Friday, January 25, 2013

5 Tips to Ensure High Heels Are Not Harmful to The Feet

High heels favored by many women because it helps support the posture of the beautiful and sexy. Regardless of the fact you will definitely prefer to wear flat shoes, but there's no harm in wearing high heels once in a while to look beautiful.


In order not to regret buying high-heeled shoes are expensive, consider the following tips;

  1. Look for shoes that fit and sufficient to let your fingers to move freely. Although it looks trivial, but try to remember, how many high heels that you have at home that when worn, there is a distance at the back of the heel to the shoe cover? If the shoe is too big, you will often bear the entire body in front of your toes. Look for shoes that can hold your heel to fit, not too tight, but not too big, so that your weight rests on the back.

  2. Bearing shoes. Some shoe manufacturers less attention to this issue. Many shoes that look pretty, but when worn, will make the ball of the foot pain. To fix this, you can try to buy special pads for shoes that now there are many on the market. There is also a special high heels, like a gel, to be placed on the ball of the foot. Its function is to reduce the base body so as not to make the skin of your feet calluses or blisters.

  3. Thick heel can give you better stability, and even help reduce stress because it helps spread the weight is widely supported. Changing high heels to flat shoes occasionally will help reduce the load on the tendons of the calf.

  4. Note the high angle because of high heels. For high shoes up to 10 cm section at the bottom of your foot may still be supported. However, if more than that, then it will be too men walk on tiptoe, and this is not good if you have to wear these shoes in a very long time.

  5. If you always complain of pain at the tip of your toes while wearing high heels closed, perhaps it is time you invest in high heels with open end to reduce the pressure on the front end of the foot. Wear shoes that are part of the open front to relieve pressure on the foot, and prevent pinched toenails, and calluses.

Monday, January 21, 2013

3 Most Dangerous Heels and Solutions

Unfavorable fate that ever happened to senior singer, Aretha Franklin. He accidentally stepped on his heel Jimmy Choo, and finally taken to the hospital with a broken leg. A similar incident occurred in player Kim Clijsters, who last April tissue torn ligaments in his ankle when he accidentally stepped on the feet of others by wearing high heels. As a result of the incident, she could not move his legs for a month.

Both events showed, high-heeled shoes can be very dangerous even when you are not wearing it. Some experts say about the shoes, there are three kinds of heels who noted a higher accident rate than other types. Here are three types of rights, and what a great choice if you are not wearing it.


Platform wedge
This thick sole shoes are popular now, but the kind of shoes that is quite dangerous because the width of the platform does not provide flexibility in the legs. The most frequent injuries experienced by the user causes the condition "ballet break". "This is when you slip into the side of the foot, causing a stress fracture," says Meghan Cleary, shoe expert

Solution: Wedge Mini
To walk around the mall for a long time without getting tired, just choose a shoe with more support in the heel so you will not risk an ankle sprain. Choosing a lower heels will help to minimize the distance from the upright position of the foot when it falls.

Pencil heels
Christian Louboutin arguably one of the "provocateurs" for shoes with towering heels. Pencil heel is also one of them, and is very dangerous because people do not have the instincts of balance when standing in high heels, according to Dr. Rock Positano, Direktr Non-Surgical Foot Service at Hospital for Special Surgery. "In addition, the right of a very thin would urge Achilles tendon, causing problems in the legs, and the back and knees," he said.

Solution: Just thick
A thick heel will not be so pressing on your toes, thus allowing more balance. If you still love Louboutin shoes, the French designer is also still provide other types.

The Heel is Higher Than 7.5 cm
The heel of the shoe on the 7.5 cm often cause injury, when used for dancing or walking for too long. The higher the heel, the balance is also getting less. When slipping, will lead to an ankle injury, cracked or torn connective tissue in the joints. In fact, there are people who have a fracture due to high heels. "The injuries are the most severe that I worked with a woman whose ankle and broke his leg in three different places after he danced in high heels" says Dr. Positano.

Solution: Flat shoes
Department store currently provide various models of trendy flat shoes. For the street, wearing this type of shoe. Type of ballet shoes are also easily folded and carried in a bag, so if when you wear high heels start to feel tired, you can replace it with a flat shoe. "There's nothing wrong with wearing high heels, as long as you wear it with smart," says Dr. Positano.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Latest Collection of Elegant Shoes from Bottega Veneta

For those of you who want to look elegant and charming, the latest shoes from Bottega Veneta this could be an option. Italian fashion house has been presenting a series of special footwear collection for Spring 2013. There are some shoes and sandals are designed specifically for a casual look, or formal. Let's find out, what kind of collection.

  •  Ankle Strap Sandals Detail


Improving performance when you want to look casual,can wear ankle strap sandals. The new collection from Bottega Veneta you can mix with a floral patterned mini dress that comes with a pastel palette. Besides relaxing, you also still look feminine.

  • Sling Back Shoes Details


If you like the classic look, wear sandals this one is the right choice. Combine long or short sleeve blouse, can represent a casual look, but still elegant.

  • Pump Shoes with Bright Palette


Look feminine, elegant and charming if you wear high heels with bright pallets. Designed with accents pump shoes, shoes that are perfect when paired with a white bodycon dress. Choose a clutch bag with a palette similar to this shoe.

  • Especially Black High Heels Palette


Black shoes are one of the must-have fashion item. High heels on this one you can wear to the party, as well as visiting other formal events. Combine the LBD (little black dress) to make it look more attractive.

  • Accent Platform Sling Back Shoes


Enter fancy dress like lady elements in a variety of decorative fabric and paired with platform shoes. Besides impressed feminine, and elegant, you'll look more beautiful.

  • Platform Shoes Classic Color


Brown color in fashion items can be more to the classic look. Platform shoes this one could be the answer for those who want a classic style, but still modern.

Thus, the latest shoes collection from Bottega Veneta for spring 2013 that you can choose the items that you are supporting appearances in the early 2013's.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Women's Shoes Trend 2013, Comes with Metallic Colors

Entering the year 2013, not only fashion trends change. Trends shoes also experienced a shift in tastes. For shoes with metallic color palette and unique shape and dominate the fashion scene again.

Metallic-colored shoes into the spotlight in 2013, many well-known designers and fashion houses have showcased shiny silver shoes in his latest shoe collection. For example, Nicole Miller, Emporio Armani, or Giambattista Valli. Besides, Viktor & Rolf also presents pointy shoes with metallic textured material.

In addition, metallic colors like transparent shoes also dominates the demonstration mode. Shoes with heels transparently presented by some fashion houses like Valentino, Michael Kors, Donna Karan, and Stella McCartney. The model also varied, with the tip of pointy kitten heel, platform 70's, or strappy wedges.

If Stella and Donna Karan heels of transparency combined with solid and patterned,different from Valentino that actually combine them with transparent material. No wonder Valentino shoe style looks like Cinderella glass slipper.

In 2013, a series of shoes not appear 'safe' with the shape and color timeles. But present 'preposterous' with structural technique, texture and color games in bold. Exclusive brand fronted by Kate and Laura Mulleavy create models strap platform shoes with a chunky heel.

In strap using contrasting colors, salmon and black, as well as the right. Not to mention the bumpy detail on the heel. Very complicated! 'Avant garde' shoes are also made by the fashion house Fendi. The colors that are used fairly simple monochrome. But the layers of detail on ankle boots, boots that make full 'statement'.

For those who are not too fond of shoes or sandals with high heels, it seems a little breathing space. Because, in 2013, sandals with kitten heels to get back to the latest trend. Kitten heels at this year no longer present with a small form factor, but boxy and wide enough.

Isabel Marant, Michael Kors, Emporio Armani is the creative brain behind the shoe trends. In the year 2013 is the They prefer the style of a casual shoe but different than usual so you can create a style not too casual. Pair with a mini dress or loose pants, you are ready to look fashionable in 2013.

Let's see like what the work of designer shoes for women shoes trends 2013.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

5 Latest Celebrity Style Shoe part (2)

Continuing the previous article, this is the 5 Latest Celebrity Style Shoe part(2). Let's see what the celebrity style clothing combines style with shoes that are very diverse.

  • Black Pumps


This is a classic shoe that is suitable for the office, a romantic dinner, to a party. Look at the style of Miranda Kerr looks sexy with his black shoes.

  • Metal Sandal

Have a pair of a pair of gold color shoes and silver color shoe. Make sure the type is amazing. And when you have to go to the party will look beautiful with a hot pink dress as shown by Lea Michele here.

  • Suede Booties

It is suitable with jeans during the day, for evening wear with the dress as worn by Gwyneth Paltrow's.

  • Leather Flat Sandals

Basic leather sandals are intended for those days when you decide to lose track of time, lazing in the grass or wander aimlessly. Or those days when you just wish you could relax. Just look Selma Blair makes us want to go on vacation.

  • Your pretty shoes

For Amber Heard, the choice is a pair of pointy chartreuse velvet. To you, who knows well suited. But clearly, follow your taste, do not hesitate or be embarrassed to wear whatever shoes you like. Because confidence is the best recipe to create a stunning appearance.

Here's my review Latest Celebrity Shoe Style early part of this year. What number do you like? Please select one of them. And be prepared to look stylish at the beginning of this year.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

5 Latest Celebrity Style Shoe part (1)

It is not enough for a woman's a pair of shoes. Because in addition to the ever-changing fashion styles, shoes have also become one of the important fashion item that has become an integral part of the clothing, bags for other accessories.

How many shoes should a woman have in the cupboard? the answer is varied and even to unlimited.

But there are ten shoes that must be owned by women:

  • Skin Tone Peep-Toe Pumps


Natalie Portman proves, these shoes fit with any outfit. And will look beautiful in any situation.

  • City Black Boots


Knee high leather boots looks like Sienna Miller used to form the heel is not too high will look timeless and sexy.

  • Ballet Flats


These are shoes that are most important and should be available in your closet. Ballet flats suitable for everyday appearance, clothing, jeans and skirts. Want to look more stylish select the color is striking as Pippa Middleton.

  • Wooden Platform Sandals


Sometimes flat shoes can not be used in two places at once. For example, to show more style and glamour to relax in the morning or evening. However, Pixie Geldof has the right idea with his flatform shoes in the morning, but still can be used for weeknights.

  • Canvas Sneakers


Follow the style of Sarah Jessica Parker while using sneaker, walking away with the baby, you will feel comfortable and still look stylish.

Continued on part 2

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Meaning of The Code Numbers On New Shoes Ronaldo

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo will use new shoes when playing against Real Sociedad on Sunday, January 6, 2013 later. There is something special about special shoes from Nike.

Nike produces special edition shoe for Ronaldo, CR Mercurial IX. Portugal national team captain will display this shoe for the first time at the Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid headquarters, the first match of the weekend in La Liga this early 2013.

As reported Dirty Tackle, latest shoes Ronaldo the dominant color with shades of white and pink. The color does look different from the image that Nike released because the play of light.

A pair of shoes that there were some letters and numbers that have a meaning related to the career of Ronaldo. Among other writings CR (Cristiano Ronaldo short name), CR7 (short name plus a number), as well as a series of seven numbers that have a special meaning for the world's top players was born February 5, 1985.

The meaning of the seven code number on CR Mercurial IX shoes are the various accomplishments throughout the 2011-12 season Ronaldo. Which means the details:

  • 1: The first league title

  • 9: Total goals for the national team of Portugal

  • 14: Total games with the national team

  • 19: The first player to score against the 19 teams in La Liga

  • 27: Age in 2012

  • 55: number of games for the club in all competitions

  • 60: number of goals for the club in all competitions

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Suede Platform Ankle Boots By Nicholas Kirkwood

Your beauty will surely look complete with fancy, beautiful and unique footwear. So if you want to be different from the work of Nicholas Kirkwood can be used as the basis for your current mode.

Yes, a trapezoid-shaped soles that had become a trend throughout the world, now brought back by Nicholas, by providing a new action in unique shades shoes.

This is the series of collections of boots and an elegant platform with elements of frills at the ends, for shoes you used to look like the illusion of smoke. So do not miss to get the icons foot smoke.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Charlotte Olympia Shoes Comes with Christmas Theme

If you usually only get a house or clothes decorated with bells or mistletoe action, then this ankle at Christmas can also be decorated with Christmas accessories. As prepared by Charlotte Olympia, a variety of the latest collection of shoes from Charlotte Olympia gives you the choice of action is so thick with Christmas ornaments.

Maybe my writing this late I give here, because Christmas has passed a few days ago. But I do not think so, because just past few days, and I think it's still worth it to wear on a formal occasion that you want to attend to one month ahead.

To get this fascinating collection of shoes, let's see what kind of shoes from Charlotte Olympia with a Christmas theme and please you visit So what are you waiting for?

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