Monday, October 29, 2012

Select The Type of Shoe Laces, According To Your Character

Tying shoelaces with a square knot, and the butterfly is easy. Tying shoelaces in the usual way will make your appearance become mundane and boring. If you want to see different looks, one of which is having to tie your shoelaces in a unique and creative.

For those of you who are creative and want to display your shoelaces are unique, there are many ways in which the appearance of shoes look so interesting. However, not many people know how or technique.

Want to know the techniques and unique type of shoe laces? These will be shown how to tie shoelaces unique and creative. This I gathered from various sites on the internet, please see the gallery below:

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

You a Fan of Madonna? Let Us Look at His Work Boots

Madonna. Who is not familiar with this Diva? Energetic, talented, and also a mother of Lourdes Leon. We would be proud to see the figure of Madonna, because the achievements that have been recognized and his stage act that is always spectacular to impress me. He was not young anymore, you know, the 50's, Oh God! many women in their 50's have no cool body and spirit like Madonna. Madonna is arguably the queen of pop music world. Of talents in singing, dancing, acting, Sense of Fashion Madonna also poured on the design of fashion items, shoes. Pride in fashion can bring it to design a collection of shoes that is named "TRUTH OR DARE".

In an exclusive shoe collection launch held at the Gallery Madonna Selfridges London in last year by holding the famous brand High Street shoes, ALDO. In my view TRUTH OR DARE shoe designs represent the lifestyle and dress style women's elegant, intelligent, and has a high confidence.

Heels, Boots, Stilettos, Brogues Madonna-style design is dominated by a powerful, bold, edgy, and iconic, although it still looks feminine side. More than 30 pairs of shoes type presented to Fashionista. The character of a diva revealed clearly in the shoe collection "TRUTH OR DARE".

To design the "TRUTH OR DARE", Madonna certainly not alone, she is assisted by her personal stylist Arianne Phillips. Screamin ' Out ! Come on Madonna Fans, let's hunt this shoe and have a little Material Girl's look!

The black color with a touch similar to Chanel Quilted coated sutures, these pumps shoes look solid and high fashion. The prices are not as expensive branded shoes like YSL, Christian Louboutin, etc. Price estimates of TRUTH OR DARE shoes range from $ 89 to $ 349.

Bold and Iconic, the type of shoes like this you do not need to wear flashy clothes, because these shoes have made a prominent appearance!. Wonderful impression with hand strap in the middle of making shoes seemingly feminine and sexy. Studded as suggested Edgy studded nails, suitable for you who want to be daring and like to be different. Gold Digger! The party is wearing gold heels, gold shoes will definitely steal the attention. Silhouette heel firmly and Towering heels can emphasize the appearance, perfect in use with the dress / mini dress.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Like What The World's Oldest Shoe?

The researchers busy digging in a cave in Armenia a few months ago. And they finally found something. What is it? apparently it was an old shoe, its estimated 5500 years old. Lace-up shoes are made of cow leather, old shoe was found at the bottom of sheep dung, the New York Times.

Tanned with vegetable oil, leather shoes suitable when applied in the right leg is reportedly older than stonehenge or the pyramids of Egypt. "Maybe at the time, these shoes have a high price, because it is made of leather, and high quality," said Gregory Areshian as the project leader of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, University of California. These shoes are thought to have 'existed' in the Bronze Age between 3653-3627 BC. And one shoe were found seems fitting to be worn by women because of its small size, the number 7.

The researchers also noted that when found, the shoe surface overgrown with grass and yellow clay layer, it all makes its shape intact. Could it be that early humans may have inadvertently left it for us? Hemm ...

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Real Madrid Unlucky Because They Lost Three Players Shoes?

Real Madrid got a big surprise ahead of the first session of the Champions League semi-final against Bayern Munich early this morning, Wednesday (18/4), when the three star players their shoes is stolen.

Just a few hours before kickoff, when the Spanish club is preparing for the match at the Allianz Arena, someone stole six pairs of shoes and some socks from Real locker room at the stadium.

Site Spanish sports daily Marca reported that three pairs of shoes were stolen Cristiano Ronaldo shoe, while the other 2 pairs of shoes owned by Karim Benzema and Mesut Ozil.

Real Parties have reported this incident to the organization of European football, UEFA.

Is this incident directly affects children's mental game Jose Mourinho or not? the game ended 2-1 to win the host Bayern Munich.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Unique Shoes, Made of 1,050 Pieces of Human Teeth

Shoes with unique design is now more and more are created by the designer shoes. The most recent was the work of two British designers. These shoes are made by those with decorated 1050 'human teeth'.

Mariana Fantich and Dominici Young, are the names of two designers who made these shoes with dentures. Except as decoration, these dentures are also used to replace rubber soles, usually located at the bottom of the shoe.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, the entire bottom of the shoe black leather is look adorned with many teeth. Teeth are used not just white, there are several gold color teeth.

These unique shoes are directly inviting comments some people. "In art, this is very interesting but if I recall there teeth under my feet, so that makes me want to vomit..  Although dentures." Wrote one commentator.

Fantich and Young describe these shoes as 'are predators with no predators'. This shoe is actually a modified version of the shoe from Barker that has stood since 1880.

In 2010, the two designers also made a similar work called The Apex Predators, are shoes decorated with hair, eyes and teeth.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10 Unique Shoes in Fashion Show for Spring 2013 Collection

Event Fashion week in New York, London, Milan and Paris has revealed the latest trends, especially for shoes. Spring 2013 collection was dominated by designs shoes out of the box. As quoted from thefashionspot, Here are reviews of some of the shoes out of the box or unique shoes.

  • Toe shoes

Celine is famous for its stylish minimalist design, modern and far from funny. However, the presence of foot-shaped shoe provides a perspective that is more 'relaxed' for fashion house fronted by Pheobe Philo's. However, this shoe has received racist comments because shoes come only in white color only.

  • Fur Shoes 'Elmo'

Not only creating a shoe-shaped feet or shoe like feet, Celine also launched a shoe that uses fur material on the entire surface of the shoe, the heel is no exception. The red color is selected in this shoe like the color as 'Elmo', a character in a children's show, Sesame Street.

  • Fur Shoes 'Big Bird'

After 'Elmo', Celine also presents the characters 'Big Bird' furry boots that are also used in children show Sesame Street. Not like 'Elmo' heels on the shoes 'Big Bird' comes with a wooden stiletto models without wrapped with feathers.

  • Feathers Sandal 'Cookie Monster'

Not satisfied with making pointy shoes made of fur, Celine also issued sandals at the top coated with a purplish blue faux fur. This color is also called similar to other characters from Sesame Street, The Cookie Monster.

  • The combination of Shoes and Sandals

Are you not able to determine to wear shoes or sandals that fit the style of your dress? So shoes from Prada can be a solution to this 'combination of shoes and sandals' . You will not be confused anymore.

  • Socks Shoes

Miuccia Prada seems so worried about practicality for users shoes. He also made a sock-like shoes. So you do not have to bother to wear socks.

  • Pink Socks Shoes

Prada not only design slipper socks on a hot thick platform. But it also presents shoes pink socks on the ankle strap and a high contrast monochrome palette.

  • Punk Boots Shoes

Vivienne Westwood is known as the 'mother of punk'. No wonder if he created the platform boots adorned with large print and full. To give the impression of punk, the shoe comes with five gold buckle.

  • Shoes with a Small Heel on Foot

Alexander McQueen launched a shoe that seems difficult to make walking. Shoes that intersect at the ankle comes with black mesh on the front of the shoe and a small heel of the foot

  • Shoes with Many Material

Givenchy shoes are not exactly known as footwear but more suitable to be regarded as works of art. Givenchy design uses a lot of materials ranging from leather, plastic wood, with metal.

That variety of unique shoes that appear in the collection of Spring Fashion Week 2013 some time ago. Which one do you think the most unique shoes?

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nike CTR360 Maestri III, Iniesta Shoes

Will increasingly be superb Andres Iniesta (Barcelona). This is because after the Nike upgrade his product CTR 360 Maestri III. These shoes are made specifically for the midfielder. And Andres Iniesta are his ambassadors, along with Jack Wilshere (Arsenal) and Ganso (Brazil).

By wearing Nike CTR 360 Maestri III, a midfielder will be able to improve ball control making it easier to control the time of the game.

Using the latest generation of synthetic Kanga-Life that ensure durability and a comfortable touch when used. Also featuring new technologies ACC (All Condition Control), which means it has the same capability in wet or dry conditions. Mmmm seems increasingly difficult to cope with this Euro 2012 best player.

Currently, these shoes are available in all Nike outlets starting in August 2012 with an estimated price of around $ 179.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Metallica Back Design New Shoes Vans

It seems that the legendary heavy metal band from the U.S., Metallica, are enjoying a great job as a designer top brand shoes, Vans. They again will present the latest shoe designs special edition Metallica.

Last July, Metallica and Vans announced their partnership plans to design two pairs of Keds shoes. And now, they are planning to launch a third design, and new shoes from Vans will be named Vans X Metalica.

As reported by Rolling Stone, Metalica edition shoe will be released to the market in 2013 in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of Metallica's debut album, Kill 'Em All (1983).
New shoes are designed with a tag that contains the lyrics of the song "Motorbreath" on the side of the shoe. "Those who tell you not to take chances," the lyrics of the song are engraved on these shoes. While the two previous designs featuring motifs hand and a hammer like the picture on the cover of the album Mettalica.

Through a press release, bassist Robert Trujillo expressed enthusiasm. "I have been wearing Vans on stage in my career, and even long before that," he said. Are you also a fan of the rock band Metallica?

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Prada shoes, Beautiful Design Inspired by Classic Car

For those of you who claim to "Fashionista" is not complete if you do not have a collection of Prada shoes for sandals output. This Italian brand has just introduced a collection of spring 2012, inspired by a classic car design in the 1950's in the United States.

From several collections, Prada uses a lot of design elements such as car spoilers, chrome accents to the brake lights (lights break) attached to the heel. The colors chosen also illustrates victory "muscle cars". Although different, but instead create a new look, a fresh, especially in the fashion world.

Prada has not announced the price of any collection of shoes and sandals. Because of the reputation and prestige, we can be sure his prices are definitely high. And also because it is produced by hand, high quality and there are only a few pairs worldwide or limited collection.

Want to know the shape of sandals and shoes have a classic car design, see the pictures below!

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