Saturday, December 7, 2013

The new trend, leather shoes with attractive tattoo painting

Tattoos are usually carved on our skin. But now, not only can be designed tattoos on our skin. Shoes can also be decorated with tattoos. A professional tattoo artist named Henry Hate provide such services for customers Oliver Sweeney shoes.

Hate is a professional tattoo artist subscribed several Hollywood celebrities such as Amy Winehouse, Alexander McQueen, Boy George and Franz Ferdinand. He collaborated with Sweeney to make a tattoo on the design of the shoe. Tattoos his work will be rewarded £ 995.

Hate also frees customers to provide ideas on tattoo designs on their shoes. And this tattoo design will also receive the original certificate and not temporary. Tattoos on this shoe is also supported by VeryFirstTo sites, ie sites which inform the latest news about fancy things on its members.

One example of the work of Hate tattoos visible on these brown leather boots. Paintings made with ink and tools commonly used to make tattoos on the skin. But unfortunately, this time, the new service is intended only for men's shoes.

"I really want to get a tattoo that shows freshness, creativity, and originality for men's shoes. Shoes from Oliver Sweeney give a very easy on my job" said Hate the Daily Mail.

And, the money from this shoe tattoo £ 50 will be donated to The Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Are you also interested in having a leather shoe with a tattoo like this? or maybe you can try to make tattoos on new shoes in your own home.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Crocs shoes comes with new style

Crocs brand no longer wants to be known as the shoemaker by many to be less fashionable. In mid-2013, Crocs also said they would make more shoes new, more stylish models.

In an interview the Chief Executive Officer of Crocs John McCarvel revealed its plans in the coming years. They hope to raise revenues doubled in five years.

To realize the plan, Crocs are also implementing a new strategy. Company headquartered in Colorado, the U.S. will spend more types of shoes such as wedges, boots, flats and others. According to the CEO, which clog shoes during the talk is no longer placed in front of the store window.

"If there are those who want it, we'll get them to try our new shoes first", John said in an interview with Business Week website.

Since debuting in 2002, shoes from Crocs clogs direct steal. Although often discussed because it is not fashionable, but these shoes sell well in the market. It is because Crocs comes with bright colors, chunky yet lightweight forms because it is made of plastic, and the price is quite affordable. In addition, Crocs shoes are also designed to follow the contours of the foot so comfortable when worn. The things that ultimately make Crocs shoes sought and used in every occasion by young and old.

Although not as powerful as current sales of new released, but until now type clogs are still hunted by the buyer. According to John, shoe clogs sales increased 47%.

Now this does not just sell Crocs clogs shoe types. There are many new types such as pump shoes, sandals, wedges, heels. All of these still have the same common thread, which is comfortable to use because the materials used are similar to clogs.

To realize the plan to increase revenue, in addition to releasing various types of new, Crocs will also open up more stores and more. In 2013, the brand was founded by Scott Seamans, Lyndon "Duke" Hanson, and George Boedecker, Jr.. will open 90 more stores around the world. Half of the 90 stores that will be in Asia.

If you want to know more about the new types of these crocs shoes please visit his official website here.

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Friday, May 31, 2013

Margaret Thatcher's shoes began auctioned

Although already died in April, former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher remains a dominant figure in the country's history. After the display appears in a unique art trading site eBay, now its treasures begin auctioned.

One is two pairs of black satin shoes from British shoe manufacturers design, Rayne. Rayne works have graced the feet of the nobles and the British royal family since 1936. Including Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, Princess Margaret and others.

Two shoes are made specifically for Margaret Thatcher auctioned on PFC Auctions. One is a black stiletto shoe straps are decorated with black and gold. Auction prices start from £ 150 for these shoes. Until recently listed three bidders.

While other shoes are also made of black silk. Has diamond detail on the back, valued at £ 100 with a single bidder. Both are used by Margareth when he led, between 1988 and 1991.

There is a logo on the soles of shoes manufacturers Rayne, and a little note that reads, "Made especially for Mrs Margareth Thatcher.

Adrian Roose, director Paul Fraser Collectibles (PFC) is auctioning off the shoes said, "We are seeing increasing interest in Margaret Thatcher memorabilia market lately. Previously, Maggie bag (the nickname of Margaret Thatcher) was released for £ 100,000, so it will be very interesting to see the achievement of value for these shoes, "he added, quoted by the Daily Mail.

Besides bags, some other things are also auctioned on PFC is a black and white photo that Margaret Thatcher opened with prices starting from £ 100. There are other books signed by Maggie at prices ranging from 45 pounds.

shoes you are interested please visit pfcauctions here

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Latest super flexible running shoe from Nike

Foot is the essence of the movement. Therefore, comfort is a major factor when choosing shoes. Not unless when choosing athletic shoes, when you wear it should still be able to move freely in safety.

Nike also answer those needs. Recently for the sport shoe label has released 3 new running shoes collection, Nike Free 3.0, Nike Free 4.0 and Nike Free 5.0.

These shoes are designed to support the basic movement of the foot and is also able to support the foot well. This new product is also quite flexible due to the use of material flexible rubber outsole. Besides can be used to run on regular roads, or parks. Available for men and shoes for women and also can be used when walking on the beach.

We had a chance to try to run on a local beach here. Although walking in the sand, the foot still feels light and almost like not using footwear.

"Nike Free inspired from a simple bare legs move freely in any direction. These shoes are made to resemble the function of the bare foot, in order to feel comfortable and light as not wearing shoes," said the specialist products of Nike, interrupted-event "Nike FREEKIN Media Summer Camp".

For the third prokuk, at the top of the shoe is designed differently. Yet all three are still made simpler and more functionality for the wearer.

For Nike Free 5.0, the footwear is designed with dynamic flywire technology to provide secure support with no load on the foot, so the foot more closely and comfortable grip.

"Dynamic Flywire additional sections in the field of shoe laces that can grip strong legs' s. Would not cause injury because of the anatomy of the foot is placed in accordance with the safe," Arin said.

Semenatara Nike Free 3.0, made with extra nets design on front. Its function is to allow air circulation and breathe more smoothly feet. While Nike Free 4.0 prioritize tongue-wrap coating (tongue wrapping) much more comfortable without stitches.

Another difference lies in its midsole height. For type 3.0, midsole has a height of about 4 mm, 6 types of insoles height 4.0 mm, and 5.0 mm height 8 Sol. Third footwear that has a variety of colors, such as black, blue and orange neon. These shoes are available in stores since March 2013.


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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Look beautiful wearing new FitFlop

Fitflop footwear launched his latest collection, High Summer 2013. This collection is inspired by the Japanese aesthetic tradition when people drink tea.

"The tradition of the Japanese tea drinking is very elegant and beautiful. But everything is still showing the simplicity of style during the ceremony, "said Kamil Karan, Regional Brand Manager FitFlop, the launch of the High Summer 2013 Collection, Wednesday (08/05/2013) ago.

Simple but still elegant in look, this latest collection is presented in new four Fitflop, namely Hanabira, Suisei, Sho, and Bon. Hanabira sandals collection is a collection of petals accented sandals are made of suede. Sandals with flower petals accent this will make the wearer's legs look so feminine. Collection of Hanabira consists of three colors, namely black and white, nude, and pink punch.

While the collection of Suisei is a collection of women's sandals with a sprinkling of crystal accents so it looks luxurious. "In Japan, Suisei means comet. Sprinkling crystals on sandals are made to look like a comet," Kamil added.

This sandal comes with a backstrap, so it looks more formal style. This collection consists of three colors, namely black, pewter (mixed green and black), and nude.

If you want to accentuate the beauty of your toenails, Sho collection can satisfy you. This model is inspired by Asian fashion style that is widely used in the summer. This collection consists of four colors, namely red, pink punch, brown, and black.

"Typically, Fitflop already have common form. But not so with silhouettes like Sho, with large arches at the ankles and a small arch on the thumb, this is the first time launched by Fitflop, "he added.

While the collection presented in the type of Bon buckled and strappy leather sandals. This sandal comes with a backstrap, so each step feels so comfortable. Choice of a neutral color such as pink punch, brown, and black is very suitable to be combined with shorts or jeans hipster.

"Excellence is located on the soles of his Fitflop taking microwobbleboard technology. This technology consists of three important parts, and different functions, ie high density, low density, and mid density," he explained.

A high-density soles are touching the heel of the foot. The sol coating can help relieve stress joints of the foot. Whereas a low density in the center of the sole is more tender texture than the front and back soles. Sol serves to increase leg muscle activation. And a density mid sole front that serves to help keep pace while running.

That's the new FitFlop review, may be an alternative for women to look beautiful.

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

New shoes that looked worn from Converse

Normally we would throw shoes that have been worn and old. But unlike the Converse shoes are more comfortable and cool even if it has been used. Celebrities such as Kristen Stewart, Rihanna or Jessica Alba also makes these shoes a favorite for their casual style.

Do not want to create loyal fans wait long to get the effect of worn-out shoes, Converse has launched an unusual collection, a pair of shoes that looked like old shoes and dirty.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, this creation was made because, according to Converse, nothing is more comfortable than an old pair of shoes that fit in the leg. Well Worn Shoes Collection is also deliberately designed from canvas material that looks 'fade', and the soles are made of rubber looks dirty. While shoelaces made thinner to to give the impression that the old. The Converse shoes come in three colors, is pink, turquoise and blue.

new Converse casual style shoes

Shoes that are rumored to release this month of April 2013, priced £ 55 or USD 800 thousand. High enough price for a pair of 'old shoes'. Interested to have it?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

High Heels with High Artistic Painting Art

If you would like to collect something unique collection of art and valuable, maybe handmade shoes with this beautiful painting can make you interested. Not just any painting, but the image of the artwork that has been famous in the world. Start from Picasso style painting to Van Gogh style. Curious as to what? Let us look at another collection as quoted by Female Mag.

Vincent Van Gogh
Pump shoes are named Dolly was created by designer Charlotte Olympia in collaboration with British painter, Boyarde. One of the images in this shoe inspired by the painting 'Starry Night' from the iconic Van Gogh.

Pablo Picasso
Dolly pumps made exclusive, only 100 pairs per design. Painting on the shoe took inspiration from Spanish painter, Pablo Picasso's famous painting faces with abstract lines and bright colors blend.

Pop Art
Shoes that have been introduced to the market early last year it also displays images of the most iconic pop art. Ie the image of women in America in the comics that painted by the painter Roy Lichtenstein.

Artistic value of this shoe is a colorful picture box that characterizes Dutch painter, Mondrian. According Boyarde in his blog, Mondrian works the hardest to do. This is because the texture of shoe plump, while the Mondrian image should be striped straight.

Howard Hodgkin
Hodgkin's better known as the box-shaped pattern abstract painting to frame it. The painting was touted as a painter of emotional expression. It is also stated in the Charlotte Olympia shoes image that looks colorful.

Picture called 'Abstract Expressionism' This is the work of Pollock in World War II. According to painters shoes, drawing it was the most fun to make. Do not need a pattern, just a splash of paint with shades of three different colors. Artistic of Charlotte Olympia shoes are sold in stores Neiman Marcus, Bal Harbour, Miami.

For details please see the gallery below:

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nike Studio Wrap, Specifically for Dance

Nike managed to design footwear that can optimize your movements while doing yoga or dancing. Shoe designs created very feminine and chic in the foot. Toes are left open so as to provide ease of movement. Thus, the wearer can still feel the sensation of bare feet, but it feels more comfortable, as reported by the New York Daily News.

A new product called Nike Studio Wrap is already on sale online at in February 2013. What makes Nike footware look comfortable? This product incorporates neoprene and silicone that is guaranteed to help the absorption of sweat and stability in motion.

Before officially launched to the public, Nike has conducted trials in more than 30 prototypes in determining the final design. Furthermore, this time in the form of modular design of Nike shoes are made of three parts, namely wrapping, ribbon, and sandals.

Interested? This footware will be sold at a price of USD 110 or about USD 1058,750 at

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

High heels and flat shoes in a pair of shoes by Tanya Heath

There is a shoe designer who has a unique mission to women. He wanted to prove that women can wear high-heeled shoes without hurting their feet. She is Tanya Heath.

As reported by The Daily News (18/09), the idea of Heath's mission is quite simple. When foot pain caused by high heels, she hopes to press a special button to make a high heel on the shoe will disappear. High heel shoes will turn into flat shoes and be more comfortable for walking.

"I am a feminine feminist. Shoe I've created will not only make a woman sexy. But also comfortable when worn," said the designer.

When trying to realize his idea, Heath is quite a headache with how to stay balanced and comfortable shoes on both sides time to run. Especially when her high heel in assembling several times a day to find the right design.

After years of research, Heath finally managed to create a multi-high heels with a 3-9 cm heel. His shoes include sandals, dancing shoes, stilettos, and other types, Heath made shoes for sale starting price of USD 320.

To design the kind of shoes that Heath had problems that are expensive designer items to make shoes. But it did not dampen his intention creates fine shoes are coveted by women.

"I am tired aching legs because of high heels and I also refuse to wear shoes with no rights at all," he said.

What do you think about the idea of Heath? whether it could be a solution for women to not be afraid to have high heels?

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Design Adidas F50 shoes for Messi by fans

Lionel Messi ever have Adidas F50 adiZero shoes with a very special design. These shoes are encouraged King Leo scored his 90th in 2012, and earned the world's best player in 2012.

The shoes are shoes designed by Messi fans in a contest initiated by Adidas. They were asked to design and customize the color shoes player who is nicknamed La Pulga.

14,200 designs entered, but Messi chose the red shoes white paper by Javier Pascual Mullor, is a fan of the Spanish as the best among all.

Boot covers top selected 'running white' and with black outsole and shoelaces and 'striking red 'on the tongue and heel 'three-stripe ' characteristic of Adidas products.

The final design of the logo Mullor has Messi Icon, Argentina flag. Also the word 'Leo 10' and 'Thiago', as a form of recognition for her newborn baby, shown clearly in the right conditions in italics.

"I am very pleased with Adidas shoes and would like to congratulate Javier has won the special shoe design." Messi said.

"I also want to thank everyone who has sent their design they are really good!." he added.

What do you think about the design of shoes for messi?

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Wrong functioning shoes, Beckham falls

David Beckham visit to China. Paris Saint-Germain midfielder was invited by the Chinese Football Federation as the International Ambassador of the Chinese Football. On the fifth day of his visit, Beckham show off tattoos of Chinese characters painted on the left side of his body. When was the father of four children was a guest speaker at Peking University on Sunday (24/3). The day before Beckham visiting football clubs in the province of Wuhan Zall. In the event that Beckham went on to show some of the techniques to play football, a free kick that became his trademark. But when he pointed a free kick, Beckham wore leather shoes for formal events., Fact, formal shoes generally do not have a strong grip on the soil surface. Consequently, Beckham slipped and fell.

Therefore, it should not follow the example of Beckham's action. Do not use something that is not in accordance with its function. The result can be dangerous for you and people around you. Besides dangerous, I think you also will be ashamed. Okay, let's see the photos of Beckham falls successfully captured by Lintao Zhang.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Adidas makes shoes with logo of Facebook and Twitter?

If Facebook is rumored to be making a smartphone may be not surprising. Or when Twitter bought a site called, may also not be a surprise.

Two giant social networking site does have abundant funds to do or create something new. But what happens, if the Facebook and Twitter logo stuck to your shoe? One thing that may be surprising.

Actually, Facebook and Twitter do not sell shoes, but the famous sportswear company Adidas shoes that will create two products using Facebook and Twitter logo and color is the color that is identical to the two biggest social networking site. explained that the shoes that will be using the Facebook logo to be called Adidas Facebook Superstars, while those using Twitter logo was named Adidas Twitter Superstars. The design of both shoes were created by designer Gerry Mckay.

In this design, according, Mckay adopt all logos, text, and colors used Facebook and Twitter. Because it is still a concept, so, lover of Adidas products may still not be able to buy and use one or both shoes from Adidas that.

When unique shoes from Adidas will actually be launched? Together let's wait. For those of you who are curious about the concept of Adidas shoes with Facebook and twitter logo please see the concept below.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Adidas adiZero Golf, Lightweight shoe from Adidas

This adiZero Golf, the type of shoe that weighs just 10.6 ounces and has several other advantages claimed was launched on 24 January. Shoes for golfers is touted as the most lightweight and designed for comfort and user satisfaction.

Seen design, these shoes have some advantages, such as, under the rubber that can withstand the weight of the wearer's body in all areas and has a high degree of stability because it weighs only 10.6 ounces. In addition, the adiZero Golf is available with 4 colors.

Adidas adiZero Golf was launched at a press conference in San Diego, California, United States, Tuesday (22/1). This lightweight shoe can also produce effects glow of color when exposed to sunlight. In addition to launching adiZero Golf, adidas also launched a womens adizero and adizero sport is available with a choice of three colors.

The launching of the Adidas adiZero Golf held by done very interesting attraction. But the attraction is not done by humans, but with props that look like humans but can fly. Even more interesting, it also props applied shoes Adidas adiZero Golf on its legs. Amazingly "man" with the Adidas adiZero Golf can fly high. It proves how the latest shoe from Adidas is very light.

Intrigued by this new shoe from Adidas? but remember, the price is not cheap.

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Small Shoes Collection of David Beckham Kids

David and Victoria Beckham's daughter, Harper is not just wearing a dress from the famous designer. He also implemented the output of famous brand shoes. So no wonder though new age 19 months, Harper already has a small shoe collection worth tens of millions of dollars.

Comfort is the most important point in choosing shoes, especially for children. Couple David and Victoria Beckham noticed, so they choose shoes Harper also made from cow leather is very soft.

Small shoe collection of Harper is the output of various famous designers such as Hermes, Gucci and more.   Let's see like what this small shoes collection of Harper's.

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Monday, March 4, 2013

What do you think about Brooklyn Zoo shoes Jay-Z?

After he was criticized for wearing snakeskin shoes, now turn to her husband who became controversial. Husband-wife is the Jay-Z & Beyonce. This time it was Jay-Z was seen wearing shoes of elephant skin.

Jay-Z was caught on camera wearing shoes made of elephant skin is also created by famous brand shoes Perfect Made Kicks (PMK). Elephant leather shoes made specifically for one of the world's richest musicians (Jay-Z).

As quoted by the Daily Mail, previously brand PMK also made leather shoes for Beyonce, so Beyonce received criticism from animal lovers organization PETA. Wearing shoes that are made from exotic animal skins such as anacoda, crocodile, stingray, Beyonce accused of very cruel.

Criticism of the PETA does not seem to affect the PMK to create shoes that are made from animal skins for Jay-Z. Air Jordan Shoes with the name of one of Brooklyn Zoo made of different kinds of animals that stingray skin, anaconda, ostrich, crocodile, calf, python snakes, lizards, boa snakes and elephants.
The use of elephant skin as a raw material for items such as shoes or bags is not illegal in the United States. In the Convention Of International Treaty Of Endangered Species (CITES), elephant skin is not included in the list are illegal to sell under certain conditions.

However, PETA said selling leather shoes from elephant and other animal skins are very cruel. "There is no shame left in this world, that some people, ordered the massacre of the largest, especially in animals just to make them a pair of shoes for," a spokesman denounces PETA, Ingrid Newkirk.

The use of animal skins appear on the label of shoes. Elephant animal appears most prominent in the shoe label's price of U.S. $ 2,500. You animal lover? What do you think about the Brooklyn Zoo shoes Jay-Z?


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Friday, March 1, 2013

The King Bey, Beyonce New Leather Shoes

More recently, singer Beyonce released her new shoe design. To make shoes, the singer of the song "Love on Top" is working with top designers Isabel Marant. The King Bey is the name Isabel Warant's wedge shoes sneakers are designed PMK in collaboration with Beyonce. As reported by U.S. Magazine, Thursday (28/4), white shoes with gold accents are made from various animal skins, such as fish skin, crocodile skin, and the skin of an anaconda.

PMK is a favorite shoe brand Beyonce and Jay Z. In fact, Jay-Z has designed shoes for the last year called Brooklyn Zoo are made from various animal skins such as boa constrictor, python, lizard, crocodile, ostrich, sting rays and other exotic animals.

Beyonce is one singer who likes to wear costumes made of snake skin. While performing at the Super Bowl, he's wearing a tight leather dress from python and iguana skin. Because of her dress, the wife of rapper Jay-Z was drawn protests from animal-loving organization, People for the Ethical Treatment ofAnimals (PETA).

Until now, the price of the shoes King-Bey is not yet known. For comparison, a pair of wedge shoes are usually sold for more than $ 350, so the price of Beyonce shoes would have been more expensive.

let's see what new leather shoes Beyonce, this King Bey.


new-shoes-by-Beyonce first-look-king-bey-shoes

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tips for Buying Soccer Shoes

Sports football is closely related to the shoes. But the question is, if all the shoes can be used to play soccer? The answer is no. If you choose the wrong you might could be injured. There are several factors that must be considered in order to find an ideal soccer shoes.

Mistakes in choosing shoes is never felt by Manchester United legend, Eric Cantona. As a result of the wrong choice of shoes, Cantona been badly injured in 2005.

So what should be considered in choosing soccer shoes? The ideal shoes are shoes that are comfortable during use. It is the right shoe for your foot. Convenient to move anywhere.

About the price, not a guarantee. It will not be useful if you buy expensive shoes but do not fit the size of your feet.

So how do I know to be able to match the shoes purchased? Do not immediately fall in love with the shoes you want to buy just because it feels right when tried in front of a mirror. Wear shoes for walking or running around the store so that you will actually be able to feel good to wear when playing football. Do not forget to wear them with socks. Because socks will improve the comfort of the shoe.

Apparently not all of the players prefer to buy shoes that fit her feet. There are some players who like to wear shoes that are small or very fit with his feet, they feel when worn shoes to play ball will naturally be formed in accordance with their feet, this allowed.

In addition to about sizes and prices, shoe material is also worthy of attention. However, the determination of shoe materials adapted to the surface of the stadium that will be used.

Shape Pul (stud- bulge under soccer shoes) are also an important factor. As a result of wearing shoes with pul-shaped blade, David Beckham, Danny Murphy, Gary Neville, Trevor Sinclair, Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard suffered a metatarsal injury (broken leg).


Therefore choosing soccer shoes is not a simple matter. Starting from the size, type and especially the price. Still want to buy expensive soccer boots or select comfortable shoes for your feet?.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Shoes, Highest Ladies Budgets

Is the brand Manolo Blahnik shoes, Kurt Geiger or even New Look, no one can doubt if she could spend a lot of money just to buy shoes. Yes, this phenomenon is the fact that many women do.

The women in the UK for example, spend billions of dollars just to buy shoes. And the shoes they do not buy cheap shoes, but the shoes from famous designers.

The survey, conducted by the insurance company Diamond found that the average woman has 19 pairs of shoes, but only uses 7 of the shoes they have. Although the average woman has 19 pairs of shoes are relatively simple, one of the 20 women who claim to have more than 50 pairs of shoes, while seven percent said they bought at least 10 pairs of shoes every year.

In addition, for some extreme fans of shoes, their love and addiction to shoes has even caused a rift between them with a partner.

womens extreme fans of shoes

Natalie Grimshare, Diamond insurance company spokesman said: "According to our research, the average woman has shoes twice. For some women, spending money just for shopping shoes".

"As many as one in eight women we surveyed said they had argued with their partner, both about the amount of money they spend on shoes or the number of pairs of shoes they have," he added.

While many women claim, have top shoes designer brand shoes such as Christian Louboutin and Nicholas Kirkwood, is a requirement that they must satisfy. However, 69 percent of women said that if they were given a budget of £ 300, they would rather spend their money to buy cheap shoes rather than just one pair of shoes from famous designers. Similarly quoted Dailymail.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Excited Rumors of New Soccer Shoes Nike Hyper Venom

Crowded more about the latest soccer shoes from Nike, this shoe is already in testing by Neymar, seen in the photo above has been discussed in soccerbible in a few months ago. At first I was not so interested because maybe that kind of GS2. But when the GS2 was launched, it was not.

Recently, Nike Soccer Shoes booming again because there are some outstanding photo, where the previous picture circulating on soccerbible just plain white and black as shown in the image below:

Soccer Shoes Nike Hyper Venom

Soccer Shoes Nike Hyper Venom (1)

See the picture above prototype shoes, my estimate was originally Nike football shoes GS2, but it was not. Yesterday there info if shoes are shoes soccer Hyper Venom. But this is not sure. As the name suggests, then what the original shoes?. What is clear at this time there are loads of pictures circulating on the internet, as some of the photos below:

Soccer Shoes Nike Hyper Venom (2)

The first appearance of Nike Soccer Shoes Hyper Venom appears in the image above. do not know what color it is called. And it's also not clear whether the original or not. Another one, his name is still a mystery.

Soccer Shoes Nike Hyper Venom (4)

Color Nike Soccer Shoes the second is as shown in the photo above. Once again I'm not sure is true or not, original or not, a series of derivatives or not, all is still not known. Lastly, there is still one more picture, look at the photos below:

Soccer Shoes Nike Hyper Venom (7)

Soccer Shoes Nike Hyper Venom (6)

Still not too sure where the original colors for soccer shoes Nike Hyper Venom. According to some news, Nike will release in March 2013, but a lot of comments about the design of the shoe is not good, but it also depends on the marketing strategy, let's look together.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

This is Nike Mercurial Victory CR IV?

PATCHWORK happy news, and also wonder if the series of Nike mercurial Victory IV latest and there seems to be tailor-made for the CR series, which makes surprise is its shape, it was already quite familiar forms in the market, which is famous for fake shoes, when you see a picture of Nike , it turns out, shoes Nike CR Mercurial Victory IV, it looks like the same picture above.

Photos are circulating in market like the photo above is obviously fake shoes, when compared with the original shoe there are several differences are quite striking and easy to distinguish between false same original shoes, see photo below is original Nike Mercurial Victory IV CR shoes .

Nike mercurial Victory IV Original indoor shoes

Stock photo Shoes Nike CR Mercurial Victory IV of the original still has not been widely circulated. Maybe you will find it difficult, but from the photos above could clearly to distinguish between counterfeit shoes with original shoes.

Fake Nike Mercurial IV indoor CR shoes

Broadly speaking, a striking difference Shoes Nike CR Mercurial Victory IV genuine and counterfeit can be distinguished from the color of the existing outsole pad the shoe. Where, color outsole for fake shoes has the color yellow and the original color is plain white outsole.

Apart from the color of soles, looks are also differences on the display form Swosh Nike logo, see two photo above, which looks plain logo is fake, but the original Nike logo was suggested that as the state moves quickly.

Actually, still doubt the name Shoes Nike CR Mercurial Victory IV, is it really like that or any other name, the title of the post using a question mark, let us together wait for further news.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Bulletproof Materials at the Nike Air Max + 2013

Sports equipment manufacturers, Nike, officially launched a shoe collection with the latest technology, the Nike Air Max + 2013. This shoe is made of Flywire dynamic that has a mix of materials for bullet proof vests (Kevlar).

Nike Air Max is one of the mainstays of Nike shoes since the 1980's. Shoe designer, Tinker Hatfield, takes the idea of "Like Running in the Air" which later became a symbol of the victory of the U.S. company to date.

A Nike official explained, the technology flyware dynamic in kevlar material was first applied to the Nike Air Max this year. Materials that will ensure the inside leg and footstool will remain secure while running. But, because this is not a shoe for the war, it is not entirely made of kevlar. Only in every part of the shoe eyelets. This material serves to embrace the foot while toning shoes when want to run.

Other technologies in this shoe is the Hyperfuse are applied in almost all parts of the shoe. The technology is claimed to make the Nike Air Max + 2013 to be soft shoes, lighter, and more relieved when used to run. Hyperfuse technology consists of three ingredients in the top of the shoe. The base layer uses shoe material with pores that are designed to provide ventilation and to strengthen the protective effect of the usual flexed of shoes.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Beautiful Shoes from Chocolate for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is always synonymous with chocolate. Now chocolate comes in a variety of uniqueness. One of them in the form of fashion items are shoes. This beautiful shoes made from chocolate, and the design of the shoes of chocolate is inspired by Christian Louboutin.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, Andrea Pedraza is a chocolate expert from Texas. He is the creative woman behind these chocolate shoes. Some shoes are made of chocolate by Andrea similar to the design of Christian Louboutin shoes. Shoes of chocolate comes in a variety of beautiful motifs.

Chocolate shoes on sale from U.S. $ 30 to U.S. $ 50. Surprisingly, most of the chocolate shoe buyers are men, may be purchased as gifts for their spouse this valentine.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nike Shoes Specifically For Record 100 Matches Ashley Cole

Football club Chelsea defender, Ashley Cole, yesterday celebrated his 100th game with the England team. The match was a friendly against Brazil at Wembley Stadium on Wednesday (07/02/2013) morning. Cole performing on the game by wearing specially designed shoes from Nike.

Shoes from sportswear company Nike that there were special words on the side that words "100th Cap". In addition, on the other side there is also a symbol of St George's cross (the British flag), the letters AC 3 (Cole uniform number) and the word "England v Brazil".

The former Arsenal man also became the seventh player who reached a record-100 playing with England team. Cole has played more than 8166 minutes with the Three Lions squad in all international tournaments.

As with all of Nike’s silo, the upper of the Legend IV is coated with All Conditions Control (ACC). ACC is a substance designed by Nike that is meant to provide the wearer the same feel regardless of playing conditions. Nike aim to do this by ensuring the same amount of friction between the boot and the ball regardless of rain or shine.

The upper of the Laser IV is a mixture of kangaroo, and synthetic leather. The front of the boot is kangaroo leather, while the back is composed of Nike’s Kanga-Lite material. This is one positive Isaac highlighted in our review of the Tiempo Legend IV, as he felt you get k-leather where you need it, and synthetic leather where you don’t.

Like what Nike shoes is made specifically for Cole? Please see the picture below.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

High Heels Can Make Breast Down?

We are always advised to stand up and sit with an upright posture. Poor posture, such as bending, will cause neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain, and headache. In addition, the crooked spine would also cause breast down.

Posture tends to lean forward as you may be accustomed to sit leaning ahead to see clearly what is on the computer screen. Or, leaning forward driving habits. This causes the chest muscles become stiff. For breast, because these positions and the influence of gravity, it will fall forever. Pressure on the upper spine increases, and that causes pain in the neck, back and shoulders.

In addition, poor posture when sitting making the muscles in the front of the hips become short and tight. Then, the buttocks muscles (glute) are unable to contraction due to long hours only supports the pelvic bone. The combination of the tense muscles in the front of the hips and weak muscles in the buttocks causing the pelvis to tilt forward. Consequently, the lower abdomen will look out, make fat sticking.


No less disadvantage is the use of high heels. High heels will make your upper body bent posture, according to Rachel Cosgrove, CSCS, author of The Female-Body Breakthrough. The muscles of the ankle would stiffen and if that happens, all the muscles of his legs would tighten the lower back as well. If your lower back feels tight, you usually will try to make it more comfortable by leaning forward. Breast reduction will be more severe.

Do not you underestimate high heels, wear a high heel and correctly. Every now and then would not hurt you to try to use flat shoes. Or, maybe you can come to the training model which is usually taught how to wear right high heel .

Friday, February 8, 2013

How High Heel Shoes Cause Back Pain

Some women are attracted to master the art of walking in high heels. Although in a state hospital was accustomed to high heels. While others give up and remain loyal and prefer flat shoes line.

Martin Bell, Orthotis, clinical and rehabilitation health professionals, of England hated by patients with joint pain caused by their favorite shoes. He also set a course to teach how to walk in high heels is right. The idea was sparked since he was inundated by complaints from women who suffer from back and knee pain caused by high heels

According to Martin, back and knee pain triggered by the way the woman was standing when using high heels. And he warned that women who do not learn to walk properly in high heels, they could end up with chronic joint problems.

In class he would record his students how to walk in high heels, and then analyze the mistakes and train them how to walk the right and fight bad habits.

"Legs are shock buffeting between the earth and the body, so if we do not go well feet will hurt". He said there is no single approach to teaching women to walk on their heels. because every woman has a habit and control leg movements are different. Well, that is trained is to change the bad habits that burden the work of the back and knees.


So these tips to practice walking on high heels of Martin Bell.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lady Gaga & Elle Fanning Began to Popularize 'Pilgrim Shoes'

Lady Gaga is known for wearing a unique fashion item. One is the 'pilgrim shoe'. Not only Gaga too, Elle Fanning was also seen wearing stylish shoes like supernatural creatures.

Named 'pilgrim shoes' because it looks like the shoes worn by the pilgrim, the supernatural creature who likes to wear a tall hat, wide collar and loafers with a large buckle detail. Pilgrim shoes, it seems somewhat similar to loafers that have thick soles.

In this photo taken from People magazine, the singer of 'Born This Way' is seen wearing red shoes with gold ornaments. Gaga came up with a thick platform shoes. The shoe is a fashion design house Versace.

Unlike Dakota Fanning's sister, Elle. 14-year-old actress was seen wearing a purple and pink pilgrim shoes while attending a screening of the film in New York some time ago. He combines a unique shoe with black overalls interest in arms.

Pilgrim shoes trend began when Marc Jacobs show off summer 2012 fashion collection. He brought pilgrim shoes with metallic pink palette, bronze and silver. But there is also a black, blue and gray. For details, Marc Jacobs buckle embellished with crystals and floral accents at the top of the shoe.

These unique shoes suitable for fashion enthusiasts who love to look edgy and want to attract attention. As a recommendation, wear shoes with a simple channel or skinny pants. In addition to be able to balance a unique look, it can also help you avoid the impression of the foot of the 'sink' for shoe shape is quite large.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

5 Tips to Ensure High Heels Are Not Harmful to The Feet

High heels favored by many women because it helps support the posture of the beautiful and sexy. Regardless of the fact you will definitely prefer to wear flat shoes, but there's no harm in wearing high heels once in a while to look beautiful.


In order not to regret buying high-heeled shoes are expensive, consider the following tips;

  1. Look for shoes that fit and sufficient to let your fingers to move freely. Although it looks trivial, but try to remember, how many high heels that you have at home that when worn, there is a distance at the back of the heel to the shoe cover? If the shoe is too big, you will often bear the entire body in front of your toes. Look for shoes that can hold your heel to fit, not too tight, but not too big, so that your weight rests on the back.

  2. Bearing shoes. Some shoe manufacturers less attention to this issue. Many shoes that look pretty, but when worn, will make the ball of the foot pain. To fix this, you can try to buy special pads for shoes that now there are many on the market. There is also a special high heels, like a gel, to be placed on the ball of the foot. Its function is to reduce the base body so as not to make the skin of your feet calluses or blisters.

  3. Thick heel can give you better stability, and even help reduce stress because it helps spread the weight is widely supported. Changing high heels to flat shoes occasionally will help reduce the load on the tendons of the calf.

  4. Note the high angle because of high heels. For high shoes up to 10 cm section at the bottom of your foot may still be supported. However, if more than that, then it will be too men walk on tiptoe, and this is not good if you have to wear these shoes in a very long time.

  5. If you always complain of pain at the tip of your toes while wearing high heels closed, perhaps it is time you invest in high heels with open end to reduce the pressure on the front end of the foot. Wear shoes that are part of the open front to relieve pressure on the foot, and prevent pinched toenails, and calluses.

Monday, January 21, 2013

3 Most Dangerous Heels and Solutions

Unfavorable fate that ever happened to senior singer, Aretha Franklin. He accidentally stepped on his heel Jimmy Choo, and finally taken to the hospital with a broken leg. A similar incident occurred in player Kim Clijsters, who last April tissue torn ligaments in his ankle when he accidentally stepped on the feet of others by wearing high heels. As a result of the incident, she could not move his legs for a month.

Both events showed, high-heeled shoes can be very dangerous even when you are not wearing it. Some experts say about the shoes, there are three kinds of heels who noted a higher accident rate than other types. Here are three types of rights, and what a great choice if you are not wearing it.


Platform wedge
This thick sole shoes are popular now, but the kind of shoes that is quite dangerous because the width of the platform does not provide flexibility in the legs. The most frequent injuries experienced by the user causes the condition "ballet break". "This is when you slip into the side of the foot, causing a stress fracture," says Meghan Cleary, shoe expert

Solution: Wedge Mini
To walk around the mall for a long time without getting tired, just choose a shoe with more support in the heel so you will not risk an ankle sprain. Choosing a lower heels will help to minimize the distance from the upright position of the foot when it falls.

Pencil heels
Christian Louboutin arguably one of the "provocateurs" for shoes with towering heels. Pencil heel is also one of them, and is very dangerous because people do not have the instincts of balance when standing in high heels, according to Dr. Rock Positano, Direktr Non-Surgical Foot Service at Hospital for Special Surgery. "In addition, the right of a very thin would urge Achilles tendon, causing problems in the legs, and the back and knees," he said.

Solution: Just thick
A thick heel will not be so pressing on your toes, thus allowing more balance. If you still love Louboutin shoes, the French designer is also still provide other types.

The Heel is Higher Than 7.5 cm
The heel of the shoe on the 7.5 cm often cause injury, when used for dancing or walking for too long. The higher the heel, the balance is also getting less. When slipping, will lead to an ankle injury, cracked or torn connective tissue in the joints. In fact, there are people who have a fracture due to high heels. "The injuries are the most severe that I worked with a woman whose ankle and broke his leg in three different places after he danced in high heels" says Dr. Positano.

Solution: Flat shoes
Department store currently provide various models of trendy flat shoes. For the street, wearing this type of shoe. Type of ballet shoes are also easily folded and carried in a bag, so if when you wear high heels start to feel tired, you can replace it with a flat shoe. "There's nothing wrong with wearing high heels, as long as you wear it with smart," says Dr. Positano.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Latest Collection of Elegant Shoes from Bottega Veneta

For those of you who want to look elegant and charming, the latest shoes from Bottega Veneta this could be an option. Italian fashion house has been presenting a series of special footwear collection for Spring 2013. There are some shoes and sandals are designed specifically for a casual look, or formal. Let's find out, what kind of collection.

  •  Ankle Strap Sandals Detail


Improving performance when you want to look casual,can wear ankle strap sandals. The new collection from Bottega Veneta you can mix with a floral patterned mini dress that comes with a pastel palette. Besides relaxing, you also still look feminine.

  • Sling Back Shoes Details


If you like the classic look, wear sandals this one is the right choice. Combine long or short sleeve blouse, can represent a casual look, but still elegant.

  • Pump Shoes with Bright Palette


Look feminine, elegant and charming if you wear high heels with bright pallets. Designed with accents pump shoes, shoes that are perfect when paired with a white bodycon dress. Choose a clutch bag with a palette similar to this shoe.

  • Especially Black High Heels Palette


Black shoes are one of the must-have fashion item. High heels on this one you can wear to the party, as well as visiting other formal events. Combine the LBD (little black dress) to make it look more attractive.

  • Accent Platform Sling Back Shoes


Enter fancy dress like lady elements in a variety of decorative fabric and paired with platform shoes. Besides impressed feminine, and elegant, you'll look more beautiful.

  • Platform Shoes Classic Color


Brown color in fashion items can be more to the classic look. Platform shoes this one could be the answer for those who want a classic style, but still modern.

Thus, the latest shoes collection from Bottega Veneta for spring 2013 that you can choose the items that you are supporting appearances in the early 2013's.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Women's Shoes Trend 2013, Comes with Metallic Colors

Entering the year 2013, not only fashion trends change. Trends shoes also experienced a shift in tastes. For shoes with metallic color palette and unique shape and dominate the fashion scene again.

Metallic-colored shoes into the spotlight in 2013, many well-known designers and fashion houses have showcased shiny silver shoes in his latest shoe collection. For example, Nicole Miller, Emporio Armani, or Giambattista Valli. Besides, Viktor & Rolf also presents pointy shoes with metallic textured material.

In addition, metallic colors like transparent shoes also dominates the demonstration mode. Shoes with heels transparently presented by some fashion houses like Valentino, Michael Kors, Donna Karan, and Stella McCartney. The model also varied, with the tip of pointy kitten heel, platform 70's, or strappy wedges.

If Stella and Donna Karan heels of transparency combined with solid and patterned,different from Valentino that actually combine them with transparent material. No wonder Valentino shoe style looks like Cinderella glass slipper.

In 2013, a series of shoes not appear 'safe' with the shape and color timeles. But present 'preposterous' with structural technique, texture and color games in bold. Exclusive brand fronted by Kate and Laura Mulleavy create models strap platform shoes with a chunky heel.

In strap using contrasting colors, salmon and black, as well as the right. Not to mention the bumpy detail on the heel. Very complicated! 'Avant garde' shoes are also made by the fashion house Fendi. The colors that are used fairly simple monochrome. But the layers of detail on ankle boots, boots that make full 'statement'.

For those who are not too fond of shoes or sandals with high heels, it seems a little breathing space. Because, in 2013, sandals with kitten heels to get back to the latest trend. Kitten heels at this year no longer present with a small form factor, but boxy and wide enough.

Isabel Marant, Michael Kors, Emporio Armani is the creative brain behind the shoe trends. In the year 2013 is the They prefer the style of a casual shoe but different than usual so you can create a style not too casual. Pair with a mini dress or loose pants, you are ready to look fashionable in 2013.

Let's see like what the work of designer shoes for women shoes trends 2013.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

5 Latest Celebrity Style Shoe part (2)

Continuing the previous article, this is the 5 Latest Celebrity Style Shoe part(2). Let's see what the celebrity style clothing combines style with shoes that are very diverse.

  • Black Pumps


This is a classic shoe that is suitable for the office, a romantic dinner, to a party. Look at the style of Miranda Kerr looks sexy with his black shoes.

  • Metal Sandal

Have a pair of a pair of gold color shoes and silver color shoe. Make sure the type is amazing. And when you have to go to the party will look beautiful with a hot pink dress as shown by Lea Michele here.

  • Suede Booties

It is suitable with jeans during the day, for evening wear with the dress as worn by Gwyneth Paltrow's.

  • Leather Flat Sandals

Basic leather sandals are intended for those days when you decide to lose track of time, lazing in the grass or wander aimlessly. Or those days when you just wish you could relax. Just look Selma Blair makes us want to go on vacation.

  • Your pretty shoes

For Amber Heard, the choice is a pair of pointy chartreuse velvet. To you, who knows well suited. But clearly, follow your taste, do not hesitate or be embarrassed to wear whatever shoes you like. Because confidence is the best recipe to create a stunning appearance.

Here's my review Latest Celebrity Shoe Style early part of this year. What number do you like? Please select one of them. And be prepared to look stylish at the beginning of this year.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

5 Latest Celebrity Style Shoe part (1)

It is not enough for a woman's a pair of shoes. Because in addition to the ever-changing fashion styles, shoes have also become one of the important fashion item that has become an integral part of the clothing, bags for other accessories.

How many shoes should a woman have in the cupboard? the answer is varied and even to unlimited.

But there are ten shoes that must be owned by women:

  • Skin Tone Peep-Toe Pumps


Natalie Portman proves, these shoes fit with any outfit. And will look beautiful in any situation.

  • City Black Boots


Knee high leather boots looks like Sienna Miller used to form the heel is not too high will look timeless and sexy.

  • Ballet Flats


These are shoes that are most important and should be available in your closet. Ballet flats suitable for everyday appearance, clothing, jeans and skirts. Want to look more stylish select the color is striking as Pippa Middleton.

  • Wooden Platform Sandals


Sometimes flat shoes can not be used in two places at once. For example, to show more style and glamour to relax in the morning or evening. However, Pixie Geldof has the right idea with his flatform shoes in the morning, but still can be used for weeknights.

  • Canvas Sneakers


Follow the style of Sarah Jessica Parker while using sneaker, walking away with the baby, you will feel comfortable and still look stylish.

Continued on part 2

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Meaning of The Code Numbers On New Shoes Ronaldo

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo will use new shoes when playing against Real Sociedad on Sunday, January 6, 2013 later. There is something special about special shoes from Nike.

Nike produces special edition shoe for Ronaldo, CR Mercurial IX. Portugal national team captain will display this shoe for the first time at the Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid headquarters, the first match of the weekend in La Liga this early 2013.

As reported Dirty Tackle, latest shoes Ronaldo the dominant color with shades of white and pink. The color does look different from the image that Nike released because the play of light.

A pair of shoes that there were some letters and numbers that have a meaning related to the career of Ronaldo. Among other writings CR (Cristiano Ronaldo short name), CR7 (short name plus a number), as well as a series of seven numbers that have a special meaning for the world's top players was born February 5, 1985.

The meaning of the seven code number on CR Mercurial IX shoes are the various accomplishments throughout the 2011-12 season Ronaldo. Which means the details:

  • 1: The first league title

  • 9: Total goals for the national team of Portugal

  • 14: Total games with the national team

  • 19: The first player to score against the 19 teams in La Liga

  • 27: Age in 2012

  • 55: number of games for the club in all competitions

  • 60: number of goals for the club in all competitions

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Suede Platform Ankle Boots By Nicholas Kirkwood

Your beauty will surely look complete with fancy, beautiful and unique footwear. So if you want to be different from the work of Nicholas Kirkwood can be used as the basis for your current mode.

Yes, a trapezoid-shaped soles that had become a trend throughout the world, now brought back by Nicholas, by providing a new action in unique shades shoes.

This is the series of collections of boots and an elegant platform with elements of frills at the ends, for shoes you used to look like the illusion of smoke. So do not miss to get the icons foot smoke.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Charlotte Olympia Shoes Comes with Christmas Theme

If you usually only get a house or clothes decorated with bells or mistletoe action, then this ankle at Christmas can also be decorated with Christmas accessories. As prepared by Charlotte Olympia, a variety of the latest collection of shoes from Charlotte Olympia gives you the choice of action is so thick with Christmas ornaments.

Maybe my writing this late I give here, because Christmas has passed a few days ago. But I do not think so, because just past few days, and I think it's still worth it to wear on a formal occasion that you want to attend to one month ahead.

To get this fascinating collection of shoes, let's see what kind of shoes from Charlotte Olympia with a Christmas theme and please you visit So what are you waiting for?

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