred by the celebrities present.

Flat shoes are given the name 'Velvet Fox Loafer' takes inspiration from shoes to casual home-style classic. 'Velvet Fox Loafer' made of black cotton velvet.

At the top of the shoe is given an embroidered design that shaped the face of a fox. Fox face decorated with black ribbons and Tory Burch logo made of metal and colored gold.

According to the official website of Tory Burch, these shoes are very comfortable so it is recommended for daily use. Some celebrities like Brooklyn Decker and Carey Mulligan was seen wearing a 'Velvet Fox Loafer' for their daily activities.

Model and actress Brooklyn Decker is wearing shoes fox while on vacation in London in July. Stars of 'Just Go with It' it combines with the oversized blazer, a red mini skirt and sling bag by Alexander Wang.

Unlike Carey Mulligan who has a quirky style of dress. Players movie 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' is combine Tory Burch shoes with a jacket and navy blue colored baggy pants. He will wear it while traveling by plane.

In addition, there is also Jordana Brewster also seen wearing the latest shoes from Tory Burch is when traveling.

For those of you who are looking for a comfortable flat shoes but still stylish, maybe 'Velvet Fox Loafer' is the right choice. On the official website of Tory Burch shoes, fox is sold for U.S. $ 250. Interested?

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nine West has Unleashes Shoes with Classical Touch Feminism

Shoes are one item that can enhance the appearance of the wearer, especially for women. Beautiful footwear also helps boost your confidence. Labels shoes Nine West recently released her latest shoe collection dedicated to the Fall-Winter 2012. Various shoe comes with a classic touch of femininity. Let's look at some of his latest collection.

  • Mary Jane Style

Shoes that are designed with model Mary Jane Shoes comes with three color options, namely the dominance of black, gray, and red. Model of the footwear styles of the 1920s was to create a feminine retro style for the wearer.

  • Ankle Strap Detail

American shoe label's collection also presents high heels with ankle strap detail. The combination of silver and red color makes these shoes looks glamorous. Inspired by the edgy British style, these shoes can make you look stunning.

  • Edgy Style

Classic touches seen in the collection of Nine West on this one. Designed in a color palette of maroon, thus giving the impression to those who wear them edgy. Combine with trousers and blouses to create a more attractive appearance.

  • Boots

Starting from pump shoes, flat shoes and high heels, Nine West also released a collection of shoes that are not less interesting. Retro style of the 1970's can show by wearing the shoes this one. These boots are made of leather with an elegant touch.

  • Pump Shoes

Shoes that have a pump detail is very precise when applied to a party in the evening. With black palette accented with beads to make it look glamorous. Combine with a bodycon dress with the same palette is the perfect match.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Newest Shoes Steve Madden Comes with Sexy Design

Steve Madden footwear brand has released a string of his latest collection for the season Fall / Winter 2012. This time footwear is designed with a touch more sexy. Some of these high heels, flat shoes, wedges and etc. Various shoes equipped with a bright palette and unique style. As usual, the shoes are still made with leather. Let's see the collection of this series.

  • Pump Shoes

Shoes that one is equipped with a pump detail. Dominated with bright pink, making this shoe looks girly and feminine can give the wearer the impression feminine. You can wear it to the party at the time of day or night.

  • Ankle Strap Shoes

Footwear this one can make you look more prominent. Equipped with a palette of blood red, so the shoes look sexy. Combine with a bodycon dress the same color, to create a more sexy.

  • Loafers Shoes

This American shoe label also released stylish men's shoes. Interestingly, it comes with aztec print shoes. Although this model is quite classic, but still has a touch of fun and modern.

  • Wedges Shoes

Look edgy with a feminine touch and sexy can be seen when you wear these shoes wedges type. Dominated by aztec print design, making it a distinct footwear than usual. Interestingly, the shoe can be worn for a visit to a formal event, or when they want to walk to the mall.

  • Flats Shoes

Shoes are a flat type is equipped with a silver crystal detail. Combine it with a mini dress that had black-color palette to create a feminine and glamorous style. But if you want to look more casual, mix-it with a pair of shorts and a loose blouse.

  • Peep Toe Shoes

Type of peep toe shoes are also designed with accent stones. The combination of black, pink and blue make these shoes can be paired with a dress that is dominated by three colors.

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