Saturday, March 30, 2013

High heels and flat shoes in a pair of shoes by Tanya Heath

There is a shoe designer who has a unique mission to women. He wanted to prove that women can wear high-heeled shoes without hurting their feet. She is Tanya Heath.

As reported by The Daily News (18/09), the idea of Heath's mission is quite simple. When foot pain caused by high heels, she hopes to press a special button to make a high heel on the shoe will disappear. High heel shoes will turn into flat shoes and be more comfortable for walking.

"I am a feminine feminist. Shoe I've created will not only make a woman sexy. But also comfortable when worn," said the designer.

When trying to realize his idea, Heath is quite a headache with how to stay balanced and comfortable shoes on both sides time to run. Especially when her high heel in assembling several times a day to find the right design.

After years of research, Heath finally managed to create a multi-high heels with a 3-9 cm heel. His shoes include sandals, dancing shoes, stilettos, and other types, Heath made shoes for sale starting price of USD 320.

To design the kind of shoes that Heath had problems that are expensive designer items to make shoes. But it did not dampen his intention creates fine shoes are coveted by women.

"I am tired aching legs because of high heels and I also refuse to wear shoes with no rights at all," he said.

What do you think about the idea of Heath? whether it could be a solution for women to not be afraid to have high heels?

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Design Adidas F50 shoes for Messi by fans

Lionel Messi ever have Adidas F50 adiZero shoes with a very special design. These shoes are encouraged King Leo scored his 90th in 2012, and earned the world's best player in 2012.

The shoes are shoes designed by Messi fans in a contest initiated by Adidas. They were asked to design and customize the color shoes player who is nicknamed La Pulga.

14,200 designs entered, but Messi chose the red shoes white paper by Javier Pascual Mullor, is a fan of the Spanish as the best among all.

Boot covers top selected 'running white' and with black outsole and shoelaces and 'striking red 'on the tongue and heel 'three-stripe ' characteristic of Adidas products.

The final design of the logo Mullor has Messi Icon, Argentina flag. Also the word 'Leo 10' and 'Thiago', as a form of recognition for her newborn baby, shown clearly in the right conditions in italics.

"I am very pleased with Adidas shoes and would like to congratulate Javier has won the special shoe design." Messi said.

"I also want to thank everyone who has sent their design they are really good!." he added.

What do you think about the design of shoes for messi?

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Wrong functioning shoes, Beckham falls

David Beckham visit to China. Paris Saint-Germain midfielder was invited by the Chinese Football Federation as the International Ambassador of the Chinese Football. On the fifth day of his visit, Beckham show off tattoos of Chinese characters painted on the left side of his body. When was the father of four children was a guest speaker at Peking University on Sunday (24/3). The day before Beckham visiting football clubs in the province of Wuhan Zall. In the event that Beckham went on to show some of the techniques to play football, a free kick that became his trademark. But when he pointed a free kick, Beckham wore leather shoes for formal events., Fact, formal shoes generally do not have a strong grip on the soil surface. Consequently, Beckham slipped and fell.

Therefore, it should not follow the example of Beckham's action. Do not use something that is not in accordance with its function. The result can be dangerous for you and people around you. Besides dangerous, I think you also will be ashamed. Okay, let's see the photos of Beckham falls successfully captured by Lintao Zhang.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Adidas makes shoes with logo of Facebook and Twitter?

If Facebook is rumored to be making a smartphone may be not surprising. Or when Twitter bought a site called, may also not be a surprise.

Two giant social networking site does have abundant funds to do or create something new. But what happens, if the Facebook and Twitter logo stuck to your shoe? One thing that may be surprising.

Actually, Facebook and Twitter do not sell shoes, but the famous sportswear company Adidas shoes that will create two products using Facebook and Twitter logo and color is the color that is identical to the two biggest social networking site. explained that the shoes that will be using the Facebook logo to be called Adidas Facebook Superstars, while those using Twitter logo was named Adidas Twitter Superstars. The design of both shoes were created by designer Gerry Mckay.

In this design, according, Mckay adopt all logos, text, and colors used Facebook and Twitter. Because it is still a concept, so, lover of Adidas products may still not be able to buy and use one or both shoes from Adidas that.

When unique shoes from Adidas will actually be launched? Together let's wait. For those of you who are curious about the concept of Adidas shoes with Facebook and twitter logo please see the concept below.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Adidas adiZero Golf, Lightweight shoe from Adidas

This adiZero Golf, the type of shoe that weighs just 10.6 ounces and has several other advantages claimed was launched on 24 January. Shoes for golfers is touted as the most lightweight and designed for comfort and user satisfaction.

Seen design, these shoes have some advantages, such as, under the rubber that can withstand the weight of the wearer's body in all areas and has a high degree of stability because it weighs only 10.6 ounces. In addition, the adiZero Golf is available with 4 colors.

Adidas adiZero Golf was launched at a press conference in San Diego, California, United States, Tuesday (22/1). This lightweight shoe can also produce effects glow of color when exposed to sunlight. In addition to launching adiZero Golf, adidas also launched a womens adizero and adizero sport is available with a choice of three colors.

The launching of the Adidas adiZero Golf held by done very interesting attraction. But the attraction is not done by humans, but with props that look like humans but can fly. Even more interesting, it also props applied shoes Adidas adiZero Golf on its legs. Amazingly "man" with the Adidas adiZero Golf can fly high. It proves how the latest shoe from Adidas is very light.

Intrigued by this new shoe from Adidas? but remember, the price is not cheap.

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Small Shoes Collection of David Beckham Kids

David and Victoria Beckham's daughter, Harper is not just wearing a dress from the famous designer. He also implemented the output of famous brand shoes. So no wonder though new age 19 months, Harper already has a small shoe collection worth tens of millions of dollars.

Comfort is the most important point in choosing shoes, especially for children. Couple David and Victoria Beckham noticed, so they choose shoes Harper also made from cow leather is very soft.

Small shoe collection of Harper is the output of various famous designers such as Hermes, Gucci and more.   Let's see like what this small shoes collection of Harper's.

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Monday, March 4, 2013

What do you think about Brooklyn Zoo shoes Jay-Z?

After he was criticized for wearing snakeskin shoes, now turn to her husband who became controversial. Husband-wife is the Jay-Z & Beyonce. This time it was Jay-Z was seen wearing shoes of elephant skin.

Jay-Z was caught on camera wearing shoes made of elephant skin is also created by famous brand shoes Perfect Made Kicks (PMK). Elephant leather shoes made specifically for one of the world's richest musicians (Jay-Z).

As quoted by the Daily Mail, previously brand PMK also made leather shoes for Beyonce, so Beyonce received criticism from animal lovers organization PETA. Wearing shoes that are made from exotic animal skins such as anacoda, crocodile, stingray, Beyonce accused of very cruel.

Criticism of the PETA does not seem to affect the PMK to create shoes that are made from animal skins for Jay-Z. Air Jordan Shoes with the name of one of Brooklyn Zoo made of different kinds of animals that stingray skin, anaconda, ostrich, crocodile, calf, python snakes, lizards, boa snakes and elephants.
The use of elephant skin as a raw material for items such as shoes or bags is not illegal in the United States. In the Convention Of International Treaty Of Endangered Species (CITES), elephant skin is not included in the list are illegal to sell under certain conditions.

However, PETA said selling leather shoes from elephant and other animal skins are very cruel. "There is no shame left in this world, that some people, ordered the massacre of the largest, especially in animals just to make them a pair of shoes for," a spokesman denounces PETA, Ingrid Newkirk.

The use of animal skins appear on the label of shoes. Elephant animal appears most prominent in the shoe label's price of U.S. $ 2,500. You animal lover? What do you think about the Brooklyn Zoo shoes Jay-Z?


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Friday, March 1, 2013

The King Bey, Beyonce New Leather Shoes

More recently, singer Beyonce released her new shoe design. To make shoes, the singer of the song "Love on Top" is working with top designers Isabel Marant. The King Bey is the name Isabel Warant's wedge shoes sneakers are designed PMK in collaboration with Beyonce. As reported by U.S. Magazine, Thursday (28/4), white shoes with gold accents are made from various animal skins, such as fish skin, crocodile skin, and the skin of an anaconda.

PMK is a favorite shoe brand Beyonce and Jay Z. In fact, Jay-Z has designed shoes for the last year called Brooklyn Zoo are made from various animal skins such as boa constrictor, python, lizard, crocodile, ostrich, sting rays and other exotic animals.

Beyonce is one singer who likes to wear costumes made of snake skin. While performing at the Super Bowl, he's wearing a tight leather dress from python and iguana skin. Because of her dress, the wife of rapper Jay-Z was drawn protests from animal-loving organization, People for the Ethical Treatment ofAnimals (PETA).

Until now, the price of the shoes King-Bey is not yet known. For comparison, a pair of wedge shoes are usually sold for more than $ 350, so the price of Beyonce shoes would have been more expensive.

let's see what new leather shoes Beyonce, this King Bey.


new-shoes-by-Beyonce first-look-king-bey-shoes