Friday, February 28, 2014

Get Gwen Stefani's shoe collection at an affordable price

Currently, Gwen Stefani seems increasingly focused on the fashion industry. After creating a label with Harajuku style, with the name LAMB, and now Gween has collaborated with several labels and online stores. And Gwen will soon release the price of these new collections. He believes and claims that this shoe collection is very affordable price. Ex No Doubt vocalist of is now collaborating with Dazzle online shoe store, which will issue a collection of shoes and handbags.

"The biggest challenge is to make the shoe look sexy and comfortable, and I think the answer is flip. I'm trying to create the perfect shoe that can be worn every day. I wanted to make something that looks very nice and quality but at an affordable price," said mother is 44 years, reports the Daily Mail.

Collection bags and shoes belonging to Gwen comes in monochrome colors with a simple design, but got a touch to the style of Gwen, as a line of contrasting color. And among black shoes, he added pump shoes with orange and pink colors. As for the blue pumps with straps that cross. Gwen collection will release on Shoe Dazzle then sold between U.S. $ 69 and U.S. $ 110.

You a fan of Gwen Stefani or No Doubt? See the collection and immediately get new shoe collection Gwen Stefani.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Running Shoes from NIKE: Flyknit Air Max & Air Max

Well, at the beginning of this year, NIKE re-launched the latest innovation of technology Flyknit. Previous technology Flyknit been successfully applied to the soles of the Lunar and Free. This time it is the turn of Air Max soles combined with technology Flyknit.

Padded insoles so characteristic Air Max, combined with lightweight materials Flyknit and without seams and make the legs still 'breathe'. If Free Flyknit made like socks, Flyknit Air Max is made more 'gripping' our feet firmly through the Flywire technology. So, when you run, the feet will be comfortable and safe with padded insoles, shoe lightweight yet strong grip.

Air Max plus padded insoles Flyknit then added again Flywire will generate walking super comfortable while wearing them.

Looks cool, design Flyknit Air Max is made with a combination of 2 color gradation that makes eyes dazzled. Flyknit material with a black base color combined with 2 color gradations are aligned with the soles Air Max.

The latest series of Air Max still retain the advantage, that is soft and comfortable insoles. And, Air Max 2014 is also claimed to be lighter and have air bags new, more flexible without reducing its softness.

What is different about this series is, Air Max 2014 using traditional materials but strengthened with new material that not only lightweight but also provide a seamless "grip" is more stable. So when running, the foot is more stable but still flexible.

NIKE Flyknit Air Max and Air Max 2014 you can see the NIKE store or Shoe Stores in your city. Want more info check out the official website NIKE. See gallery below:

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

World record for the most expensive shoes in 2014

Boots made for walking comfortably, but what about the boot for £ 2 million? Instead of being able to walk comfortably, maybe these shoes will make you be wary because the price is fantastic.

Boots with a price of £ 2,000,000 is a fashion design label from Belgium, AF Vandevors. This shoe is designed with paisley motif studded precious stones. Exactly 40,000 precious stones, including 4,783 grams of gold and 39 083 champagne colored diamonds, also in gray and pink.

Boot with these wedges is the result of collaboration with Diarough, a leading diamond company in Antwerp. And the boot is made up of a total of 1,550 carats of diamonds. The whole process to design this boot, from the selection and arrangement of diamonds done for more than 30,000 hours.

Then AF Vandevorst adding cross-shaped logo which is also made of rare diamonds are reddish. These shoes were created as part of a program called Belgian Spirit, at the annual Business of Design Week in Hong Kong. Now, specialized and expensive boot is being exhibited at the MAS Museum in Antwerp.

Designer AF Vandevorst is a husband and wife designer duo is An Vandevorst and Filip Arickx. They launched their first collection in Paris in 1998. The designer duo famous for shoe design that uses contrast in fabrics, textures, colors to create a mix of edgy and elegant. On average they designed the shoes sold at a price range of 190-1000 pounds. And one of them has won a record into the most expensive shoes in the world, please see the photo below.

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