The new trend, leather shoes with attractive tattoo painting

Tattoos are usually carved on our skin. But now, not only can be designed tattoos on our skin. Shoes can also be decorated with tattoos. A professional tattoo artist named Henry Hate provide such services for customers Oliver Sweeney shoes.

Hate is a professional tattoo artist subscribed several Hollywood celebrities such as Amy Winehouse, Alexander McQueen, Boy George and Franz Ferdinand. He collaborated with Sweeney to make a tattoo on the design of the shoe. Tattoos his work will be rewarded £ 995.

Hate also frees customers to provide ideas on tattoo designs on their shoes. And this tattoo design will also receive the original certificate and not temporary. Tattoos on this shoe is also supported by VeryFirstTo sites, ie sites which inform the latest news about fancy things on its members.

One example of the work of Hate tattoos visible on these brown leather boots. Paintings made with ink and tools commonly used to make tattoos on the skin. But unfortunately, this time, the new service is intended only for men's shoes.

"I really want to get a tattoo that shows freshness, creativity, and originality for men's shoes. Shoes from Oliver Sweeney give a very easy on my job" said Hate the Daily Mail.

And, the money from this shoe tattoo £ 50 will be donated to The Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Are you also interested in having a leather shoe with a tattoo like this? or maybe you can try to make tattoos on new shoes in your own home.

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