Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tips for Buying Soccer Shoes

Sports football is closely related to the shoes. But the question is, if all the shoes can be used to play soccer? The answer is no. If you choose the wrong you might could be injured. There are several factors that must be considered in order to find an ideal soccer shoes.

Mistakes in choosing shoes is never felt by Manchester United legend, Eric Cantona. As a result of the wrong choice of shoes, Cantona been badly injured in 2005.

So what should be considered in choosing soccer shoes? The ideal shoes are shoes that are comfortable during use. It is the right shoe for your foot. Convenient to move anywhere.

About the price, not a guarantee. It will not be useful if you buy expensive shoes but do not fit the size of your feet.

So how do I know to be able to match the shoes purchased? Do not immediately fall in love with the shoes you want to buy just because it feels right when tried in front of a mirror. Wear shoes for walking or running around the store so that you will actually be able to feel good to wear when playing football. Do not forget to wear them with socks. Because socks will improve the comfort of the shoe.

Apparently not all of the players prefer to buy shoes that fit her feet. There are some players who like to wear shoes that are small or very fit with his feet, they feel when worn shoes to play ball will naturally be formed in accordance with their feet, this allowed.

In addition to about sizes and prices, shoe material is also worthy of attention. However, the determination of shoe materials adapted to the surface of the stadium that will be used.

Shape Pul (stud- bulge under soccer shoes) are also an important factor. As a result of wearing shoes with pul-shaped blade, David Beckham, Danny Murphy, Gary Neville, Trevor Sinclair, Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard suffered a metatarsal injury (broken leg).


Therefore choosing soccer shoes is not a simple matter. Starting from the size, type and especially the price. Still want to buy expensive soccer boots or select comfortable shoes for your feet?.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Shoes, Highest Ladies Budgets

Is the brand Manolo Blahnik shoes, Kurt Geiger or even New Look, no one can doubt if she could spend a lot of money just to buy shoes. Yes, this phenomenon is the fact that many women do.

The women in the UK for example, spend billions of dollars just to buy shoes. And the shoes they do not buy cheap shoes, but the shoes from famous designers.

The survey, conducted by the insurance company Diamond found that the average woman has 19 pairs of shoes, but only uses 7 of the shoes they have. Although the average woman has 19 pairs of shoes are relatively simple, one of the 20 women who claim to have more than 50 pairs of shoes, while seven percent said they bought at least 10 pairs of shoes every year.

In addition, for some extreme fans of shoes, their love and addiction to shoes has even caused a rift between them with a partner.

womens extreme fans of shoes

Natalie Grimshare, Diamond insurance company spokesman said: "According to our research, the average woman has shoes twice. For some women, spending money just for shopping shoes".

"As many as one in eight women we surveyed said they had argued with their partner, both about the amount of money they spend on shoes or the number of pairs of shoes they have," he added.

While many women claim, have top shoes designer brand shoes such as Christian Louboutin and Nicholas Kirkwood, is a requirement that they must satisfy. However, 69 percent of women said that if they were given a budget of £ 300, they would rather spend their money to buy cheap shoes rather than just one pair of shoes from famous designers. Similarly quoted Dailymail.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Excited Rumors of New Soccer Shoes Nike Hyper Venom

Crowded more about the latest soccer shoes from Nike, this shoe is already in testing by Neymar, seen in the photo above has been discussed in soccerbible in a few months ago. At first I was not so interested because maybe that kind of GS2. But when the GS2 was launched, it was not.

Recently, Nike Soccer Shoes booming again because there are some outstanding photo, where the previous picture circulating on soccerbible just plain white and black as shown in the image below:

Soccer Shoes Nike Hyper Venom

Soccer Shoes Nike Hyper Venom (1)

See the picture above prototype shoes, my estimate was originally Nike football shoes GS2, but it was not. Yesterday there info if shoes are shoes soccer Hyper Venom. But this is not sure. As the name suggests, then what the original shoes?. What is clear at this time there are loads of pictures circulating on the internet, as some of the photos below:

Soccer Shoes Nike Hyper Venom (2)

The first appearance of Nike Soccer Shoes Hyper Venom appears in the image above. do not know what color it is called. And it's also not clear whether the original or not. Another one, his name is still a mystery.

Soccer Shoes Nike Hyper Venom (4)

Color Nike Soccer Shoes the second is as shown in the photo above. Once again I'm not sure is true or not, original or not, a series of derivatives or not, all is still not known. Lastly, there is still one more picture, look at the photos below:

Soccer Shoes Nike Hyper Venom (7)

Soccer Shoes Nike Hyper Venom (6)

Still not too sure where the original colors for soccer shoes Nike Hyper Venom. According to some news, Nike will release in March 2013, but a lot of comments about the design of the shoe is not good, but it also depends on the marketing strategy, let's look together.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

This is Nike Mercurial Victory CR IV?

PATCHWORK happy news, and also wonder if the series of Nike mercurial Victory IV latest and there seems to be tailor-made for the CR series, which makes surprise is its shape, it was already quite familiar forms in the market, which is famous for fake shoes, when you see a picture of Nike , it turns out, shoes Nike CR Mercurial Victory IV, it looks like the same picture above.

Photos are circulating in market like the photo above is obviously fake shoes, when compared with the original shoe there are several differences are quite striking and easy to distinguish between false same original shoes, see photo below is original Nike Mercurial Victory IV CR shoes .

Nike mercurial Victory IV Original indoor shoes

Stock photo Shoes Nike CR Mercurial Victory IV of the original still has not been widely circulated. Maybe you will find it difficult, but from the photos above could clearly to distinguish between counterfeit shoes with original shoes.

Fake Nike Mercurial IV indoor CR shoes

Broadly speaking, a striking difference Shoes Nike CR Mercurial Victory IV genuine and counterfeit can be distinguished from the color of the existing outsole pad the shoe. Where, color outsole for fake shoes has the color yellow and the original color is plain white outsole.

Apart from the color of soles, looks are also differences on the display form Swosh Nike logo, see two photo above, which looks plain logo is fake, but the original Nike logo was suggested that as the state moves quickly.

Actually, still doubt the name Shoes Nike CR Mercurial Victory IV, is it really like that or any other name, the title of the post using a question mark, let us together wait for further news.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Bulletproof Materials at the Nike Air Max + 2013

Sports equipment manufacturers, Nike, officially launched a shoe collection with the latest technology, the Nike Air Max + 2013. This shoe is made of Flywire dynamic that has a mix of materials for bullet proof vests (Kevlar).

Nike Air Max is one of the mainstays of Nike shoes since the 1980's. Shoe designer, Tinker Hatfield, takes the idea of "Like Running in the Air" which later became a symbol of the victory of the U.S. company to date.

A Nike official explained, the technology flyware dynamic in kevlar material was first applied to the Nike Air Max this year. Materials that will ensure the inside leg and footstool will remain secure while running. But, because this is not a shoe for the war, it is not entirely made of kevlar. Only in every part of the shoe eyelets. This material serves to embrace the foot while toning shoes when want to run.

Other technologies in this shoe is the Hyperfuse are applied in almost all parts of the shoe. The technology is claimed to make the Nike Air Max + 2013 to be soft shoes, lighter, and more relieved when used to run. Hyperfuse technology consists of three ingredients in the top of the shoe. The base layer uses shoe material with pores that are designed to provide ventilation and to strengthen the protective effect of the usual flexed of shoes.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Beautiful Shoes from Chocolate for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is always synonymous with chocolate. Now chocolate comes in a variety of uniqueness. One of them in the form of fashion items are shoes. This beautiful shoes made from chocolate, and the design of the shoes of chocolate is inspired by Christian Louboutin.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, Andrea Pedraza is a chocolate expert from Texas. He is the creative woman behind these chocolate shoes. Some shoes are made of chocolate by Andrea similar to the design of Christian Louboutin shoes. Shoes of chocolate comes in a variety of beautiful motifs.

Chocolate shoes on sale from U.S. $ 30 to U.S. $ 50. Surprisingly, most of the chocolate shoe buyers are men, may be purchased as gifts for their spouse this valentine.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nike Shoes Specifically For Record 100 Matches Ashley Cole

Football club Chelsea defender, Ashley Cole, yesterday celebrated his 100th game with the England team. The match was a friendly against Brazil at Wembley Stadium on Wednesday (07/02/2013) morning. Cole performing on the game by wearing specially designed shoes from Nike.

Shoes from sportswear company Nike that there were special words on the side that words "100th Cap". In addition, on the other side there is also a symbol of St George's cross (the British flag), the letters AC 3 (Cole uniform number) and the word "England v Brazil".

The former Arsenal man also became the seventh player who reached a record-100 playing with England team. Cole has played more than 8166 minutes with the Three Lions squad in all international tournaments.

As with all of Nike’s silo, the upper of the Legend IV is coated with All Conditions Control (ACC). ACC is a substance designed by Nike that is meant to provide the wearer the same feel regardless of playing conditions. Nike aim to do this by ensuring the same amount of friction between the boot and the ball regardless of rain or shine.

The upper of the Laser IV is a mixture of kangaroo, and synthetic leather. The front of the boot is kangaroo leather, while the back is composed of Nike’s Kanga-Lite material. This is one positive Isaac highlighted in our review of the Tiempo Legend IV, as he felt you get k-leather where you need it, and synthetic leather where you don’t.

Like what Nike shoes is made specifically for Cole? Please see the picture below.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

High Heels Can Make Breast Down?

We are always advised to stand up and sit with an upright posture. Poor posture, such as bending, will cause neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain, and headache. In addition, the crooked spine would also cause breast down.

Posture tends to lean forward as you may be accustomed to sit leaning ahead to see clearly what is on the computer screen. Or, leaning forward driving habits. This causes the chest muscles become stiff. For breast, because these positions and the influence of gravity, it will fall forever. Pressure on the upper spine increases, and that causes pain in the neck, back and shoulders.

In addition, poor posture when sitting making the muscles in the front of the hips become short and tight. Then, the buttocks muscles (glute) are unable to contraction due to long hours only supports the pelvic bone. The combination of the tense muscles in the front of the hips and weak muscles in the buttocks causing the pelvis to tilt forward. Consequently, the lower abdomen will look out, make fat sticking.


No less disadvantage is the use of high heels. High heels will make your upper body bent posture, according to Rachel Cosgrove, CSCS, author of The Female-Body Breakthrough. The muscles of the ankle would stiffen and if that happens, all the muscles of his legs would tighten the lower back as well. If your lower back feels tight, you usually will try to make it more comfortable by leaning forward. Breast reduction will be more severe.

Do not you underestimate high heels, wear a high heel and correctly. Every now and then would not hurt you to try to use flat shoes. Or, maybe you can come to the training model which is usually taught how to wear right high heel .

Friday, February 8, 2013

How High Heel Shoes Cause Back Pain

Some women are attracted to master the art of walking in high heels. Although in a state hospital was accustomed to high heels. While others give up and remain loyal and prefer flat shoes line.

Martin Bell, Orthotis, clinical and rehabilitation health professionals, of England hated by patients with joint pain caused by their favorite shoes. He also set a course to teach how to walk in high heels is right. The idea was sparked since he was inundated by complaints from women who suffer from back and knee pain caused by high heels

According to Martin, back and knee pain triggered by the way the woman was standing when using high heels. And he warned that women who do not learn to walk properly in high heels, they could end up with chronic joint problems.

In class he would record his students how to walk in high heels, and then analyze the mistakes and train them how to walk the right and fight bad habits.

"Legs are shock buffeting between the earth and the body, so if we do not go well feet will hurt". He said there is no single approach to teaching women to walk on their heels. because every woman has a habit and control leg movements are different. Well, that is trained is to change the bad habits that burden the work of the back and knees.


So these tips to practice walking on high heels of Martin Bell.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lady Gaga & Elle Fanning Began to Popularize 'Pilgrim Shoes'

Lady Gaga is known for wearing a unique fashion item. One is the 'pilgrim shoe'. Not only Gaga too, Elle Fanning was also seen wearing stylish shoes like supernatural creatures.

Named 'pilgrim shoes' because it looks like the shoes worn by the pilgrim, the supernatural creature who likes to wear a tall hat, wide collar and loafers with a large buckle detail. Pilgrim shoes, it seems somewhat similar to loafers that have thick soles.

In this photo taken from People magazine, the singer of 'Born This Way' is seen wearing red shoes with gold ornaments. Gaga came up with a thick platform shoes. The shoe is a fashion design house Versace.

Unlike Dakota Fanning's sister, Elle. 14-year-old actress was seen wearing a purple and pink pilgrim shoes while attending a screening of the film in New York some time ago. He combines a unique shoe with black overalls interest in arms.

Pilgrim shoes trend began when Marc Jacobs show off summer 2012 fashion collection. He brought pilgrim shoes with metallic pink palette, bronze and silver. But there is also a black, blue and gray. For details, Marc Jacobs buckle embellished with crystals and floral accents at the top of the shoe.

These unique shoes suitable for fashion enthusiasts who love to look edgy and want to attract attention. As a recommendation, wear shoes with a simple channel or skinny pants. In addition to be able to balance a unique look, it can also help you avoid the impression of the foot of the 'sink' for shoe shape is quite large.

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